Moving to Amsterdam.
With our help, you will be completely ready to move to Amsterdam: our guide has important information about visas, residence permits, public transport and popular residential areas for emigrants. There is no longer any reason to worry about bureaucracy, since moving to Amsterdam has never been so easy!
Although The Hague is the political capital of the Netherlands and therefore the seat of the Dutch government, Amsterdam is the nominal and cultural center of the country.
With just over 2 million residents living in the metropolitan area, this is the largest city in the Netherlands, as well as the one that is visited by the largest number of foreign visitors annually.
Many of them & # 8212; emigrants, such as you, who move to Amsterdam for a longer stay. In fact, the city has one of the largest emigrant communities in the country.
Most immigrants enjoy their new life in Amsterdam, thanks to the picturesque charms of its crooked streets, tree-lined canals and famous museums. Quiet summer months offer many opportunities for exploring public parks, boat trips through canals or cycling with your friends. Of course, first you need to solve some organizational issues.
Requirements for the visa.
For EU citizens, moving to Amsterdam will not be a problem. They only need their passport or national ID to enter the country. Nevertheless, with other citizens often require an entry visa (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf & # 8212; MVV). The income requirements vary depending on the country of origin. If in doubt, consult the IND Residence Wizard representative to determine which type of visa you need, or contact the nearest embassy in the Netherlands directly.
Residents who are not EU citizens who come to Amsterdam to find a job, also need a work visa. This is usually organized by your employer. The company will have to prove to UWV Werkbedrijf that you are the only candidate qualified and willing to accept this vacancy. You can get a work permit after arriving in Amsterdam. However, keep in mind that this can take up to three months.
Live like an emigrant in Amsterdam.
Citizens of countries outside the EU must apply for a residence permit (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf & # 8212; MVV)) if they move to Amsterdam for more than 3 months. You can apply for this permit in Vreemdelingenpolitie (foreign police). The residence permit, as a rule, is valid for one year.
Moreover, you must register in your municipality after moving to Amsterdam. This also applies if you are an EU citizen. Highly qualified foreign workers can usually register at the Amsterdam Exhibition Center in the WTC building in the Zuid area.
All the rest must register with the administrative office in the area where they live. You need to show a passport, a lease or a contract for the sale of your home, as well as a certificate of birth and marriage. In advance, contact the local government and find out about the necessary documents.
Do you want to transport your pet?
If you want to take your pet with you when you move to Amsterdam, you need to comply with the new EU rules. For example, your dog or cat needs a passport for pets and a microchip to identify it in advance. You should also provide the latest evidence of rabies vaccination to move to Amsterdam with a pet.
If your pet is younger than 12 weeks, vaccination is not needed. Small pets, such as rabbits, hamsters, mice or birds, also need a certificate of origin and health when moving to Amsterdam, but vaccination against rabies is usually not required. You just need to prove that your pets are healthy.