Office move & quot; turnkey & quot;
– Do you have time to plan the move of your company’s office?
– Are you deeply convinced that everyone should do his own business?
– Involving employees in the organization of office moving is excluded?
Then you should read further, from what version of your company’s move we will offer exactly for such leaders as you!
“Turnkey” the concept of relative, and each in its own sees the implementation of this expression in physical performance when moving office in Minsk. We propose the following algorithm for the implementation of the “turnkey” move at a highly professional level:
1. First of all, the starting point is the definition of goals and objectives for the office move. Here, mandatory meetings of the client and the professional consultant-appraiser of the company �, which will offer several strategies, are required to effectively move your company more suitable for your individual needs;
2. After assessing the scope of work, and agreeing with you, a working schedule for the move and the stages will be developed;
3. One of the important points is a clear and objective budget of your expenses for moving the Minsk office, which we will form according to the above data. We draw your attention to the fact that the agreed and fixed cost of moving “turnkey” in the process of work is guaranteed to not change!
4. Next, a package of documents for signing is prepared, after which it is possible to start directly moving the office;
5. In most cases, a turnkey office move is as follows:
On the eve of the move, a team of furniture and packing packers is sent (from the amount of workplaces and complexity, these work take place from one to two days). Their task is to pack documentation, turn off office equipment, mark workplaces and boxes, disassemble and pack furniture, and other functions; Then, on the day of the move, the loader crews and furniture vans are sent, their number is determined at the planning phase of the office move. Their functions include loading and unloading of furniture, office equipment, boxes with documents, etc., transportation and unloading in new premises of the client; Also on the day of the move, and with a large volume of office property and on the following days, teams of furniture assemblers are working, the workplaces are arranged according to the plan agreed upon in the planning, the connection of office equipment and other functions aimed at arranging in a new room.
Of course, this is not all that is included in the complex of services when moving the office “turnkey”, we tried to summarize the “tip of the iceberg” so to speak. We have 16 years of painstaking practice behind them, hundreds of grateful companies, highly qualified staff – and this is quite enough to carry out your office move “on a turn-key basis!” The choice is yours�