Moving to another country without knowledge of the language & # 8212; Is it real?
Many potential emigrants are worried, first of all, not by the housing issue, but by the language one. Some of them have a sought-after specialty, but do not know the language, while others do not have a specialty or knowledge. Does this category have a chance to move to another country for permanent residence?
Moving to permanent residence abroad for specialists without knowledge of the language.
Today we will reject such a factor as the difficulties of social adaptation without the knowledge of a foreign language, the complexity with mutual understanding and everyday issues, and we will focus only on cases when moving is possible.
At once we will tell that reception of citizenship without knowledge of language of the country which resident you want to become, it is impossible. But there are options for the device to work, and the knowledge of languages in the resume will not be a priority.
There are several options:
1. You are a specialist in the tourism field and plan to move to a country where relevant Russian-speaking specialists are in demand. Usually this is work with knowledge of languages, but there are exceptions.
Not only warm countries (Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia) are ready to recruit people with knowledge of Russian and without knowledge of foreign. There are also European companies ready to pay your tuition for at least basics. In the process of working, you very quickly learn the language by immersion in the language environment and will be able to successfully pass the exam in case of citizenship.
2. You are a student with insufficient or very little knowledge of the language. In this case, you will have to take language courses in the chosen country, get a certificate of language, and then study, and then you can get a job with subsequent obtaining permanent residence and citizenship. For example, when studying in Australia, Canada, the United States, the definition of English will be a priority when applying for citizenship.
3. You are an expert in one of the areas of science, art or have sports achievements that may interest the country in which you plan to stay. In such cases, you can take and without the knowledge of a foreign language, but eventually will still have to learn it.
Moving abroad for permanent residence through investment.
There are a number of countries that are ready to provide you with permanent residence even without knowing your language, if you invest in the economy of a certain amount. An investor does not need to own a foreign one in case he does not conduct any business.
So, in Spain you can invest from 1 million euros in shares of Spanish companies, 2 million euros in government debt bonds, 1 million euros in bank deposits or 500,000 euros in residential real estate.
In the UK, your investment should be at least 750 thousand pounds in securities of the Bank of England, in shares of British companies or in a share in a mutual investment fund.
In Australia, you can invest in securities, shares or government bonds of at least 2.5 million Australian dollars, then you will be issued an investor visa and will allow you to stay in the country.
To Germany without language knowledge to move even easier. Today, there are no minimum requirements for investment, and the investor does not need mandatory participation in the conduct of business. But you can get an investor’s visa for 1 year, then extend it for another 2 years, and after 7 years apply for citizenship.
To live abroad on pension?
There are countries offering retirees the opportunity to obtain a long-term visa for residing in the country on pension. At the same time, they do not require knowledge of the language, although citizenship in this case is practically unreal. Most states take care of the influx of active population.
Thailand, Italy, Spain, have programs for pensioners that allow this category of foreign citizens to reside on the territory of these states. To do this, it is sufficient for them to prove that they have the necessary amount to live. Of course, you will spend money in this state, in fact, making micro-investments.
Malta and Cyprus will also allow you to live without language knowledge if you purchase a residential property worth at least 90 thousand euros.
In fact, countries that are ready to receive foreign citizens without knowledge of the language are many. First of all, this applies to developing countries, but in Europe you can find options. In any case, obtaining the right of permanent residence in the country does not yet mean the right to become a citizen of this country. To obtain citizenship, knowledge of the national state language is most often required. However, to study it, being in a language environment, is not difficult.