Moving to Denmark.
In Denmark, for a long time, the most favorable conditions have been created for both carefree life and business. This is the most democratic country in terms of granting residence permits and asylum for emigrants. Danes are very loyal and hospitable to all visitors and foreigners, so many do not worry about finding further friends and comfortable living in this state.
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When moving from Russia to Denmark, it is important to have a detailed list of things in Russian and Danish, as well as documents that confirm and determine the status of the move and copies of passports. It is best to assure in advance the list of things in the Embassy of Denmark.
The list of things prohibited from importation into Denmark includes: combustible and chemical substances, perishable drinks and products, firearms and ammunition, animals and plants, alcohol and tobacco, offensive materials, narcotic substances and dangerous products.
How to move to Denmark for permanent residence.
Residence permit and permanent residence in Denmark can be obtained in several ways:
Marriage. In order to automatically obtain a residence permit in Denmark, it is sufficient to register a marriage with a citizen of that country or a person who has a residence permit in that country. Important conditions for such marriage are the age of both spouses for at least 24 years, as well as a permanent income, a deposit of 50 thousand kroons, own or rented accommodation of a citizen of Denmark or that has a residence permit. Refugees. As in many European countries, in order to acquire refugee status in Denmark, you need to have good reasons for this. Such reasons may be military actions in the home country, low living conditions, the presence of young children, as well as serious physical and mental violations. In this case, the residence permit is issued for 6 months with the possibility of a subsequent extension. After 5 years you can apply for permanent residence. Reunification of relatives. Such a method can be implemented only with strict observance of all aspects of the legislation. First you get a residence permit for 1 year, then you can extend it. The status of permanent residence can only be obtained after 7 years, only under one condition & ndash; all this time you must permanently reside on the territory of Denmark. Also you must pass a special integration program from the municipal authorities, pass a language test, for all this time do not have a criminal record and social and tax arrears. Business immigration. Getting a permanent residence is also facilitated by the opening of its own company. Local banks can provide you with the necessary loan at 7-12% per annum for a period of 25 years. Only in advance you need to make a business plan and provide guarantors among the citizens of this state. Work or education. These two methods are sufficient grounds for immigrating to Denmark. Consultants, artists, musicians, scientists, coaches, athletes, as well as specialists in the repair of equipment and mechanisms can safely work in the country for 3 months without permission. If you want more, you will have to get both permission and contract with the employer.
Denmark & ndash; a country of contradictions.
A small Scandinavian country Denmark seems to consist entirely of contradictions:
Denmark is one of the founders of the NATO military bloc, but at the same time it is the most peaceful and friendly European country. All the participation of this state in the Second World War was limited to “anger shot”; guards princess in the direction of Germany; This country & ndash; the most expensive of all countries belonging to the European Union. Despite the highest taxes, a reliable social program has been so thoroughly thought out here that all Danes feel comfortable and confident in the future. If you believe sociological surveys, the Danes feel the happiest people on earth. Here, free education and medical care; As a member of the European Union, Denmark, however, is not part of the Eurozone and enjoys exclusively the Danish krona & ndash; its national currency; Denmark & ndash; a miniature country, but allows itself to be located on the peninsula of Jutland and on 409 islands of the Danish archipelago. Moreover, the capital of Denmark & ndash; Copenhagen & ndash; settled on three islands; Denmark surprisingly is also the leader of meat and dairy cattle breeding and high technology and engineering; Denmark can not boast of euphonious and beautiful folk music, but it was here that the great Baroque composer Dietrich Buxtehude was born.
Interesting facts about Denmark:
Most residents of Denmark work from 8 am to 4 pm. Buy a car in this country & ndash; an inadmissible luxury, because the tax on the car is much higher than the cost of the machine itself. Perhaps, therefore, the most popular transport is the bicycle. In Denmark, there are no skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, the largest height of houses is & ndash; 6 floors. The most popular profession in Denmark is & ndash; hairdresser, they are much more than willing to be cut. In Denmark there are amazing buses that know how to evade to the right. And all in order for disabled people and parents with children in wheelchairs to make it easier to make a landing and disembarkation.
Moving Denmark-Russia.
Company & ldquo; 1st Transport & rdquo; carries out international travel not only from Russia, but also in the reverse order. We take full responsibility for the safety of the customer’s property. When moving from Denmark to Russia, the most popular way is motor transport. The automobile mode of transportation has such undeniable advantages as the speed of the movement of goods, and the ability to monitor the location of things. Company & ldquo; 1st Transport & rdquo; undertakes transportation of any cargo, any volume and tonnage.