Moving to Slovenia: what awaits a foreigner and why immigrate is worth.
Considering options for emigration, Slovenia can not be tempted. And not only because of her membership in the EU. Geographical and economic situation of the country is extremely beneficial for business, while a favorable climate and a high standard of living provide excellent conditions not only for work, but for moving the whole family. Portal “Zagranitsa” compiled a brief educational program on accommodation and business in Slovenia: what to invest, where to buy real estate, what are the conditions for studying, and also on other important issues.
Slovenia is a small country and, in view of this, convenient for business immigration. Being almost at any point, it is possible to reach the capital of Ljubljana for an hour and a half, which allows you to live in any city. In total, the country is divided into 210 communities, 11 of which have urban status. And Ljubljana, in addition, includes district communities. It sounds big, but it’s only 20 253 km of the area with a population of just over 2 million people.
Business in Slovenia.
Speaking about where it is better to invest money in Slovenia, it is worth mentioning the investments in the developing business. This is a universal option, especially for business migrants. So you can kill two birds with one stone: keep your blood and start a business in the EU country today. And most importantly – get a cherished residence permit!
One of the options for registration of residence permit in Slovenia – an investment in the fixed assets of your company. These are material values that can be used for a long time (more than 12 months) in their natural form and for which amortization can be charged. These are vehicles, tools, equipment, real estate, land and other means of production, over time transferring part of its value to the end product of the company.
But there are limitations. Please note: securities, gold bullion, coins, shares, materials for real estate reconstruction are not considered investments.
Real estate in Slovenia.
If you are thinking about investing in real estate, be prepared for slippery underwater stones – Slovenian laws. Citizens of countries that do not belong to the Schengen commonwealth do not have the right to buy real estate in Slovenia as an individual. But there are exceptions and each case is individual, so we advise you to turn to specialists.
You can always buy property in Slovenia by opening a company here (a legal entity). An important advantage is that companies, issued by citizens of other countries, have the same rights with firms created by Slovenian citizens. So, a person who started his business in Slovenia can buy a house, an apartment and even a land without restrictions.
Education and employment in Slovenia.
Of course, there are other options for catching up in Slovenia except for business immigration. The easiest way is to find a vacancy in the usual labor market, the benefit of local employers is interested in qualified employees, and it does not matter from what country. The laws do not prescribe an obligatory quota for the number of Slovenian citizens in the firm, and this automatically makes almost all offers available to foreigners. But if you dared to look for work in Slovenia, consider the important nuances associated with the confirmation of qualifications. Whatever the pros you are, a diploma of higher education you will be asked.
Education in Slovenia and your country may differ, so a diploma obtained outside the Republic of Slovenia is not automatically recognized on its territory. Documents issued by the universities of the Russian Federation, any other country, must be nostrified: to prove their equivalence. This will be needed when looking for work, continuing study at a Slovenian university or upgrading the qualification on the basis of a university diploma. The relevant application is submitted to the local Ministry of Education.
Families with children who move to Slovenia, too, should take care of a new life in advance. Experts recommend choosing a school or a kindergarten before obtaining a residence permit: by applying and admission to educational institutions their strict boundaries and procedures.
Everything about the kindergarten is quite simple. Pre-school education is provided by state and private kindergartens, where they take them from 11 months. To go to school, it is not necessary. The recording is possible all year round on the basis of the application. For foreign children, a subsidy is available-a discount on payment or full exemption from it, when the family receives material assistance because of low income.
Children of foreign citizens residing in Slovenia have the right to compulsory schooling from the age of six on the same terms as the local ones. The basic school education in Slovenia lasts nine years. Entry in the first class is held in February this year to the next. In addition to public schools, private schools operate in Slovenia.
At the end of compulsory classes, children can continue their studies and receive a diploma of full secondary education: general (gymnasium), vocational, secondary vocational or technical. Depending on the type of course lasts three to four years. It ends with unified state exams, on the basis of which they are admitted to the university.
Let’s sum up. Slovenia is a very convenient country for relocation, in particular, for the citizens of the CIS. This is an advantageous option for both business immigration and for moving the whole family. Here you can quickly adapt due to the fact that the Russian or Ukrainian language is easily given. For children there are subsidies for education in kindergartens. Business immigration gives you the right to obtain a residence permit. It should be noted that foreigners have limited opportunities for buying real estate. If you are strongly committed to the acquisition, be sure to enlist the support of a qualified lawyer.
To get advice on business immigration in Slovenia, you can use the Data specialists.
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