Old-age pension for foreigners.
Question: I’m an employee, I’m 66 years old. I worked 8 years in Spain and 12 years in Italy. I would like to apply for a pension in Italy. What are the requirements?
Old-age pension is assigned to employees and self-employed. Since January 1, 2013 in Italy, the following requirements for employees have been established: age 65 and 3 months and payment of contributions to the pension fund 20 years. Unemployed workers, both male and female, who have reached the age of 65 and 3 months, and at least 20 years of payment, can retire after completing the employment relationship. For the self-employed, however, no termination is required and the chronologically minimum age is 63 years and 9 months for women and 66 years and 3 months for men. Note that the age limit for self-employed workers will be changed later as a result of a change in life expectancy.
You can ask for a pension in the following way:
In electronic form through the web portal www.inps.it for owners of PIN-code; Those who are unable to do this electronically, contact the Contact Center by calling 803 164 (free of charge from a landline phone) or 06164164 (from mobile networks); Through charitable organizations or intermediaries authorized to assist in filing a request.
In accordance with the provisions of the EU, applicants who worked in several Member States have the right to receive pensions when they reach retirement age. This means that the contributions paid in each member state where the citizen worked will not be lost. At the moment, old-age pensions are calculated on the basis of the duration of insurance in each member state where it worked. The ummah that each state provides for old-age pensions depends on the contributions paid by that person in that state.
In this case, for example, 8 years of the insurance period in Spain are combined with 12 years in Italy, giving a total of 20 years. Thus, the calculation of which Spain recognized for the old-age pension corresponds to 8/20 of the total pension, while Italy recognizes 12/20 of the remaining.
The request is submitted in the host country or, if the person concerned is a resident in a country that does not work, in the last country in which the employee was recruited. The old-age pension is paid regardless of the country in which the employee is located.
Be attentive, since the retirement age varies from country to country, the social security systems of the member states are not harmonized. This means that while in Italy the age limit is 65 years and 3 months for employees, in other countries this requirement may vary, which may have consequences on the size of the pension being paid. For more accurate information, contact INPS to clarify the conditions for each specific situation.
The national retirement pension for old age pensions is valid only within the EU. Russia, like other countries of the former USSR, does not enter into this agreement, therefore, the offset of the insurance period in these countries (outside the EU) is not made.
Thus, the Russian pension is paid regardless of the existence or absence of a pension in the EU countries, which allows you to receive a pension, for example, from the Russian Federation and from Italy (or another EU country), if the right to such a pension you have formed.
Dr. Maria Elena Arguelloy (Italy)
Translation and commentary by Sergei Tsitlionok.
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