On the process of migration to Australia.
There are many categories by which you can migrate to Australia: migration for skilled professionals, family, business migration, etc. We provide professional support to our candidates, individuals and legal entities, in dealing with migration issues. In addition to providing expert evaluation, we have established close cooperation with a law firm specializing in migration issues, which allows us to offer high-quality and reliable services in this area.
In the preliminary stage, before starting the evaluation procedure, we study your personal data and your individual case and, in accordance with the chances and opportunities, advise you which strategy is best followed and in what category to apply in order to have the most high chances of success.
The cost of the procedure for assessing the chances of continuing the process is then subtracted from the total amount, and therefore this is not an additional expense. In the event that an application for permanent residence in Australia wants to be submitted immediately to a couple or a family, a preliminary assessment of the chances will help to understand who should be the main applicant in the process of obtaining a permanent place of residence. Given, of course, the greatest chance of success.
The migration process for qualified specialists consists of two stages:
After a preliminary assessment, the first step is to pass the assessment by the relevant government agency.
The second stage is the application for permanent residence.
We strongly recommend our candidates to apply for permanent residence in order to be in a better position when traveling to Australia from a personal and professional point of view. This is the best that can be accessed by a candidate, but each case is considered individually. We will find the best solution in cooperation with the client in accordance with his needs.
In addition to the migration of qualified specialists, we specialize in business migration, family and marital migration, student visas and all other categories of migration. Sometimes the procedure for migration to Australia may seem simple, but it is very confusing and can confuse anyone.
Literally daily government bodies make changes and amendments to the migration legislation and various internal criteria for assessing migrants, so only professionals in this matter can be aware of all that is happening and take into account all factors.
We constantly receive applications from those who spent a lot of time and money trying to go through the procedures alone – they usually used either outdated data when submitting the application, or made other mistakes, which they then tried to fix. We can also help at this stage, but it would be much easier if the candidate applied to us at the beginning. Migrants to Australia are not selected by gender, race or culture. Other factors are important here: skills, health, age, financial independence and the ability to speak English. And also the fact of having a family or business connections in Australia.
Each individual case is unique in its own way due to various circumstances and therefore it is a process that requires a personal approach, attention to detail and expert judgment. Our company possesses all these qualities and, therefore, we can provide you with professional support and representation in order to together pass this long, complex but sometimes fascinating process!
We wish you good luck in this, changing life for the better, traveling to Australia!