Malaysia is a paradise island that falls in love with anyone.
Malaysia – a paradise island, which from the first minutes begins to fall in love with anyone who is here.
Amazing nature, juicy colors of tropical vegetation, wonderful landscapes and the freshness of warm sea water are all Malaysia. Malaysia attracts, surprises and firmly fits in memory with a bright and unforgettable piece.
Malaysia for a relaxing holiday.
If you are looking for a resort metropolis, with crowds of tourists, walking around for a day, then Malaysia is unlikely to suit you. This place was created for a measured, relaxing holiday on the shore of the blue sea, with a glass of some exotic cocktail in hand.
The atmosphere of a tropical paradise does not leave here for a second. Cozy and homely look these small houses of local fishermen, smiling, tanned girls, offering you drinks and hard-working men.
Tourists who visited Malaysia highly appreciate the level of recreation and quality of service provided by numerous tourist institutions of the country. And this is by no means surprising, because Malaysia & # 8211; The tourist state and everyone here lives at the expense of tourists. Therefore, all the inhabitants, young and old, will try to make you remember your holiday and will certainly come back here again.
Where is Malaysia?
The state of Malaysia occupies a small area of South-East Asia and is located almost at the equator. It is noteworthy that Malaysia is divided into two parts by its location – one part is on the mainland and the other goes deep into the South China Sea, on the islands. Usually, tourists first go to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, to see the city.
Currency of Malaysia & # 8211; ringgit. 1 MYR = 14.20 RUB.
Tourists stroll around the shops and buy souvenirs, and then leave far away from the city. The bulk of tourists in the evening moved to the bosom of a wonderful tropical nature – the island of Borneo. There on the island, there are cozy two-storey hotels, which are always happy to welcome new guests.
Kuala Lumpur & # 8211; Malaysia.
The capital of Malaysia is & # 8211; Kuala Lumpur meets tourists with everyday vanity and unimaginable heat, which is simply unbearable in a tight city, especially near the airport, where there are always a lot of people. However, going deeper into Kuala Lumpur, the heat fades into the background and in its place come rapturous impressions from numerous cultural monuments that have not lost their importance over time and are not lost in a huge metropolis.
Also there are numerous shops for lovers of tourist shopping, various entertainment parks for children. A huge number of small restaurants and street cafes, where anyone can try outlandish dishes and extravagant drinks. By the way, the latter should be said separately.
Drinks in Malaysia are so diverse that the inexperienced of such delicacies tourist can just get confused. But, local waiters always prompt that it is worth trying, besides, the English language among residents of Malaysia is quite tolerable, so that you can talk with them quite comfortably. So, the drinks are very diverse.
Among them one can find such exotic ones as, for example, Chinchao – freshly squeezed juice from the leaves of a local mint tree into which jelly cubes from the same mint product are also placed. The taste is simply stunning, especially in the heat – mint coolness invigorates no worse than the cool waves of the local sea.
Alcoholic cocktails are also present in abundance, for example Todi is a local moonshine, which the Malaysians like almost like Russian vodka. Todi, however, is comparable to moonshine only in color and consistency, in the rest is a typical low-alcohol drink, very pleasant to taste.
In general, lovers to sit by the sea with a glass of something hot, or vice versa sobering, there is where to turn around.
The island of Borneo.
Despite all the charms of the capital of Malaysia, the main tourist destination is the island of Borneo – an amazing place, wrapped in a dense carpet of tropical vegetation and washed by the warm waters of the South China Sea. It is here that you are waiting for cozy houses for several people.
Also on this beautiful island are small hotels – to your taste and choice. There are also five-star hotels, however there is always a lot of people that spoil the impression of rest on the “wild” continent.
On the island of Borneo, you can find not only exotic plants of the jungle, but also rare representatives of flora and fauna. Hotels usually organize excursions, where experienced guides will tell and show all the delights of the primeval wildlife.
Important information about Malaysia.
Transport infrastructure in Malaysia is very well developed, despite being an island state. The most developed railroad in the Malacca Peninsula. Ferries operate between the islands constantly, if you decide to go from the western part of the country to the east then the ferry will be just the way. Also, local airlines operate between the islands.
Tourists from the CIS countries do not need a visa, it is enough to have a passport and a ticket with a mark of the period of stay up to 30 days.
As a souvenir, you do not need to carry a scarecrow of any animal. at the customs point you can be detained.
The Embassy of Malaysia in Moscow is located at: 117192, Mosfilmovskaya, 50.
Apartments in Malaysia.
In any case, so that you do not choose – rest on the beach, numerous excursions, or extreme types of tourism – Malaysia will be remembered for a long time. You will certainly want to come back here again.
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