Opening of the company in Montenegro.
Own company in Montenegro is the fastest way to get a residence permit, and many immigrants use this method. That’s why it’s so relevant. But just as often, people come to Montenegro just to start a business. We help to open firms, and it does not matter, the firm opens to obtain a residence permit, or for business.
However, even in the simplest case, it is necessary to strictly follow the established norms and the current legislation. To a person who is unconcerned and far from the world of bureaucracy, professional help will be needed. Thanks to us, the registration of the company in Montenegro will take place without any delay. As a result, you have the opportunity to save your own time and money. The entire procedure will take no more than 10 days, if there is no force majeure.
Our experts have done everything to ensure that the opening of a company in Montenegro, for you, was as easy as possible. So you just need to come to our office and discuss the most important details, including:
The name of the future firm The composition of its founders The size of the statutory fund (it can be anything from 1 euro) Legal address (You can specify the address where your house or apartment is located, or we can provide a legal address) The personality of the executive director.
All these data are entered in a special form. From now on, all your troubles and worries are in the past. All other formalities we undertake. During the whole couple of hours the whole package of constituent documents will be prepared by our specialists and we are with you, we go to court for assurance. After they are officially certified, we send them to Podgorica, and within a maximum of a week you receive ready-made documents on hand – your firm is open. If you have any additional questions regarding how to open a company in Montenegro, we will gladly answer them. Our main task is to make sure that no formalities prevent you from realizing your dream and moving to this beautiful country. For this we are ready to do everything in our power.
For you, we created a table in which you will find answers to most of the questions related to the opening of the company:
This amount includes preparation, submission and receipt of all necessary documents to the Central Register of Montenegro. And also escort you to the court or to a notary to certify the necessary papers and signatures.