Married for Czech: features.
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In this country, drug addiction and alcoholism are not so common as in the Russian Federation. Many women believe that the Czech husband will never get drunk as a Russian citizen. Practically you will not meet in the Czech Republic an avid alcoholic, well, except that homeless people. In the country, to live is prestigious, since it is a sufficiently developed state. With this advantage you can not argue. Czechs prefer naturalness and are tolerant of women’s beauty. There is no need to buy trinkets and silk dresses to attract your spouse. Citizens of the country like Russian girls.
Czechs prefer not to pay for ladies, and starting with the first date. This is a perfectly normal European practice, which is very common in such a state. So do not forget your wallet with money. It’s not about greed, it’s about European pragmatism.
Basically, the citizens here do not speak Russian. In English, too, do not speak very well. Therefore, think in advance the language aspect. The bouquet-candy period is smeared to a minimum. Citizens of the country do not get married very willingly. “Civil marriage” is delayed for many years. The civil husband and wife are just partners. Such a relationship is so common here that it does not offend anyone, not even the elderly. A rare phenomenon in the country is a wedding. Typically, such a ceremony occurs either when the girl is in a position, or has already given birth to a baby. Cech think about offering hands and hearts just before an important event. Of course, that you can try to specify this aspect with the future spouse. In this country it is customary for women to work. After maternity leave girls quickly go to work. Such actions of women are only supported by local men. As a rule, Czech girls are social and independent. Local guys like active girls. Forget about decent behavior and manners on the first date. Czechs are very emancipated with girls. Some citizens may remark. Belch, tell trivial anecdotes. In addition, the Czechs do not restrain their sexual manifestations. Literally on the first date your new acquaintance can offer intimacy.
Young guys are very active in recreation and sports. It is unlikely that a holiday with shish kebabs in the nature is unlikely to impress them. The most common are the following places: sports clubs, swimming pools, parks in which young people run and ride rollerblades, bicycles, and swimming pools. In the winter season, Czechs visit ski resorts, and in summer travel around the country. By the way, citizens of the state almost always ride bicycles. So be ready for this kind of life. Pros, as you can see, more than minuses. But it’s up to you, of course.
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