Moving to Istanbul
The leader of the Russian national team Tatyana Kosheleva, having started the season in Istanbul “Edzacibashi”, told “Soviet Sport” about life in Turkey, the reasons for the move and about what did not happen at the Games in Rio.
– Did you manage to settle in Istanbul? – we start a conversation with Tatiana .- Yes, it was time to get comfortable! To be honest, at first I was afraid – what was waiting for me here? A foreign country, a foreign city, a different language … But fear has great eyes. In fact, no special problems have arisen. The team allocated me apartments in a good area – here, by the way, almost all our staff lives. Only in my house apartments have five or six players, plus several coaches. The others are also close. To the arena – 10-15 minutes by car. With the language, too, everything was relatively easy.
“Did you quickly learn Turkish?” “No, I started to study English very closely,” Tatiana laughs. – When I decided to sign the contract, I seriously puzzled this question. I understood that without a language it would be difficult to explain with partners, with the coaching staff. Still, in Russia there was no such problem – there are not many foreign players, basically all communication goes in Russian. I found a tutor for “Skype”, began to take private lessons. And not bad pulled. Continuing to study until now. But I also teach Turkish.
“Is it complicated?” Even on hearing it is hard. – And on the contrary it seems to me – many of the same sounds as we do. At least, our American and Brazilian Turkish is much harder to give! And I immediately mastered the name of “Edzadzhibashi” – easily, freely, without hesitation, several times repeating Koshelev’s name of the club, which he received in honor of the founder, a large businessman Nezhat Edzhazhibashi. – In principle, surprisingly, many people speak English. I’m not talking about the club, but about ordinary people. Even if, say, in a supermarket you suddenly run up against problems – for example, the cashier does not understand you – there and then all who are nearby and see it, try to help.
– Istanbul is a beautiful city, but if tourism is not confused with emigration, how does it live? – Excellent! I did not see anything here as a tourist. At all! Just do not have time. We have a very heavy schedule, with a maximum of one day off per week. And when this day comes, there are no forces for any walks and excursions. I want to just stay at home, recover, relax. And in terms of life there is all that is needed. We near the house found an excellent cafe with homemade food. Tasteful! Like my mother in the kitchen. The Turkish mother, of course, – laughs Tatiana. – Borsch, of course, there will not be cooked, but if you really want – it’s not a problem to buy food and cook everything yourself.
– And traffic jams? It’s a nightmare! Not only that the roads are always jammed, and the local people go very specific – no one misses anyone, everyone jostles, signals, coughs … – I myself sit behind the wheel seldom – my husband, Fyodor, helps me. He also works in the club – a statistics coach, – says Kosheleva. – The traffic here is complicated, but we were lucky – it’s close to the arena, and we drive along an empty road. There are almost no traffic jams there. Although, by the way, when I came to Istanbul, the club management immediately warned us to be more careful with the car. They said that the local drivers here – with a spark.
“All right, they’ve talked about life.” How about volleyball. Did you quickly get used to the team? “” Quite. It took some time to get acquainted, but before the start of the season we went to the club world championship, where we won. This success is great added confidence. And the team as a whole, and me personally. We got a great start. I hope, we will continue in the same spirit.
“How did you decide to move to another country?” “Such thoughts have long visited me. Three years – exactly. For a long time she understood that she was not psychologically ready for such changes. I was afraid a lot, as it turned out, in vain. When I realized that I grew up and matured, that I, as a player, should leave the comfort zone and move on – I accepted the offer of “Edzhzadzhbashi”. All the same, I’m an athlete. I want to grow myself and fight for the most serious trophies. For the same club World Cup. For the Champions League. In Russian teams, it’s hard to count on. Whatever one may say, the level of our Super League has significantly dropped.
– The financial question, apparently, also mattered? – I and in Russia had a worthy contract. And here the offer was good. Money, of course, is important. But not everything rests on them.
– I mean the problems that you faced in the Krasnodar “Dynamo”, where the players for a long time did not pay salaries .- What was, it was. But we must pay tribute to the leadership of the club – they are trying to fulfill all their obligations, worthy to get out of the situation. I will not say for the other girls, but with me they gradually calculate. While the debt is not repaid all, but it’s only a matter of time.
– Do you have an answer to the question, why in Turkey with almost zero development of men’s volleyball such a strong women’s championship? Turks love high, beautiful girls so much? “” Perhaps! – Laughs Koshelev. – Indeed, the difference is enormous. Female volleyball is much more popular. True, I will not say that I noticed full-time sell-outs here. Full stands are still a rarity. At the matches of leaders – for example, when we play with “Fenerbahce” – of course, the hall will be packed! But most of the meetings are held in a calm environment.
– Let’s go back a bit. Memories of defeat at the Olympics are still pain? “” Yes, “Tatyana’s voice suddenly becomes sad. – It seems that a lot of time has passed, but when you come back in thoughts to that quarterfinal against Serbia, the heart is very hard. It is clear that you will not change anything, but we so much waited for these games, so much wanted to win a medal, and in the end everything ended in such a heavy defeat … Nothing remains, how to survive and draw the right conclusions. First of all, some decisions should be made by the leadership of the Federation. At the moment, we are all waiting for someone to be appointed the new head coach.
– This defeat was in principle called coaching. Yuri Marichev, who only did not criticize. – Everyone has his duties. My tasks as a player are to go out to the playground, listen and perform the settings, completely surrender to the fight. Since we were defeated, it means that everything is to blame for this. There were a lot of mistakes. Not just gaming. It is necessary to think a lot about everything, something, certainly, in the work plan – to reconsider.
– It’s not even about errors. About the fact that he could not create the right atmosphere in the team. “You know, the team is a family. We are not all friends in ordinary life, but on the court must remain true to each other. Always support. And with victories and defeats. It’s not right to blame someone. I can not do this, at least. I am personally grateful to everyone on our team.
– Let’s go back to Istanbul. Turkey – still, not the most peaceful country. The war is near, terrorist attacks are happening. Is not it terrible? “” I asked Natalia Hanikoglu the same question – she’s been living here for 17 years, probably. She asked: “Is it not dangerous for you to go?”. Natasha just waved her hand: “Tan, it’s all right! Do not be afraid of anything”. And there is. I know a lot of things are shown on TV. I myself am often terrified of calling from Russia: “Are you intact? You have explosions there! “. And I’m hearing about these explosions for the first time! In general, I do not seriously worry about safety.
– Communicate, it turns out, only with friends on the team? Have not you found Russian friends yet? “” Several of our girls are playing in the Turkish championship. Here, just the other day in Ankara I saw Olga Grigorieva – she now stands for “Hulkbank”. There is here Elena Litovchenko, Anna Matienko. Of course, time to meet with them, take a walk, sit in a restaurant is not enough. But when we see each other on the site, we communicate perfectly.
“And in Istanbul itself?” There after all, “Fenerbahce” is Roman Neuchtadter .- Maybe … But we are not acquainted, – Tatyana admits. – Unfortunately or fortunately, I’m not interested in football at all. Like my husband. Perhaps it would be interesting to go to his match, but, again – we just do not have enough time for this. So I would go on basketball with pleasure! I heard that recently CSKA and UNICS arrived in Istanbul at the same time. But I was in Ankara these days.
– Basketball still will be – in May will be the “Final Four” of the Euroleague. – Now, if a couple of free days fall – I’ll definitely visit!
“But you’re exactly friends with Evgenia Medvedeva.” “Let’s say that it’s hard to name close friends.” We met on vacation in Thailand, and since then I have enjoyed watching her performances, rejoice at her victories. Zhenya is a great umnichka. She recently had a birthday. Just think – just 17 years old, and already achieved so much! Of course, I would like to wish her all her dreams come true.
– Recently, “Edzhatzhibashi” flew to Minsk for the match of the Champions League qualification. Your hometown! – Yes, although we left there when I was very young. But it was nice to visit Minsk again. From Russia, my parents came, I saw relatives who live in Belarus, although not in the capital. Impressions remained the most wonderful.
“And when are you going to go to Russia?” “We definitely will have a trip to Ekaterinburg – we with Uralochka were in the same group in the Champions League. And we’ll see. Play in fact in the tournament, both Moscow and Krasnodar Dynamo. It will be great to fly to visit them, and to them!
– Are not you afraid of the Ural frosts? We have lost the habit, maybe from the coldness while you live in Turkey. “I’m used to them, but for girls this situation will be unconventional!” When I was asked about Yekaterinburg, I honestly said that the frosts are under “minus 20”. Of course, it frightened them! – Tatiana laughs. – By the way, an interesting fact – when we were in Minsk, Taisa – our blocking from Brazil – saw snow for the first time. Can you imagine what impressions she had?