Move to Calgary
Muzzy: 1. Work for the first time – no problem (if there is language). Found a week. 2. Skilled work is difficult, but really, much depends on the specialty (if English is without problems). Found a month. 3. You can live, only around the downtown is full of vagabonds. At rush hour in downtown by car it is better not to drive – traffic jams, as in any large city. 4. English did not teach here. 5. Most often, immigrants are met with suspicion, but if there is a head, then eventually everything comes back to normal.
Alexandr: If I’m interested, I’ll surrender to memories, I came to work in 1999, I found it on the 3rd day, in Ukraine I worked for many years as an electronics engineer, in Argentina I worked as a technician at the beginning, I earned decently, up to 2000USD, then the crisis of 2001 broke out, all banks closed together with our money, we had to earn everything again on Canada, although not everything was bad, there were many friends, good work, tasty and cheap food (my stomach still can not digest local muck, especially fruits and vegetables clean chemistry) and local meat about a hundred can not afford. Of course the stomach is not the most important, but not the last thing in our life. But in Montreal in general there is no crime, the city is small and quiet, from the silence I just bastard, in BA. terrible noise, especially the center, terrible crime, all my friends (and relatives) were robbed on the street, you can easily get a bullet in the forehead in broad daylight. So the question of whether to go to Canada or not was not at all, one unpleasant, Canada was not at all the country that it was advertised, I understand, new immigrants, difficulties for the first time, etc. etc. But these tales can be good for those who first went outside of our shovel, but I can compare and therefore compare. Experts here are not needed at all and in FIG, their jobless, in Quebec to find any job problem. Because of the knowledge of Spanish, French I was given without much trouble, now I can communicate on almost any topic, ang. I understand, but there is no practice, but I can not get a job even for the most unskilled work, they do not take it, the first reason is that the nationalists still have to look for the ones, the second and the most important, there’s simply no work, and in the last 3 months there have been no proposals on my specialty. (In an underdeveloped Argentina, without speaking a word of Spanish, in the first week I found a highly paid job and I did not care if they were Russian, there is no nationalism there). The conclusion is good where we do not have, and then, until the moment we did not arrive there.