Move to Ecuador
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The events of the youth film “Destroy the graduation” takes place in a high school, where their orders reign. The main characters of Madi and Cole were the best friends that the school hierarchy shared. Mady became a mega cool star of the school, but Cole, on the contrary, turned into one of those who are being trolled!
Genre: comedy, youth film.
Starring: Daniel Campbell Joel Courtney Cameron Palatas Aidan Alexander.
The main character of the comedy “Daughter and her mother” Emily is 30 years old, but her life stands still. She does nothing for days, and does not think about the future. Therefore, one day she leaves her job and decides to buy tickets for herself and her boyfriend for Ecuador for all money. The rest had to be beautiful, but before the flight, the guy throws it. Now Emily was left completely alone without a job and the opportunity to return tickets. And she does not have anything better to do with her mother than traveling with her.
Starring: Amy Schumer Goldie Hawn Joan Cusack Hayk Barinholtz.
In the center of the plot of the comedy film “Everything is just beginning” is no longer a young but very charming man named Duke. Once he ran large illegal transactions, but then gave testimony against the bandits, and fell under the program for the protection of witnesses. Now he lives to its fullest in the villa of Capri, arranging parties, and seducing women. Everything around is just crazy about Duke, he’s a real king here. But on the eve of Christmas in the villa appears Leo.
Starring: Morgan Freeman Tommy Lee Jones Renee Russo Glenn Hadley.
In the center of the plot of the comedy “Big Boss” is a successful business lady, who rakes money with a shovel. She is confident in herself, and not without impudence. The main character is nothing to shout at the whole country, from the TV screen that she has everything she wants, and she does not give a damn about anything. But one day, luck turns to her back. And Madame loses all her money. Now she is not only bankrupt, but also a defendant.
Genre: comedy, carbon monoxide.
Starring: Melissa McCarthy Kristen Bell Peter Dinklage Ella Anderson.
Starring: Sergei Garmash Andrey Nazimov Liza Arzamasova Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka.
About which the film: Russian comedy “Partner” from the creators of the family film “The Ghost”. In the center of the plot is the major of criminal investigation, Khromov, who has been working undercover for a long time in order to catch one criminal authority nicknamed “Dragon”. And so, when he was very close, the special operation fell through. It would seem, much worse? But it turned out to be only the beginning of the misadventures of the major. After the failure, he was waiting for a real curse from the fortuneteller, who had done such a thing with him, which is hard to believe.
Starring: Jade Ramsey Luis Mandylore Mark Crampton Charlotte Ellen Price.
About the film: The main character of the youth comedy “Sex Trip” Eddie Greenleaf is one of the most cynical men in the world. Every day he conducts trainings to conquer women’s hearts, writes books, and does not forget to practice. At the same time, he is not at all concerned about the relationship or the search for that one, he just likes to add to his piggy bank another beauty. So it could have been a long time if Eddie had not met an old witch once, who asked her to kiss. The protagonist refused, for which he received a curse.
In the center of the plot of the comedy “Choice” is no longer young and completely alone, Juliet. At the age of forty she still has not decided on who she needs in life. Time goes by, and loneliness itself does not resolve itself. Therefore, her close friends decide to help a little, and register Juliet on a dating site. Despite the fact that the idea seems very doubtful, she meets a very pleasant young man. They have a conversation that is followed by a few dates, and it seems that this is happiness. But then Juliet meets another handsome.
Starring: Alexandra Lamy Jamie Bamber Arnaud Ducre Emmanuelle Jacques.
The main characters in the comedy “The Lights of a Big Village” are two fellows who decided to make a film. Somehow the guys decided that this is what will help them to get rich in the Russian outback. The plot to write a time to spit, remove too much of a mind is not necessary, but what to do with the actors? The guys decide to arrange a casting in their village, and find worthy candidates. The solution is excellent, the truth is that a star is necessary for success! But where to get it? In the village of the stars only dream.
Starring: Dmitry Dyuzhev Cyril Frolov Maxim Emelyanov Anastasia Mitrazhik.
What if my wife got you? Of course, to correct the situation so that it no longer saws. Although the main characters in the comedy “The lucky case” found another way to solve the problem. They just bought lottery tickets. And on their own surprise they won 43 million rubles. This did not just inspire the idiot husbands. but also forced to come up with a cunning plan – to buy a hotel on the sea and move there without wives. But only one of them turns out to be too talkative, and the faithful will learn about the winnings.
Starring: Andrey Rozhkov Dmitry Brekotkin Vyacheslav Myasnikov Yuliya Mikhalkova.