Moving in Samui & # 8212; Hat Yai & # 8212; Kuala Lumpur by bus (part 1)
On March 12, 2012 we leave from our beloved house on Koh Samui to Malaysia.
Previously, we bought tickets for the morning bus Samui – Hat Yai for 450 baht per person. I mentioned more details about this route in the post “Bauder Ran Thailand-Malaysia”. Also, for earlier, I passed the bike and found a taxi for 350 baht, which will take us early in the morning and take us from Lamai to Nathon.
But I was so safe that we left at 5:15 in the morning and arrived at the bus station Koh Samu Bus Terminal at 5:40. With a large margin, because the bus departs at 6:30 in the morning. But, it’s better to be late than being late, because tomorrow ends our tenure in Thailand. And the trip is timed to border-run.
This was the beginning of our journey to the island of Bali. Read the rest of the links below.
Without waiting a long time, weighing on the scales at the Family Mart our small baggage for interest, my backpack (14.2) + Jeanne (10.7) + laptop (4.6), making sure that we do not exceed the baggage allowance when flying from Kuala -Lumpur to Bali, with a calm soul we sit on the bus.
Quickly we reach the ferry and at 7 am we sail away from Samui. Farewell, so beloved by us island, on which we spent three and a half months.
Moving from your favorite island of Koh Samui in Thailand.
By the way, this time we again waited like a ferry, no less than previous ones, in which many cars and our bus were packed. There even the stall was on the second deck, in which it was possible to buy a thread of awful rubber food. But we have prepared fruit for earlier
Arrive at 8:45 in Suratthani, take a seat on our comfortable bus. And go to Nakhon Si Tammarat, on the way looking through Thai clips to the fullest!
In Nakhon Si Tammarat at 11:00 we stop to repair the bus for half an hour.
With a little delay at 14:45 we arrive in Hat Yai. Where there is always a bunch of people on the bus station, even traveling monks meet.
We will find out the time of departure of buses to Kuala Lumpur the next day (9:30, 10:30, 12:00, 19:00) and bus prices (namely Sleeping Bus), which range from 600 to 450 baht per person and the same bus!
We settle into our clean, new hotel in Hat Yai, about which we already wrote, but, now, with FAN, and, as usual, hot water and Wi-Fi in the room for 350 baht! Unbelievable but true!
We go through the stalls and stumble upon the long-awaited Thai nut – Macadamia, because of which I to the north of Taya wanted to move to live! I really liked it fried, and what to say about natural Although the one we took here was also baked, but in its hard shell. In the pack was a means for cracking the nut, tk. he was very hard, but, tasty.
A lot of dried fruits and nuts sold in shops Hat Yaya, and of course there was already a whole street of famous computer stores such as Banana IT, Harfware House, J.I.B Computer Group. Prices there were simply amazing, I bought myself a flash drive for 8 gig in replacements dead for printing documents.
Also we were lucky that we stopped next to Tesco Lotus, which had a small amount of products (fruits, vegetables), a couple of pieces each! But we found something to eat. Just the market we met already before the county from Hat Yaya, when they took a bike.
In the evening we bought tickets to Kuala Lumpur at 9:30 am the next day for 450 baht. And calmly went to bed.
In the morning at 9:25 hurriedly loaded into a free tuk-tuk, we were even helped to throw things, which was a fatal error, tk. when shouting “faster, faster” we forgot about the package with fruits, and, most importantly, about the NOTEBOOK that was left on the bench at the agency where they bought tickets.
Our brains somehow disconnected, we drove to the agency Kesatuan Ekspres Bas, to which the bus approaches. On arrival, again, we were quickly puzzled by filling in the arrival and departure card, for some reason we wrote down our passport data … In general, we did not even have time to count things, they were helped to drag the tuker, everything so quickly happened.
But, having calmed down, we remembered only about the PACKAGE WITH FRUITS, for some reason I completely forgot about the laptop. We, of course, phoned that agency, because was their phone and began to learn about the baggage that we forgot. But, to our surprise, the seller of tickets from PAI MA DEE TOUR reported that we have NOTHING left anything, neither fruit, nor anything else, it has alerted us.
And, when the bus had already approached at 10 o’clock, sitting down in it, I immediately started counting things and remembered that there was NO LEAVING anywhere!
Painting Repin – Sailed!
We quickly jump out of the bus, which has already traveled a kilometer, take the tuker and rush into the agency PAI MA DEE TOUR, demanding from him already only a laptop, forgetting about the fruit.
But, as it turns out he does not have anything, and he did not even see our things, he does not know anything. It was cautious that the Thai people in the agency immediately put on black glasses, lit up and forgot how to speak English!
And, only by intimidating them by the police and moving towards the search for a police station, they managed to get out into clean water, they pushed a laptop and a package of fruit under the bench, while I was gone, Jeanne noticed it immediately and called me!
Now we were relieved to take the laptop and said that we would still turn to the police, the ticket seller immediately returned 900 baht for tickets without talking, despite the fact that we left the bus!
Had to hang out in Ha Yae until evening, because While all this was happening, already all the morning buses left for Kuala Lumpur, there were places only for 19:00 (departure at 18:00 to K.K.K.L. Tour).
We bought a ticket for the evening in another agency, and went to our hotel, ask for help with renting a bike, tk. I did not manage to find a bike in Hat Yai, even with my many years of experience, everyone laughed and smiled, sending to moto-taxi drivers, and saying “well, there is no rental of bikes in Hat Yai in this area”. And I did not want to go to the center!
As a result, we took a bike in a mechanical box for 100 baht for several hours, moreover, petrol was not refueled, because he was with a full tank.
And went to study Hat Yai, passing both high-rise buildings and low-rise buildings of Hat Yaya, meeting everywhere the surprised eyes of the local, they say, a farang on a bike, and even with a child!
And we were looking for a park, the names of which did not even know, remembering only an approximate direction. It can be seen from the left side at the entrance to the city, when you go to Hat Yai with Suratthani.
A bit of a flop, eventually stopping at the huge Tesco Lotus, which had both a food court and a children’s playground and a sea of fruit at very low prices (as always, sales in TESCO). Of course, we scored mangoes at 39 rubles per kilo (in Malaysia they are 90 rubles / kg) and other fruits.
Also there were endless rows of clothes and we, under the fear of the prices of Malaysia and the impossibility of buying anything in Bali, something that was bought from clothes and shoes.
After we went into the game room, ate fruit and quietly went home.
On the way back we drove into one of the temples of the city, where it was pretty clean and beautiful, the usual Thai temple is not anything remarkable, however, several statues were behind the glass and settled around the tree, usually such statues stand inside the temples.
For a day we drove a 40 km bike and delivered it safely.
By 17:50 came to expect delivery to K.K.K.L. Tour, from where the bus directly departs to Kuala Lumpur, and waiting until 18:20, finally left. Agency K.K.K.L. Tour, by chance was opposite the old Kesatuan Ekspres Bas, from which we have already tried to leave for Kuala Lumpur today
Wandered a bit over the evening Hat Yai, looked at the huge 100 liter bags of cashews and other nuts at ridiculous prices.
At 18:50 we boarded the KKKL Express bus, it was our second attempt to leave Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur, and safely drove to the border.
At 20:15 arrived on the border with Malaysia, without problems passed passport control, left Thailand. A few minutes later, just as safely entered Malaysia with a 30-day stamp.
They did not stop for a long time in a cafe, exchanged dollars for ringgit, went to bed and at 3:20 am on March 13 arrived in Kuala Lumpur for a stop already familiar to us near the Pudu Sentral bus station. After all, we visited Kuala Lumpur (this was our first trip to Malaysia and Thailand in December 2008), and already knew where to move on.
But, only after 1.5 hours of searching I could find a decent place, simply everything else was dirty and expensive, it was dirty and expensive, not cozy! With the child we chose Guesthouse Transit Point on Jalan Sultan for 50 ringgit per night, which was later not spared.
Safely fell asleep in a room called (rooms do not have numbers, only names – the names of flowers) Violet. A day later, changing it to a more comfortable Chamomile 🙂
The guesthouse had breakfast included (toast, chemical jam and butter, tea, coffee), which we never took, with air conditioning, changing of bed linen, hot shower (common), internet and even 2 general free computers, with a total kitchen, with a cozy guest, where you could watch a DVD and sit on the sofas! Also there was a laundry, but you can wash and wash clothes yourself, the main thing is that the ropes were carefully prepared ropes, hangers and clothespins, the place was enough for everyone.
This guesthouse was the starting point for travels around the capital of Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur, about how we lived in this city and what we visited in 5 days, I will tell in the next post “The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur (part 2).”
the last photo is not displayed (above the words This guesthouse)
N-yes, as usual with the adventures =))
And you were buying things in vain in front of Bali, it’s better and cheaper there!
Yeah, Olya, not the first time we have an adventure! Apparently absolutely brains have disconnected, relaxed, after all when there is a house and with things it is not necessary to be dragged, it is much easier, less to shake.
Thanks for the lifhak with the weights on the scales at Family Mart. ������� � ��������� -))
Andrew, well done that you write about everything interesting in Tae! Your blog started reading
Lifkhakov I have a lot, everything in life is impossible to share. In general, as in 7-11, Family Mart, and in TESCO Lotus, these scales for baht are, so it is not a problem to pre-pack and weigh the luggage, so as not to worry before flying for a preponderance!
Yeah, tin about the laptop. Well, that at least remembered and showed perseverance.
Thank you very much for sharing your own experience. Such articles are very inspiring!
Hello! Please share the name and location of the gest in Hat Yai. Let’s go on boarder-wounds in your footsteps 🙂
Lydia, welcome! This is a small, quiet guest, I would like it to remain so, unfortunately we can not give any contacts or coordinates
Very interesting write, thank you. Istriya rejoiced about the laptop. Snapshots make time was, and check bags & # 8212; no)
Exactly! Such a scattered & # 8230; was, and I always take pictures, that’s why a ton of information is accumulated, which is used not only for this blog!
Hello! I have one very important question for you! When you arrived in Thailand, you were asked to show a return ticket from Thailand? (they write that without him they will not be allowed to Thailand)
just as I understood, you already in Thailand bought tickets for the bus to Malaysia, and at the customs you told them that? or you then returned back to Thailand, and from there home?
Alain, a return ticket according to the rules CAN ASK, we have it was only 1 time, and then we showed it, I also did not hear that they asked my friends, in general, everyone will not be asked to “# 8212; this is a waste of time for them, BUT, you should always have at least a fake ticket to Russia or another country with you. We have already written about this in the “Prepare to travel abroad”.
Hello Alyona and Alexey! Thank you for your information, which helps the tourists-beginners, and not only, to get on their way when traveling in the specified points of our earth. We with my wife, are no longer young people, and travel-Our passion! Although there was not anywhere else, by youth it was not available. But in Thailand there were more than once, and we like it there. In 2013 we rested for 1 month. on Koh Samui, Chaweng Beach. The hotel was in the hotel. There were also on Lomai Beach. Excellent beaches. I would like to know where you lived on o.Samui 3-month.? As you wrote. We would like to go there this year for 3 months, and find a bungalow-like type of ten thousand for 8-10 baht per month. Is it possible? You, as experienced travelers, can tell me, give addresses. We will be more grateful to you. We hope for your reply. Thanks, with respect, Yuri, Elena from Vladivostok.
What kind of speech is Alain, I do not understand, or did you mean Jeanne? Be attentive.
We wrote that we lived in Lamai and wrote specifically about our house. In a season to find the same small house, and not in a season too, it is already impossible the prices gradually grow. But I’ll help orient on the island, write me in skype: goodkoal.