Moving from the Czech Republic to Germany, advise [Copy the link]
Go for illiteracy, from childhood I live in the Czech Republic.
I have a permanent residence permit and soon I will have to become a citizen.
Recognized that and today there are no problems with the move, as soon as possible in the euro country.
2) I understand the work desirably search for friends, but there are none there. Can someone help you? With us% of the salary.
and here it is, for which some free training is given.
Probably you mean training for a specialty. type locksmith, welder or the like ..
for this it is necessary to find the place for training yourself .. Well, German needs to know .. how are you with this?
but about the apartment it is decided by the owner of the apartment .. many certainly are afraid to hand over to foreigners without work, but not all .. you are not going to sit for a long time without work?
No, of course, I want to immediately chtoto podiskat.
Neither the unemployed nor the social assistance you do not shine .. only work with a minimum wage.
to find such does not make special work ..
people people … I understand that it does not shine, but I wonder how so? Is it difficult to explain?
I will try to explain to you. there are only two options to receive money without working-it’s unemployed and the second option is social assistance .. unemployed can only be obtained after having worked more than a year, you naturally do not have to. Well, social assistance is not due to you because you are not a citizen of Germany. think for yourself, if all Europeans were paid money just like that, how many would there be?
vot i vlo, mne tolko eto i bylo interesno.
Well, it was necessary to ask a question specifically.
if it is not difficult and eats time, can you communicate with you in VC?
and you live in what city?
if it is not difficult and eats time, can you communicate with you in VC?
I do not communicate in such an organization. you can write me a personal message here so that the forum does not clutter up ..
Who transported things to Germany, as they did?
I did not transport it, but I suppose that we usually did it-we hired a car and transported things. what is the problem? if there is where to transport, then everything is simple. and if the apartment is not yet, then it’s harder ..
find an apartment is not easy, especially where there is no problem with work.
Who transported things to Germany, as they did?
When we moved to Germany for permanent residence in the city of Bonn, we applied to the Nizhny Novgorod transportation of cargoes “1st Transport”. The cargo was delivered from Ryazan at the appointed time and all things were intact and safe. So, now to transport things is not a problem. The main desire!