Obtaining the citizenship of Hungary.
Hungary & # 8212; this is an excellent option for those who want to become a permanent resident of the European Union, freely travel around the world, including the United States, Australia and Canada, have reliable social guarantees, security and better medical care. Get the citizenship of Hungary is quite possible due to a sufficiently flexible immigration policy of the state, and the undeniable advantages that will give the coveted status, completely compensate for the efforts and time.
Who can expect to obtain the status of a citizen.
There are several categories of applicants who, at the legislative level, can apply for Hungarian citizenship:
Investing. Wealthy foreigners who are ready to contribute to the development of the country’s economy. Naturalization. Hungarian citizenship is available to any foreigner who meets the requirements of naturalization. Mandatory knowledge of the official language of Hungary. Confirmations of permanent residence in the territory are strange for at least 8 years. Absence of previous convictions. Presence of a constant source of income. Passing the test for knowledge of the constitutional norms of Hungary. Repatriation. Assumes the presence of blood relationship or marriage with the citizens of Hungary. Also this option is suitable for ethnic Hungarians, who were born and lived in the territories separated from Hungary during the wars. For such categories, citizenship of Hungary is issued under a simplified program.
The grounds for obtaining the status of a Hungarian citizen, as well as the right to permanent residence, are:
Marriage with a citizen. Adoption or custody. Professional activities in the country. Investing in the economy of the country. Doing business in Hungary.
Application for citizenship. Copies of internal and foreign passports. 2 photos. Documentation proving the identity, relationship, origin and family status. This includes the birth certificate of your parents and a certificate of marriage or divorce. The official biography, is submitted as a personal and biography of the spouse.
Documents must be translated into Hungarian and notarized. If the citizenship of Hungary is registered also for the child, it is necessary to provide his birth certificate.
After submitting the documents for the citizenship of Hungary through naturalization, the applicant must pass a test of knowledge of the Hungarian language, culture and the Constitution of the country. Requirements for knowledge of the language are sufficiently thorough the applicant must be able to freely speak and understand the speech, must independently state the application for naturalization and answer a number of questions when passing the exam.
If the level of knowledge proves to be insufficient for the applicant, the application is likely to be refused.
Terms of consideration.
If all the documentation is collected and filed correctly, then within 90 days from the Office of Immigration and Citizenship application will be sent first to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and then to the President. In cases where mistakes were made during the collection and processing of documents, the counting of the review period will begin from the moment when the correct variant is registered.
As a general rule, the general term for making a decision takes about six months and after the approval is received the applicant within a year will have to swear allegiance to Hungary, if during this period the procedure is not carried out the permit will become invalid.
When choosing the acquisition of citizenship due to investing, an amount of about 300 thousand euro will be required. Applicants can count on permanent residence, and later on the citizenship of Hungary. At the same time, the amount does not go away irrevocably, after 5 years 250 thousand euros invested in Hungarian government bonds are returned to the investor.
According to statistics.
In 90% of cases after properly prepared documents are accepted for consideration, a positive decision is made. However, there are quite a few cases when, after obtaining citizenship on the basis of repatriation in the course of thorough inspections and revealing that the certificates provided by the applicants are false, citizenship is annulled and the applicant is deported and receives a ban on entering the European Union for a long time.
What does the citizenship of Hungary.
Visa-free entry to more than 150 countries. Possibility of residing in any country of the European Union. Possibility to study in the best educational institutions in Europe. Provides legal conclusion and storage of finance in the hard currency of the EU. Social guarantees. Medical care at the highest level.
Double citizenship.
Hungary recognizes the right to a second citizenship, so the demands to refuse the main citizenship to the applicants do not show. For Russians, this means the opportunity to have all the advantages of a citizen of the European Union, without losing Russian citizenship.
At the same time, only the internal passport of the Russian Federation will act at home, the only condition is that the applicants who received the second citizenship must notify the FMS within two months after receiving it.