Now from Krasnoarmeysk by rail it is impossible to leave for Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk.
Fighting in the East, including in the area of finding railway stations and damaging the railway infrastructure, the movement of trains from / to Lugansk is impossible. Some of the trains run to detour, on the changed route, parts – the route to Yasinovatoy is limited.
So, through the section Lozovaya – Slavyansk (instead of Chaplino – Krasnoarmeysk) trains run:
� 48/47 Sevastopol – Donetsk – Sevastopol,
� 70/69 Lviv – Mariupol – Lviv,
� 134/133 Kiev – Yasinovataya – Kiev,
� 92/91 Odessa – Yasinovataya – Odessa,
� 84/83 Kiev – Mariupol – Kiev,
� 38/37 Kiev – Donetsk – Kiev,
� 364/363 Uman – Yasinovataya – Uman.
In addition, the route is limited:
– to the station Krasnoarmeysk of trains No. 764/763 and No. 766/765 Dnepropetrovsk / Donetsk / Krasnoarmeysk.
– to Yasinovataya station of trains No. 134/133 Kiev-Yasinovataya, No. 342/341 Simferopol-Yasinovataya-Simferopol and No. 788/787 Kharkov-Lugansk.
In addition, the cancellation of trains:
� 766 Dnepropetrovsk – Donetsk,
� 763 Donetsk – Dnepropetrovsk,
� 11/12 Lugansk – Moscow,
� 20/19 Lugansk – Kiev,
� 126/125 Lugansk – Kiev.
The cancellation of the non-stop carriages Lugansk-Lvov and the group of carriages Lugansk-Odessa was canceled.
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