Moving to permanent residence.
The easiest way is to move to permanent residence in Montenegro. After five years in Montenegro on the basis of residence permits, it is possible to file documentation in order to obtain a permit for permanent residence.
Registration of permanent residence with the condition of compliance with Montenegrin laws and payment of all required taxes, gives the right to medical insurance and pension, but there is no voting right. Residing with this status also does not allow registration of a mortgage in the bank. The advantage for obtaining a permanent residence in Montenegro is the availability of its own real estate in this country, although owning real estate is not a basis for unhindered registration of a permanent residence.
Accommodation in the country for ten years, incl. five years for permanent residence, may become the basis to obtain the citizenship of Montenegro. From the citizenship of another state, it will be necessary to refuse. The exception is the marriage union with the citizen of this country, three years after the conclusion of which, living continuously in the country, you can not refuse other citizenship to become a citizen of this country.
Emigration to Montenegro is an easier process, in comparison with emigration to other European states. For example, in the case of business emigration here, the statutory fund of the company can make 1 euro, at the same time for emigration, for example, in Germany should invest in the economy of the country about 250 thousand euros. In Montenegro, Russian citizens are benevolent that emigrants from Russia create a good psychological life climate in this country.
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