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Many people think that everything is not all right in Russia. I agree that there are a lot of problems. And who will call me at least one country in the world where there are no problems and the streams of the river flow? There are no such countries. We live here and now. We also solve these problems, each in their ability.
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Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and so on.
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Poor countries on natural and human resources. Not interested in TNCs. They need Russian resources. And who does not allow you to leave for Norway or for Finland? Have you ever been there?
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Was in all listed, except the last 3. We must try to bring our country to the same level with these developed countries. And yes, Norway and Australia are full of natural resources, and the human resources in them are of the highest quality. The highest standard of living without any natural resources.
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Why is the State Department not interested in Norway and Denmark, and 100 years of worried about Russia? About Australia – a colony of Anglo-Saxons, where retired oligarchs prefer to end their lives. What is the high quality of human resources there? What are the achievements in culture – spiritual and material?
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Australia: 0-14 years: 19.3% 15-64 years: 67.5% 65 years and older: 13.2% Why should the State Department care about Norway and Denmark?) And why are you sure that these countries do not care? ) In general, and here all this?) Do you seriously think that these countries do not have access to culture? Here we will list?
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I told you that this is not the level of life in Australia, but the place where the Anglo-Saxons end their lives, so many retirees. Leave for Australia if you have money. Russia will never be a small Denmark and a mountainous Norway. Here are other problems – it is a great civilization.
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Yes, there are not many retired people there, just about the same as in Russia. Where and when I leave, I’ll figure it out. Russia needs to strive for their standard of living, social security, infrastructure, human rights, the development of science, etc., otherwise our head is full of delirium about the machinations of the State Department, mythical spies)
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