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Horrors and fears of a new migrant in Bulgaria.
Fears and horrors of a new migrant in Bulgaria.
How much does it cost to get a residence permit in Bulgaria. Part two.
Emigration to Bulgaria. Dreams of the Russian move to live in Bulgaria, find a job in Bulgaria, get an education in Bulgaria, transfer money to a reliable bank and save them. All these dreams become a reality, if you do everything gradually, correctly and step by step. Asking those who have already moved and live with dignity in a normal and free country.
What urgently needs to do a new migrant in the first days in Bulgaria. When he had already received a visa “D” and came to the country of eternal red tomatoes to make out a personal card of a foreigner.
Passion and horror with getting a personal card in Bulgaria.
After you, in the country of residence, you have pasted an immigrant visa “D” into your passport, you need to go through the final stage of obtaining a residence permit and a personal card of a stranger. Pass it in Bulgaria. On the spot.
Fear and horror embrace the moving man, with a trembling jerk, at the thought of one that has yet to pass a new emigrant in Bulgaria. On the spot. Communicate with many officials, translate and legalize various documents, carry out police checks at the place of residence-dwelling and check in the migration service. And this despite the fact that you absolutely do not know the language of the Bulgarian, do not know the mentality and way of life and work in Bulgaria. And in another language here and do not say, in the country of eternal red tomatoes. It’s just a nightmare. Not everything is so sweet and pink, as it seems at first glance. At each step of the test, a new migrant occurs during the first month. Trials to all that surrounds him and collides.
On these difficulties and checks, various “bottle-heads” prefer not to speak. They simply register – registration of a representative office for obtaining residence permit in Bulgaria and everything. Registered and washed their hands. How much does it cost to register a representation? They paid-registered, received an immigrant visa “D”. Well done. All correctly done.
But further, what?
Upon arrival in Bulgaria. The most interesting thing for a migrant is just beginning. Action process. And the deadline is tight – within 7 days after entering the country you need to file all the documents for receiving a personal card. If the migrant does not have time, then he will be evicted and expelled for violating the law. And the authorities in Bulgaria will not look at what he spent as a migrant – and for half a year to get a “D” visa and money to register a representation.
Why do you think there are offers on the Internet? Open a representative office for 500-800 euros. Yes, simply because these “openers” do not tell the full cost of preparing documents for the representation and do not include the cost of your escort in the first 7 to 10 days after you entered the D visa you received. They will simply roll out the amount after receiving the visa “D” and you will have nowhere to go – you will have to pay. And do not pay – the stress of the fact that you are alone and nobody will help you. Your move is not a church charity. You have decided to dump and those who deal with you understand this. That’s why you need to be prepared to lay the initial expenses big enough.
It will be necessary to pay anyway. Who will deal with you here in Bulgaria, who needs you, from you who are already in Bulgaria to take you by the hand and poke your nose everywhere, everyone has their business and time worth the money, if the whole truth is to be said. It happens that they find a volunteer who will spend all day free of charge with you in all offices for Bulgarian days, nothing to do, just to kill your time – consider that you are very lucky. Very rarely it happens.
On average, such services – “escort before receiving a personal card” cost 350-600 euros per person in Bulgaria. As agreed with the person accompanying and knowing all actions by the person. Escort in the migration department before receiving a personal card of the alien in the hands. And this I think is correct.
So, actually the whole process and body movements of the migrant in the first days in Bulgaria are the following.
First. Urgently conclude and notarize the contract of employment – where it will really live and this address will be checked by police and migration. The period is 2-3 days. Pay notarial fees, cost of hiring and commission to realtors.
The second is to order the current status of your office in the BCCI – fill out the applications and give. Wait for the current state of the BCCI – 1-2 days. Pay the rates.
The third is to get a bank where the money is a certificate of their availability. On the letterhead of the bank and with the sorrow of the blue. The period is 1-2 days. Pay bank fees.
The fourth is to make a copy of the BULSTAT card and notarize it. Pay the rates.
& lt; / b & gt; Fifth & lt; / b & gt; – In the migration, fill in the “sheet” in the Bulgarian language – such as the questionnaire – references, attach all the above documents, pay the fees to the migration and file.
If on the seventh day you managed to do everything and submit all the papers – you are waiting for 14 days of the decision from the migration to grant you a residence permit (for 1 year).
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