Marshrutki to Kirillovka from Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk: “subtleties” # 187; travel.
During the summer, the transport connection with the resort is pretty good. Passenger transportation to Kirillovka can offer bus stations, private transport companies, taxi services and private traders, so potential vacationers have the opportunity to choose the most acceptable option – at a price and convenience. The main thing is to understand the nuances and determine priorities.
Immediately we will clarify that what is said below primarily concerns the nearest to Kirillovka & # 8212; cities, i. Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk (Dnieper) and other cities in this regional center (Krivoy Rog, Kamenskoye), as well as Melitopol. Transport from other & # 8212; more remote & # 8212; cities, such as Poltava, Kharkov or Kiev, basically involves either a transfer in Melitopol or direct transportation by full-size buses of private carriers (about them below).
Bus or minibus.
The simplest question in the matter of choosing a transfer, since it is practically non-alternative. And bus stations and carrier companies for flights to Kirillovka from Zaporozhye, Dnipro and the region are mostly equipped with minibuses, including Mercedes Sprinter. Standard buses with which many associate long-distance traffic on this route are quite rare, so puzzling choice makes no sense.
Transportation from Kharkov, Kiev and Poltava on the contrary is most often performed by full-size buses, as in the case of the bus station, and private carriers.
Minibuses to Kirillovka & # 8212; to the long-awaited rest at sea!
Cheaper or more expensive.
As a rule, the price of a ticket for a shuttle bus or minibus from the bus station is lower than for a trip to Kirillovka by a shuttle bus. Usually this difference is about 10 hryvnia. But the savings may turn out to be negative due to the costs of travel by public transport or a taxi, without which in most cases it is impossible to get from the house to the bus station, and on arrival in Kirillovka to the recreation center or hotel.
Traveling on a shuttle bus of non-scheduled traffic in this plan can be much more convenient and cheaper. The picking up of passengers by city districts and transportation by scythes, to the gate of the recreation center in Kirillovka is a good alternative to numerous transplants and transfers with bags and children.
Exception may be remote areas of the spit Peresyp, microdistrict Stepok and Biryuchy Ostrov – usually shuttles do not reach there, but this question can be solved in the majority individually “# 8212; or with the owners of the recreation center, or with the carrier company.
Early in the morning or during the day.
The schedule of flights from the bus station is quite flexible, for example, in summer you can leave Zaporizhzhya or Dnepropetrovsk to Kirillovka literally every 20-30 minutes, during the day.
Routes of carriers in this matter are clearly losing. As a rule, they are sent in the direction of Kirillovka early in the morning, in a limited period of time, and in the opposite direction leave after noon. So it’s impossible to get out to sea after a day’s work, as well as to return to the city in the morning, before the heat comes.
Proven or random?
Quite widespread is the view that flights from the bus station are guaranteed by comfortable buses and skilled drivers with experience, and occasional transportation can be of questionable quality.
In fact, everything can be exactly the opposite. Many transport companies with seasonal flights to Kirillovka and other resorts on the Azov and the Black Sea have been operating in the market for several years, cherish their reputation and monitor the state and fleet.
Autostations in the summer can attract private traders with their minibuses, often taken directly from urban routes. In the season, the number of flights is two to three times more than during the year, so the probability of running into random people behind the wheel and a faulty vehicle here is much higher.
Melitopol – Kirillovka: there are no carriers.
Well, or almost not. The relatively small distance between the settlements does not allow private carriers and transport companies to invest in the prices for the journey from Melitopol to Kirillovka, which, in their opinion, is sufficient. So a more pragmatic solution in this situation will be a taxi or a trip from the bus station (suburban bus station number 2) on the minibus – the fare is about 42 hryvnia per person, from the bus station in Kirillovka to the scythes – 10 hryvnia.
What? Where? How much?
The schedule of flights to Kirillovka in summer is changeable, like the weather by the sea. The schedule of flights from bus stations is constantly changing, and private carriers, as a rule, form flights on request. Therefore, answers to such questions as the date, time of departure and the fare are better from the source.
Below are published phone numbers of bus stations and contacts of carriers, which have proved to be reliable – for a number of objective reasons. Contacts of private taxis can be found on the link.
Transport companies:
Contacts: +38 (050) 451-50-47, +38 (093) 003-47-16, +38 (098) 73-88-400.
Contacts: +38 (050) 136-23-31, +38 (067) 885-70-09, +38 (063) 750-01-13.