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Since 2016, business immigration has become possible with a diploma of higher education, without the need for additional investment. Geographical location and natural resources (proximity to Italy, Austria, Croatia, the Mediterranean, numerous ski resorts, Alpine mountains and rivers, meadows and forests, unique thermal springs and the most beautiful mountain lakes). Affordable immigration: taxes and deductions can be reduced to 330 euros / month, which includes insurance for the whole family, the right to live and work in this country. Reliable immigration in comparison with Latvia, the Czech Republic or Spain. European education for your children. School and gymnasium are free, as well as universities if there is a residence permit. Security on the streets. Slovenia is one of the first in the World Peace Index. Slovene language (from the group of Slavic languages – not complicated in the study) and Slavic culture. Ecology. Quality, environmentally friendly products. Slovenia occupies the 5th place in the rating of environmental efficiency (EPI).
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