Moving from Russia to Belarus for permanent residence.
Moving to permanent residence in Belarus from Russia, of course, is not so popular as migration in the opposite direction, but remains an urgent topic for many Russians’ questions. Our peoples not only have a closely related historical past, but they continue to preserve the cultural community for a long time. Therefore, we will try to consider the issues of how to move to Belarus, what are the advantages of such a decision, how to implement it and document its status.
Pros and cons of the decision to move to permanent residence in Russia from Belarus.
Before talking about the technical side of the issue, I would like to pay enough attention to the prospects of such a decision, because if the idea of moving to permanent residence in the US or the EU is dictated by obvious advantages, then that can force a Russian to move to a country that was relatively recently part of the USSR.
The first thing that any guest of Belarus can not miss is cleanliness. Here, great attention is paid to the order and greening of streets and outdoor design in general, the trade is orderly and from the early morning the wipers begin their work. For a citizen of Russia, such purity sometimes becomes a real discovery and already she alone gives rise to the idea of moving, although to call it a sufficient reason seems an exaggeration. Most of the roads in the country are in very good condition, especially when it comes to the main streets of cities and intercity highways, whether they build and repair them better, or the traffic flow is not as intense as in Russia.
The second advantage that most foreigners, especially guests from the former USSR, celebrates is the quality of the products. No matter how low the real level of the country’s economic development is, agriculture is developing quite successfully. Most of the most common products are produced inside the country under fairly strict quality control, and therefore most of the guests celebrate the familiar taste of dishes prepared from natural products since childhood.
Arriving from Russia, you will not have to learn another language. Here not only understand Russian, but also speak it freely, except that with minor distortions, in other respects, they are peculiar to the Russian outback. In part, therefore, the hospitable and good-natured mentality of the local residents was formed in relation to the Russians, because we speak the same language.
On this basis the pros, perhaps, come to an end, some additional advantages can be found each depending on their preferences and life position.
When deciding on moving to Belarus, it is necessary to realize the disadvantages of living in a country with a post-Soviet economy.
The first and main problem that a foreigner will encounter in Belarus is & # 8211; employment. Finding a job here is not easy, especially if you hope for a good salary. Despite the declared 1% unemployment rate, in practice it is several times higher, hence the second problem – low salaries and extremely slow growth of incomes of the population, because those who want to find a job are more than enough. The level of wages is low and in comparison with the Russian ones. This applies to all branches of the public and private sectors. Partly for this reason, we did not begin to celebrate among the advantages of prices in stores.
Indeed, for some products, including food, they are lower or close to Russian, but the real wage level and its purchasing power reduces this advantage to zero. The average Belarusian in Minsk sometimes gets 2 times less than the inhabitant of the region in Russia, let alone the outback.
Attention! The only ones who are unlikely to lose in salary and will not face difficulties in finding employment are IT specialists.
Medicine and education.
The same problem leveled another plus – inexpensive medicine. Indeed, it is several times cheaper than analogues in Russia, but only when calculating income from Russia or other passive sources.
Another legend relates to education. Some foreigners believe that the Soviet system of free education is still preserved here. In fact, this is not so. In Belarusian universities, as well as in other countries and in Russia, on average 10% of budgetary places – everything else on a commercial basis. Another thing is that a Russian who has learned on a budget, in most cases, chooses his future, in a similar situation, a Belarusian should work for 2 years in distribution. Consider this a plus or a minus & # 8211; the personal file of the one who decided to move.
Another legend relates to a complete victory over corruption in Belarus. In practice, it is nothing more than a legend. As in Russia, there are enough demonstrative cases on the dismissal of entire departments of customs or a group of university professors. But road service inspectors are really more cautious and cherish their work, getting another after the dismissal for a bribe is extremely difficult.
Having weighed both for moving and against, and deciding to leave Russia, it is worth knowing in advance how the documents will be processed, how much time and money will be required for immigration. Let’s talk about this.
We issue permanent residence.
Since the signing in 1998 of an agreement between our countries on the union state between Russia and Belarus, there is practically no border. Registration of a residence permit for Russian citizens has become much simpler. The mere fact of Russian citizenship opens the way for a permanent residence permit in Belarus.
From the moment of entry into the country, a Russian citizen can reside in the country for 30 days, after which he must visit the department of internal affairs and obtain a temporary residence permit. It is valid for 3 months, and consideration of the application takes 2 weeks. You can extend the blue insert in your passport as many times as you like, but you can not find work on it.
Attention: on the fact of the border between Russia and Belarus does not exist, there are no marks on the entry into Belarus in the passport, which means that you prove that you have violated the migration regime and stay more than 30 days will not work. But if you are planning to get a permanent place of residence, it is better not to violate the law and quickly draw up the documents.
To get permission, it’s enough:
applications for authorization; a lease agreement or a certificate of registration at the place of residence; payment of state fee, translated into rubles about 500 rub.
2 weeks before the end of the RWP, you can begin to register a residence permit. Citizens of Russia do not need any other reason for this than their own desire. The first time it will be given for 2 years, and after the first extension will increase to 5 years. In the same department of internal affairs it will be required:
applications for the issuance of residence permit; international passport; a certificate of absence of a criminal record or search in relation to the applicant; RVP; Medical insurance and certificates from Alco, Narcotics and Psychiatric Dispensary 6 photos of passport size 4 * 5 cm; payment of state duty.
After receiving a residence permit, a Russian citizen can decide whether he will receive Belarusian citizenship, because to do this, you must deny Russian. With a residence permit, he has the same rights in Belarus and that a citizen of the country, except that he is deprived of his right to vote.