Moving from Tyumen to Alanya – and you are swimming in the sea before work?
We go for a long ruble (or rather for a Turkish lira)
Of course, like many Russians, I visited Turkey (this truly all-Russian health resort) on vacation before we moved there with my family. True, I never had the thought of moving to permanent residence. Turkey itself seemed to me somewhat frivolous in terms of education, medical care and opportunities for serious employment.
But once, our company in Russia suddenly appeared Turkish business partners. After a while, business trips to Turkey began, and all ended with several serious investment projects in the territory of a foreign and hot country.
At the moment when I joined the work, our Turkish partners already had some difficulties, and the situation required the permanent presence of our representative on Turkish soil. I went first, one, and then my family moved to me. The most important thing in this move was that I was not going to the void, I went there to work, with a good Russian salary, paying for my travel and accommodation. Interesting and nervous work, the nuances of which I will not touch here, brought me even to the leadership position, where in my submission were 15 Turkish subjects, as Ostap Bender would say. So, about everything in order.
What to expect on arrival, and what kind of curse is imposed on the sea?
It should be noted that Alanya itself is a small resort town with a population of about 100,000 people. This city is surrounded by the eponymous district with a lot of little-known settlements: Eliksik, Dinek, Kestel, Mahmutlar and Kargicak.
It was in Kargicak or Kargicak that the hotel was located, in which I stayed on arrival.
In addition to me, the hotel was inhabited by six more tourists and bored waiters, entertaining themselves and living, arranged a VIP service instead of a buffet. To one guest coming to lunch or dinner the guest was immediately approached by three waiter, moved back the chair, seated in the most luxurious place and began to wear the most delicious from the one that was available that evening.
My work was within walking distance, and if you are a good walker, then practically everything except Alanya itself is there, within walking distance.
All these, seemingly separate settlements, in fact flow from one to another, and in one evening promenade you can get around several of these towns and villages. All of them are resort with a lot of shops, bars and hotels, but in the autumn-winter-spring period before the season, almost all of them are closed. In winter, the whole district is staffed by three or four hotels, hosting congressional delegations of some Turkish societies and unions, sports teams at training camps, Turkish business trips and travel agents with sightseeing tours.
Paraphrasing the classic, you can say: a rare tourist will fly here until mid-May. In general, the Turkish resort, for example, on March 1 is a pretty dull picture. At 9 o’clock in the evening the nearest pedestrians, as a rule, German grandparents, walking by the handle, can be 600 meters away from you. on the streets no one. In the huge multi-storey new buildings intended for the European public, in the evening one, two windows are burning on the whole house – nobody lives in apartments.
In March it is warm enough, although not always sunny, the temperature reaches + 26, but the sea is still cold and almost always storms, revealing the rocky coast and throwing garbage and branches on cool gray sand. Even if the cold water does not bother you, you can not go into the sea, because the waves are knocked down, trying to drag you along the rocks, or rather one stone stretching for a hundred kilometers.
Yes, yes, do not be surprised, almost everywhere in the sea, in this region of Turkey there is a rock. Local people say that this rock is their curse, and they are actively fighting with it. Knock out the entrance to the sea with special crushing excavators, kill the equipment, driving it through the cabin into salt sea water. Many small hotels and residential complexes have their own such narrow passage to the sea. Those who are richer annually bring sand over the rock, but the stubborn sea is washing it out over the winter; those who are more victorious build platforms to bathe with them. And the most stubborn not only do nothing, but also sell to tourists special slippers, which, unfortunately, do not save from falls and serious injuries and cuts.
Housing, how much in this word, or Who lives there at all?
For work and just so I met a few Russian, well, or, to be more precise, Soviet people living or working there on an ongoing basis. Someone came to work, and so he stayed for a long time, someone ran away from problems, someone consciously moved to old age in a warm and quiet region, where you can live on a Russian pension.
They told how the guys from the former Asian republics of the USSR, arriving for work in Turkey and settling in for Turk-landowner, were beaten with a whip in the best slave-owning traditions. There were also those who came here to build a business, and all because the money earned from the sale of the average apartment in Russia, enough to buy two or three apartments on the coast, and still will. However, it is not necessary to hope that you will find a permanent tenant, the market is too crowded with such proposals and the resort seasonality is too pronounced.
My new friends helped me to rent a good apartment from an English pensioner for 600 euros a month + about 50 euros for utilities, mostly for light. Electricity and gasoline in Turkey are very expensive. And especially expensive in Turkey cars. So, a mid-range crossover will cost twice as much in Turkey, but the Turks do not consider pick-ups for cars, and sell them at bargain prices, although in Russia, pickups are a premium category of transport – almost a full-fledged SUV with corresponding rates for them.
But back to the apartment, 110 square meters. m., two balconies, three air conditioners (not only in the cold, but also in the heat, which is especially important in the winter, there are no batteries), satellite TV and full staff of furniture, curtains, kitchen appliances and cutlery.
The marble floor gives a coolness in the summer, but do not let you God drop something fragile or glassy on it. If I decided to purchase this apartment, it would also be sold with equipment, furniture, curtains and forks – a complete set – and would cost from 2.4 to 3.2 million rubles depending on the condition and proximity to the sea.
The same large apartment, but further away from the splash of waves, could be purchased for 1.5 – 2 million rubles, but in general the prices for one-room apartments there start from 800,000 rubles. But then immediately you need to make a reservation that the two-bedroom apartment of the Turks consider two bedrooms + kitchen-dining room. The kitchen is most often zoned from the living room with a wide arch, which does not prevent them, however, being one room and being considered in our homeland’s territory as just a two-room apartment.
Floors in Turkey most often begin to count on English manners from the ground floor, that is, our Russian second, on which we lived, was proudly renamed the elevator to the first. Buying a property is cheaper in winter, and it is best to enlist the support of a Turkish friend, for the citizens of Turkey, an apartment is almost twice cheaper. Yes, there are apartments, shorts on the market or the order to deliver food from the restaurant to the Turks or even Turkish-speaking people is much cheaper. Here is the clue of how the Turks live on their small salaries – they know where and when to buy and maintain low prices for their own.
About the residential complex and shopping.
Proximity to the sea has the opposite side. No matter how close your house is to the Mediterranean miracle, between you there will always be a road along the coast – Sahil yolu. There are no exceptions, apparently, the road was originally along the sea, even before the beginning of massive buildings. The asphalt road and the asphalt literally melts, so all the towns are covered with paving stones. Among the Turks there is such a bike that the fathers-farmers, wishing well to their sons, gave them the most fertile plots of land closer to the mountains, and the dead and useless land near the sea to the daughters. But here began a construction boom, as mushrooms began to grow hotels and residential complexes on the coast. The land here began to cost millions of dollars, and women, unlike their fellow farmers, grew rich overnight.
So, our residential complex consisted of two high-rise buildings with a small but green territory and swimming pools in the middle. Wicket-entrances from different streets were closed on the intercom key, however, they could easily be swung. A lot of flowers, a beautiful lawn and cleanliness – all this in Turkish houses depends on one person – kapici (kapici). Kapiji is a manager who performs the functions of a gardener, caretaker, janitor and electrician. On it, the entire farm, the purchase of chemicals for the pool and seeds for planting, mowing lawn and tinting the perillas. He also looks after the guests and their guests and closely interacts with the police (gendarmerie) for long-living foreigners without a residence permit.
It was he and his hard-working wife who offered me to wash my apartment before entering and before the arrival of my family. Washing with a sink cost 1000 rubles. For this money, even the most remote corners on the cabinets in the whole apartment were washed, I, of course, did not insist on such thoroughness and, frankly, during the device, generally left, bathed in the sea. When settling in, I also called a tele-master from the nearest store selling satellite dishes to set up Russian channels. He silently came, adjusted everything and left, in response to the money offered, shook his head and evaporated – a dream, not a master.
There were three channels: Vesti24, MuzTV and the religious channel Soyuz. I listened to music, watched news and sometimes detective TV series, rescued the brought with me DVD-player and game console. I also bought a gas bottle in the apartment, in the sense that I bought gas, I was brought a balloon and replaced. The gas for 1000 rubles was enough for two months, I cooked a little. He called the gasman like that: dialed the number, answered, greeted in Turkish and called the address, said thank you and hung up, forty minutes later a guy arrived with a balloon of gas on his shoulder, he hooked up, checked and presented long matches, I settled, he left.
Housewares, detergents, household chemicals and even a children’s pot I bought on site in special stores in the open air or in METRO. Our map there almost works, but sometimes ask to take a one-time paper pass. From technology I bought an electric juicer, for a penny fruit obliged to drink the whole family with natural juices. Of the products was not enough: beets, condensed milk, buckwheat, pork, marshmallow and yellow minke with squid. There were, but did not reach the Russian quality: vodka, sausage, mayonnaise.
Residence permit, Turkish language, or Who are Yabanji.
Residence permit – Ikamet, given, for example, when marrying a Turkish citizen, the marriage is checked for fictitiousness, remember Kapeci? He will tell the police if you do not live together. You can open a business or buy a property, and on the basis of this get a residence permit for two years. You can certainly still adopt a Turkish citizen, but the easiest option is to rent an apartment. In this case, it is possible to obtain a residence permit for six months, and then to be determined. We started with this.
In a special company we were filled with all the documents, put some money into the bank to get a certificate from the bank that we have something to live on. Then we took photos with the children in a photo studio and went to a special police station where, after standing out huge queues, we received the coveted books like passports.
Get a work permit is unlikely, even with such a treasured book. Everything is very difficult, because the Turkish government keeps jobs for its citizens. Even playing in a cafe on the guitar in the evenings for a penny can be the basis for a serious punishment.
Who are Yabanji? It’s all strangers, not Turks, it’s you and me. Like Farang in Thailand or Gringo in Mexico. Do you know what is the main distinguishing feature of a stranger in any country? Correctly. This is ignorance of the language. The Turkish language is not very complicated and it is easy to learn to a spoken level for 3 months, for example, by coming travel guides. However, the main difficulty of this language is a complete lack of similarity with both Russian and English. All words have to either memorize, or use phonetic analogies. For example, “please” sounds Turkish as “lyutfen” and except as through the phrase “fierce hair dryer” I could not remember it. Well, or the word “later” & # 8212; this is the sound of “sonar,” which I did not perceive except as the dream of the god Ra. In general, life will cause & # 8212; learn, the main thing is to communicate more.
For me, for example, the express method of teaching the Turkish language began with the fact that when I was at the wheel of the car, at the speed of perceiving the hints of my Turkish conductor, who had no rights and desperately tried to tell where exactly now I need to turn. Knowledge came quickly, and a couple of months later I was already holding a meeting in a team in a foreign language.
Mosquitoes, football, cemeteries and police flashers, in general oddities.
I talked to my new friend, I decided to smack him with Siberian fat and hungry mosquitoes, and he told me, we also have mosquitoes full. Of course, I ask him where, they say, you hide them, I live here so much and did not see a single one, which he tells me: we poison them, and you would have persecuted them, and you would not have them.
The system is such, they do not poison mosquitoes themselves, but their larvae, a mixture based on diesel fuel and something else there, harmless to humans. The car drives up to the house, puts the hose in the sewer system from below and lets to blow white smoke to all floors. I, when I saw for the first time how I have a white smoke from the plum in the shower and in the sink, almost jumped back. Then the car goes to the city sewers, the car is bigger and the hose is also blowing there – and the whole street is in white smoke. But people understand, tolerate, avoid. Well, the last thing: the car just drives around the city and trees pollinate white smoke from the swivel nozzle, in general, they do not have mosquitoes. We would!
For so much time I became friends and began to go with local football to play. A fee of about 200 rubles per game from the nose is paid to the owner of the field, the cost includes tea after training. Players come immediately in shape, do not change clothes after the game. The platform is open, is a metal frame, covered from all sides by a grid, a steep electronic scoreboard (works) and a modern covering underfoot. Turks play well and neatly, but then, succumbing to excitement, all the same, cause in the heat of battle to each other quite severe injuries. I’m glad that my participation in these games raised in the eyes of the Russian goalkeeper’s school.
They have cemeteries and high in the mountains, closer to Allah, and on the coast. Entertainment attraction or refueling can be separated from the burial places by a thin green hedge. Judging by the gravestones, life expectancy is low, as they say, because of stress and heat.
In the evening, police cars move with flashing lights on, without sirens and in complete silence, signaling: “Do not be hooligan, we are here!”.
Russians live everywhere.
Yes, and in the cities forgotten by the god of the Turkish settlements there live Russian people, Russians. They work and rest, become sad and fall in love. Everyone in his own way solves his apartment or transportation issue, bringing the car from Russia, buying it on the spot or renting for a whole year. In the winter there it is boring. I’ve returned, and they meet beautiful sunrises and sunsets and dream of winter, as we dream about summer. To all who are going to & # 8212; one advice, try, for it is better to try and regret than not to try and regret. And do not burn bridges, you never know what …
it seems that in Turkey, that in Russia all the resort towns are similar, I live in Anapa, in the winter the same song
what kind of entertainment other than work and football (my wife is obviously not football)?
what is the life of the family in Turkey?
how do children and Turks perceive foreign children in Turkey?
Heat, mandarins and oranges in winter ripen, low level of domestic aggression, as there are a lot of police. Children are treated well, the Turks have become accustomed to foreigners.
It’s good when you have business there already. And what about those who have only housing there? How to find work and get a work permit?
Good material! In the photos & mdash; Mahmutlar. I also sometimes live there. Everything is accurately and accurately described (though there are small mistakes in Turkish words and names).
While there it is very quiet, cheap and, in general, better than in Russia. Especially, of course, for today, against the backdrop of recent events. But some, I know, can not get used to, they are annoyed by everything and everything. At me with the Turks and with the country as a whole there was acceptable.
So, really, you can go, look closely, buy a home, if, in particular, now you are looking for where to invest. You can always come for a few months in winter. Average temperature & mdash; 15 20 20 with a plus. In the summer & mdash; scorcher. Best Time & mdash; spring and autumn. Hi Mahmutlaru 🙂
& laquo; In particular, of course, to date, amid recent developments & raquo; -You did not mix it up with another country? Count how many Turks in Russia work, to earn a living, even in Chelyabinsk move, and do not care about them at sea.
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