On retirement abroad: real estate in Brazil.
Sultry, sexy and shamelessly cheap country.
Litter yourself on your own beachfront area for $ 25,000 or live in an apartment for $ 60,000 in a house with windows on the coast … Do you think that gold money with such opportunities has irrevocably sunk into the last century? The analytical center “Indicators of the real estate market” has news for you.
“Do you think that malaria is raving?”
Alas, it is impossible to continue the quotation of the great poet. Such prices, a relatively low cost of living today are not in Odessa, about which Mayakovsky wrote, but in a country ironically sung by quite other brilliant writers in the same historical period-Ilf and Petrov: in Brazil. The fifth largest country in the world and one in five, included in the list of the fastest growing economies.
People are looking for something similar to Brazil for a number of reasons. Do you want a house on the beach to escape the harsh winter? It can be found here, even for less than $ 40,000. In Brazil, there is much that can be offered to potential immigrants, including housing is cheaper than in most other Latin American countries.
Buying property in Brazil.
There are no restrictions for foreign buyers of real estate for the purchase of land, houses or apartments. (True, here more than other countries of Latin America, competent legal advice is important, notes the magazine InternationalLiving.) The exceptions are few and very specific. For example, there are restrictions that apply to a person acting on behalf of a foreign government, as well as restrictions on large purchases of agricultural land by foreigners.
True, there are restrictions concerning both Brazilians and foreigners. They belong to the category of lands that represent state interest, for example, border or strategic land. Unfortunately, they often cover the coastal and beach areas.
Is it possible to own the beach? Yes, but with some conditions. The government controls the land, whose boundaries are determined by the waters of the tides. There is a complicated methodology for calculating these boundaries. But these lands can also be acquired in private ownership, although they will have to pay an additional annual property tax (Foro), as well as a special tax on the transfer of property rights (laud.
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