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The application for the first residence permit is submitted in Finland in the following situations:
Being in a marriage or partnership with a person who has a residence permit in Finland. A citizen is a victim of the market for the sale of people. A citizen is a former subject of Finland. Presence of Finnish roots (one of parents, the grandfather or the grandmother – the Finn on a birth). Threat of danger in the host country. Citizenship of the EU or the status of an EU citizen.
Since January 1, 2017, the service centers of the Immigration Service will accept applications, issue and extend residence permits in Finland. Residence permit The receipt of a residence permit means the opportunity to live, work, move and cross the border of Finland legally. The residence permit (oleskelulupa) is of three types:
How to move to Finland from russia for permanent residence.
For Belarusians, it is preferable to emigrate near abroad, mainly Russia – because of the similarity in rights, culture and language, where there is no need to issue a visa, and there is an opportunity to gain stability. Urban transport in Minsk In Poland and the Czech Republic even special simplified programs have been created for the reception of citizens wishing to live there.
Belarusian talents will always be welcome everywhere. The only negative is the need to have parents who are able to pay for their child’s life and study abroad.
Where is it easier and easier to emigrate from Russia?
In 2017 for the processing of the application fees were established:
On the first residence permit the amount of the fee will be from 425 to 500 � depending on the grounds of stay. For children and students this amount is less. The fee for the examination of the application for permanent residence is 159 �.
Even if a negative decision is taken, the money is not refundable. Timing Considerations The timing of applications can be very different, and the exact time is uncertain.
The exception is the consideration of applications based on employment, the waiting period is four months. For immigration for study purposes, the answer is given before the start date of the training.
World Ranking 2016 on the standard of living.
Foreigners can apply for jobs in construction, transportation, banking, tourism, health, agriculture, trade and other areas. In general, the average salary in Canada in 2018 is about $ 3,400 per month.
Official minimum wages, depending on the region, range from C $ 10.75 to C $ 13 per hour. Jobs in Canada for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians in 2018, in the first place, are available among the scarce professions. These are medical workers, oil engineers, financial and banking analysts, and experienced technical specialists.
Methods of emigration from Belarus.
Plus – small prices for real estate. Back to the table of contents America To move to America will not be easy. But it’s worth it – there’s everyone here. Each state has its own conditions, which makes it possible to choose a place to live in the soul.
In addition to different conditions, America is different and weather conditions, which also gives a great chance to find a suitable place. 2011 is marked by a huge number of Belarusians who moved there – 1800 people. In Israel, it will be good for people with Jewish roots. For the rest, the conditions are slightly more difficult – this applies to both the conditions of the move and the further life.
In any case, where to move from Belarus, to solve a specific citizen.
About Belgorod for those who want to move to permanent residence.
Back to the table of contents Conducting your business You can go abroad from Belarus by buying or organizing your business. Only not all countries at once provide VZH, this can only be the basis. But this method has in different countries its limitations on the authorized capital and employed personnel. A small cafe in France And an opening business should not have a zero turnover.
Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia and Montenegro are the best for this. There the least requirements are imposed on this type of activity.
Lithuania to Belarusians is also suitable for the proximity of the territorial location, as well as for the population speaking in Russian. Investments will also serve as the basis for acquiring a residence permit, but the amount should be decent, not everyone who wants to live abroad has such means. You can come abroad as an employee.
Why not have to move to Kaliningrad for permanent residence.
Requirements for obtaining permanent residence To obtain a permanent residence permit (pysyva oleskelulupa) you need:
Identification. Accommodation in Finland with the status of temporary residence (status A) from four years. Absence of crimes. Absence of debts for taxes, bills, fines, alimony or hospital bills. Proof of material security. If incomes are minimal, difficulties may arise. Possession of Swedish or Finnish language at an acceptable level. For this period you can not leave Finland for more than ten months. To the grounds (work, study, marriage,
Is it possible to move to Sochi on the bus? my feedback and impressions.
Application application form on the basis of self-employment. Certificate of the form and form of business. Business plan and charter. Original registration certificate. Information about investments. About the contract of rent of office. Information on income (official information on profitability and loss and balance sheet assets and liabilities). Possible number of employees. Commercial register for business.
The application on the basis of self-employment is also submitted by traders and freelancers. Study Immigration to Finland for study begins with the design of a separate form of the questionnaire with additional attachments.
How to marry a Jew and go on permanent residence to Israel.
The main documents need to be presented:
Document on the beginning of the training in a Finnish educational institution. Medical insurance. Proof of the availability of funds for living for one year: With independent provision of life in Finland – 6720 �. If there is free accommodation from the school – 280 � per month. If both housing and food are provided free of charge – � 195 per month.
Repatriation For permanent residence in Finland on the basis of repatriation, it is important to fill out the questionnaire with additions and attach the required documents.
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Make a competent resume and cover letter. Sometimes it is worth writing to the employer directly, but only in case of actual confidence in your competitive advantages. Here are some of the largest Canadian companies – Canadian Natural Resources, The Woodbridge Company, Imperial Oil, Sun Life Financial. To find a job in Canada without intermediaries, you will need patience and the ability to find information on the Internet.