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I’m from Siberia, I now remember where I saw it already. I’m also from Siberia. 8 years ago my son left on a J1 visa for the Work and Travel program to America with friends, his friends returned, and my son remained there, as if to live there, to see. But, however, I found work in the USA and settled in New York. For obvious reasons, he could not come home to stay for a while (that is, he could come, but he could not go back to the United States again), meanwhile, eight years have passed. And what kind of mother is it, who will understand me. So I decided to go to him in New York, as time went by, and so a prolonged separation from my son, tore my heart. At the same time, I never, anywhere from Russia did not leave. And so I decided: I received a foreign passport & # 8230;
My son called me from New York a few days later and offered to apply to the company VISA PRIM LLC # 8212;, and that they have already talked to one of its employees named Maxim who advised him on our situation and expressed the opinion that the situation with the refusal, of course, the situation is unpleasant, but not entirely hopeless, with the correct preparation for the interview, it is even remediable and it is possible to get a positive result. I called Maxim. The confident conversation and sincere tone of the conversation during the discussion of all possible variants of questions and answers at the interview inspired me with the hope that everything will be safe this time. I really liked that Maxim genuinely sympathizes, and that he knows the emotions after refusing a visa (he himself, it turns out, was rejected in his visa at the time, and overcame this refusal), that is, he convinced me that not everything is lost .
I believed his firm, told how everything happened at the interview, and he immediately noted that almost all my answers to the consul’s questions were not entirely correct, that is, he would advise saying differently than the agency advised. I was asked to immediately apply for a second interview, although the agency offered me to apply not earlier than 6 months. But for me it’s six months to wait and not see my son. ” it was not conceivable already when I set out on a trip to America. I agreed to the conditions of Maxim, paid anew the consular fee (as Maxim advised), and preparations began for the interview. Maxim demanded the questionnaire DS-160 initially, which was filled by the employees of that agency, but as it turned out they did not save the questionnaire, but only a sheet with the confirmation number. Then Maxim, somehow using this number, independently found this questionnaire, through the US embassy. And then there was almost daily preparation for the interview at the embassy. I had a thousand questions about what to say now, and what to answer the consul at the interview, and Maxim had ready-made answers to all the possible questions. I flew for 2 weeks, as I filed for a second interview, that is, all the employees of Maxim’s firm did for me, including writing for an interview with the US embassy, and I came for a second interview. But, unlike the first time, I did not experience any unexplained excitement, fear, and so on, Maxim warned that I had nothing to lose, how (after refusal), and that I should be very sincere (in preparation for interview during the rehearsals Maxim asked me the most unexpected questions, as if from the consul, and I was already expecting such questions), and I have exactly fulfilled all the recommendations of Maxim. As a result, I received a cherished visa in the United States and on September 8, 2014 at the airport in New York, after 8 years of separation, I met my son. It was happiness for both of us.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Maxim, as well as to all the employees of VISA PRIM LLC, for your kind and sensitive attitude towards me, for being able to help me, almost in a desperate situation. I wish you prosperity in your work. You do such a necessary job. Many thanks!