Looking for like-minded emigration
looking for a person with whom it would be easier to sort out the bureaucracy, etc.
as they say, one head is good, and two. 🙂
swing their rights.
and in general they have only one BRAYKIN NEWS on the box. always make out of a molehill of an elephant. on this simply make the ratings.
Typical scheme of dekulakization of a person: simply, even without reason, to sue a person in court (“there would be a man, but an excuse always exists”). Especially on a person who is not burdened with big money (and such are the majority, except for businessmen, doctors and lawyers).
The conduct of business in the United States requires the participation of specialists who are local (from state to state, different) boards. A simple man, he can not repulse an attack without the participation of a lawyer. And you should not invite anyone, but a person who is proven, whose services are expensive.
What to do? Save and save, but more, always smile at everyone and not quarrel with anyone, raise legal children, have liquid assets as savings.
Familiar with the “tattered” military lawyers from San Diego (where a lot of former military homeless people) who sought better after service and as a result lost everything. First stash, then loans, then real estate.
Such they have warped freedom. Which depends on the staff. Somewhere you can carry weapons, somewhere it is prohibited. somewhere you can buy marijuana, somewhere not. A country of paradoxes. Combined with a single price for Apple smartphones throughout the territory in multiple Fashion Malls.
I’m also looking for like-minded people. I want to go as soon as possible, at least on the tourist (look around), and then we’ll see.