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How to get from Bangkok to Phuket.
Dear tourist, we want to offer you a short guide on how you can get to Phuket island from Bangkok on your own. The guide will be useful especially to those who often travel independently, or as they are called “packers” – savage. The information provided in this guide will tell you how to quickly get to Phuket from the capital of Thailand, using public transportation.
There are several options, as they say:
you can fly on an airplane (with the aid of one of the Thai airlines which there are more than a dozen in the country); you can go by private express bus; you can rent a car in Bangkok and head south on your own car; In principle, you can go to Phuket from Bangkok and by train. But there are no direct flights, you will need to get there with transplants.
Flight from Bangkok to Phuket.
The duration of the flight Bangkok – Phuket is 2 hours. the best prices on the route Bangkok – Phuket from the airlines Air Asia, 12 Go and Nok Air.
To date, very cheap domestic flights across the territory of Thailand offer several Thai internal flights, which, as a rule, offer flights from Bangkok Don Muang airport (in Russian it is read as Don Muang) to get to Phuket airport. For lazy, but not poor tourists, there are more variants of flight from Suvarnabhumi International Airport (Suvarnabhumi) operated by flights of Thai International Airways and Bangkok Airways – which are quite expensive air carriers.
Note: The cost of domestic flights from Suvarabhumi Airport is several times higher than a similar flight from Don Mueang Airport.
Cheap flights to Phuket.
The most famous and inexpensive airlines in Thailand are: Air Asia, 12 Go and Nok Air. They all fly from Don Mueang.
The budget flight will cost you no more than 1200 baht in one direction (about $ 35), and if you use Thai or Bangkok Airways airlines, the ticket price starts from 2000 baht (about $ 70).
To the note: If you periodically watch from the house for the shares of listed companies, you can buy a flight to Phuket from Bangkokpo at a price of 800 baht.
Option to get to Phuket by a comfortable bus.
You can use the express bus service or VIP transfer to get to Phuket from Bangkok on your own. Basically, buses heading for Phuket depart from one of Bangkok’s three bus stations, from the Sai Tai bus terminal, officially called the Southern Bus Terminal, Sai Tai. The name speaks for itself, the bus station serves all the southern direction of the state. In addition, buses to Phuket depart from the northern bus station Mochit. How to get to the bus station Mochit (second name) read the article on the link to this bus station.
Timetable and types of buses.
In the article about the buses of Thailand, we already said that there are several types of buses:
first class buses; VIP buses (usually private, painted always brightly with a predominance of blue); second class buses.
For your reference: The first class is state buses of increased comfort for long trips. They differ from private expressions that in them there is much less space between the passengers and between the rows. In the second class there is no air conditioning. In principle, driving at night is not hot, but, believe me, you do not need it.
If you choose to travel by private bus, from the South Bus Station, then the trip will take about 12 hours one way. The cost of such a trip will be 974 baht or something about $ 30 per person. Compare the cost of the trip by bus and airline flight loukosterom, which is better?
Bus schedule from Bangkok to Phuket.
Time to send VIP buses from the bus station Sai Tai:
The cost of a trip to Phuket from the bus station Mor Chit is the same, 950 baht, departure time:
Cheaper it is possible to go by buses of 1st and 2nd class. But you do not recommend this, because the road takes 12 hours, and the cost of 785 baht is not a strong argument to change the comfort of privateexprises by 3 dollars.
Flight at 19:45 from the southern bus (first class) Flight at 18:30 and 19:15 (second class)
By train from Bangkok to Phuket.
The island of Phuket can be reached by rail. It is important to note that there is no direct railway connection to the island and, therefore, it is necessary to go with transplants. You need any train that goes to the south, at the same time you need to get off at the stop in Surat Thani, where you will have to take the bus and continue your long journey to Phuket.
Note: At the railway station in Bangkok, everything is done for the convenience of the tourist: you can buy a single ticket, which involves a combined train + bus trip. This kind of move is interesting, but very tiring.
In the direction of the city of Suratthani from Bangkok there are several trains during the day. Trains are: diesel, express and high-speed. In high-speed and express trains in addition to standard seats, there are also sleeping. From Bangkok, trains leave from the only Hualamphong railway station.
Timetable of trains that we recommend:
The diesel train under No. 43 leaves at 08:05 and arrives in Suratthani at 16:30. Next, you need to transfer to the bus, the departure time of which is at 17:00, arriving in Phuket at 21:00. High-speed train, it is also called the Express at No. 85: at 19:30 it leaves Bangkok and arrives in Suratthani at 06:27 am. Transfer to the VIP bus, which leaves at 08:00 and arrives to Phuket at 14:00.
Useful information about the cost of tickets: The cost of a combined ticket purchased at the ticket office railway. station 1068 baht & ndash; this is provided that you choose a trip at night on a train that has a second class sleeper car with air conditioning. Night moving lasts from 13 to 16 hours.
If you want to buy a ticket separately for the train and separately for the bus, note that buses from the station in Surat Thani to Phuket Town run daily from 05:30 am to 15:00, an hour and a half walk. On the way, we’ll have to spend 4 to 6 hours.
Conclusions: the optimal route based on the criteria:
Speed. If you want to get there quickly from Bangkok to Phuket & ndash; The only option is an air flight, a total of about 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is very convenient that there is a wide choice of airlines, calculated for any budget.
Comfort. With a long transfer from Bangkok to Phuket, it is better to choose second class sleeper cars with air conditioning, where there are full sized single beds. Unfortunately, on airplanes and trains & ndash; The journey will not be so comfortable, because The seats have restrictions in motion.