Nationality of Greece.
Procedure for granting Greek citizenship.
The package of documents is submitted to the mayoralty at the place of residence of the candidate in Greece. The request is checked for completeness and correctness of registration and sends it to the authorized representative office (department) of the district. Then follows the next stage of verification and forwarding the request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
It is carried out by the State Commission on Naturalization. The candidate must know the language, history, culture, principles of state structure, way of life. The conclusion of the Commission is sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The final verdict is made by the Minister of the Interior. Positive decisions are printed in official government media. It is believed that by this announcement the applicant is notified of the results of the examination of the request.
To take the oath of allegiance to the country, a potential Greek citizen is granted 12 months from the date of publication of the decision. If the candidate does not take the oath in this period, the decision is canceled.
Features of immigration programs in terms of granting citizenship.
The right to citizenship foreigners acquire after ten years of legal residence in Greece. Accelerated programs are provided for certain categories.
With the receipt of a Greek passport, a foreigner becomes an EU citizen. Having received Greek citizenship, you can get a job in the Eurozone, get visas for Schengen under a simplified procedure. You get freedom in doing business, in particular regarding the amount and investment and results of economic activity. Your children will be able to study in the best schools and universities in Europe.
Greece recognizes dual citizenship, therefore it is not necessary to refuse from the existing passport. This makes it easier to enter your home country. You can enter by national passport.
Accelerated programs for obtaining Greek citizenship.
This program was developed by the Greek government in 2015 with the aim of improving the country’s economy. Acquisition of one or several real estate facilities with a total value of 250 thousand EUR entitles the foreigner to apply for a temporary residence permit. It is issued for 5 years. This type of residence permit can be extended for 10 years or re-registered for permanent residence – a residence permit valid for an unlimited period. To apply for citizenship, property owners can after 7 years of residence in the country.
A child born to a Greek from a foreign father is a Greek citizen. If the mother is a foreigner and the father is a Greek subject, the latter must initiate the acquisition by the child of citizenship before the onset of his 18th birthday. A child becomes a citizen of Greece at the age of 18 and only on condition that he recognizes paternity.
A foreigner who created a family with a Greek citizen, subject to the birth of a common child, can claim citizenship after 3 years of marriage. During this time, the candidate must legally live in Greece.
An accelerated procedure for obtaining a passport for ethnic Greeks is possible if the applicant goes to serve in the army of the country or to study at the military academy.
To obtain citizenship, refugees are required to prove the facts of repression and persecution to which they were subjected at home.
Outstanding figures in science, sports, and the arts receive the passport of Greece under a simplified procedure. For this, they must show worthy results in their field.
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The reasons for choosing Greece for emigration.
Predictable result. The submission of a complete, correctly executed package of documents and the conformity of the candidate to the requirements gives almost 100% guarantee of a positive solution.
Compared with most European countries at the stages preceding the issuance of the Greek passport (when obtaining the status of a temporary and permanent resident).
The mild Mediterranean climate, the many resorts on the mainland and islands, the authorities’ increased attention to the ecology, the composition of food products create the prerequisites for a high quality of life. Affordable prices for essential goods with average wages in Europe provide a comfortable life, even at a low level of income.
Inexpensive real estate opens up prospects for investment. In 2016-2017 in Europe, affected by the economic crisis in 2008, there have been trends in the growth of the real estate market. In Greece, prices are still low, which makes this segment successful for investment. You can buy housing in the resort area and turn it into a source of income.
Requirements for applicants for Greek citizenship.
Other grounds for granting Greek citizenship.
on the basis of personal will.
at birth from a Greek citizen.
citizenship is granted to persons whose relatives up to the third tribe (ie, including great-grandparents and grandfathers) are subjects of Greece. This program is also designed for ethnic Greeks. The Greek government tightened the procedure for verifying documents confirming the applicants’ Greek roots. This is due to the attempts of many candidates to provide fictitious certificates.
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