Moving to England and registration of residence permit.
Moving to England & ndash; one of the ways that people who want to radically change their lives and themselves choose. In relation to immigrants from any country and various social strata, there has always been a democratic and loyal attitude. High culture of communication, a huge contribution to the world art, age-old traditions of the peoples inhabiting these lands, are combined with advanced positions in the technical process and science. And at the same time, the possibility of moving to England can not be a panacea for all conventions and problems. Of course, life in the UK is deprived of the usual problems and shocks, but do not assume that the decision to move will save you from the difficulties. First of all, without obtaining a residence permit, you can hardly find a job and arrange your life in this country.
Registration of residence permit in the UK: the main aspects.
Registration of residence permit (residence permit) & ndash; the process of obtaining a document that certifies the identity of a foreign citizen and gives him the right to freely enter or leave the UK without issuing any visas. A residence permit is a temporary status that can be extended until obtaining permanent residence or the citizenship of the United Kingdom.
Categories of persons who have the right to move to England, obtain residence permit and work.
English visas are divided into two groups: nonimmigrant and immigration. If the owners of the first after the expiry of their term are required to leave the country, immigrant visas allow you to work or conduct business in the territory of the kingdom.
Types of immigration visas:
Sole Representative & ndash; a visa for the sole representative of the company (if the company can prove that she needs this person); Business Person or Tier 1 Entrepreneur & ndash; the visa of the businessman; HSMP or Tier 1 General & ndash; a visa that gives the right to design a residence permit to highly qualified specialists; Tier 2 or Work Permit – visa & laquo; work permit & raquo ;.
If you can not get any of these visas and you do not have the opportunity to use another way to obtain a residence permit, then it’s better not to take risks. In cases where the authorities suspect that a foreigner works without permission, there should be an instant deportation from the country. And in the future this person will never be able to obtain permission to enter England. And here is the & laquo; work visa & raquo; applies to all members of the family of its owner.
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