Manitoba & # 8211; immigration through training.
We are often asked about provincial immigration programs in Canada suitable for students. Today we will talk about the program in the province of Manitoba.
Most immigrants go to Manitoba through the Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers (MPNP). Students who want to stay in Manitoba after graduating from educational institutions for work and life are invited to apply for MPNP as working graduates. MPNP significantly accelerates the status of Permanent Resident in Canada for students.
Foreign students can apply if they:
graduated from the approved training program in higher education institutions Manitoba received a post-graduate work permit (work permit issued to graduates) received an invitation to work permanently from the employer in Manitoba for which they worked for 6 months.
Foreign students who have studied in other provinces of Canada can also apply for MPNP, but only after 1 year of work for an employer from Manitoba.
Foreign students can also find many advantages in immigration, such as tax refund from the cost of training (Manitoba Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate). If you graduated with a degree, Diploma, or Certificate of Others and work and pay taxes in Manitoba, you can get a 60% refund of the tuition fee to $ 25,000.
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