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How to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne and back.
A short technical post about how to get from the airport and the city of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to the resort area of Mui Ne.
Since the railway stations are located quite uncomfortable, I’ll tell you about the optimal way. by bus.
So, step number one: get from Tan Son Nhat airport, located in Ho Chi Minh City (old name Saigon) to the starting point of buses in Mui Ne.
There are no direct buses from Saigon airport in Mui Ne.
Since the buses in Mui Ne leave from Pham Ngu Lao street, located in District 1 and is a tourist area with a bunch of hotels, we will get there from the airport.
You can get to Pham Ngu Lao by taxi or bus. Ura-hurray, it’s quite far to go and it’s quite possible to keep within half an hour if you’re lucky with traffic on the roads.
Bus from Ho Chi Minh City to the city:
From the exit from the airport there is a bus number 152, which will take you to the central bus station of the city, located next to Pham Ngu Lao Street # 8211; this is the last stop. The bus runs between Saigon and the airport from 6 am to 6 pm and runs every 20 minutes. The cost of the trip: 5 000 dong ($ 0.23) and the same for luggage heavier than 10 kg.
Taxi from Ho Chi Minh City to the city:
Taxi drivers at the exit from the airport are bursting with fabulous prices: starting from 600,000 dong ($ 28) and below 400,000 ($ 19) are not traded. Therefore it is easier to immediately order a taxi from one of the offices at the airport: in several windows (even at currency exchange offices) you can see an announcement about the possibility of ordering a taxi. Here the taxi will cost 210 000 ($ 10). Presumably 10 000 should go to pay the driver parking at the airport, but this point is better clearly stipulated when ordering a taxi, otherwise the driver will insist that you pay the parking yourself.
From a city to the airport a taxi will manage hardly more cheaply: it is exact also it can be ordered in any tourist office on Pham Ngu Lao for 160 000 ($ 7,5). Again, if you do not negotiate beforehand, then at the entrance to the airport, the driver will ask you for an additional 10,000-20,000 dong for the same parking lot, for which he will take money from the next client departing from the airport to Ho Chi Minh City.
Step number two: get from Pham Ngu Lao Street in Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne.
From the tourist area of Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne, there are buses of many companies, tickets can be bought at any tourist office.
The buses come in two types: normal sedentary and sleeper-buses (sleeper-bus). The latter are undoubtedly more convenient, because the path is not close.
Most of the buses leave at 8:00 in the morning, then about one in the afternoon and in the evening & # 8211; at 20.00. The evening bus is very uncomfortable, as it arrives late in the night in Mui Ne, so I would recommend staying overnight in Saigon if you do not have time for morning and afternoon buses.
The bus runs from five to seven hours. Depends on the situation on the roads and a specific bus and its stops.
The cost of the ticket varies from 120 000 VND ($ 5.6) to 170 000 ($ 8).
I drove in a sleeping bus company Futa Buslines and nothing wrong with him I can not say (except that the bus is a maximum of 7 hours). And from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne, and back, the bus set off on time, which is valuable, because many other bus companies on the same route do not sin by special punctuality. In addition, it seems that this is the only company that drives slipper basses from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh morning # 8211; all the rest of the morning flights & # 8211; this is just the usual sedentary buses. Another plus of this company is that it has much more buses than all the others. If most of the tourist companies start at 8.00, 13.00 and 20.00 from Ho Chi Minh and at 8.00 and 13.00 from Mui Ne, the Futa Buslines have buses at other times, which can be convenient if you return from Mui Ne to the airport to the plane.
Bus Schedule Futa Buslines Ho Chi Minh City & # 8211; Mui Ne: 7.00, 7.30, 8.00, 15.00, 17.30, 19.00, 21.00.
Bus schedule Futa Buslines Mui Ne & # 8211; Ho Chi Minh City: 0.30, 1.30, 8.00, 8.45, 9.30, 11.00, 13.30, 14.30, 15.30, 16.30, 23.45.
Phones and cashier’s addresses:
In Ho Chi Minh, the ticket office and the departure point are conveniently located next to Pham Ngu Lao (coordinates for Google Maps: 10.768456, 106.693359), in Mui Ne, the bus will drop off and pick you up from your hotel (co-ordinates: 10.952747,108.253429).
Cash desks (they are the same stop) bright orange with green and white letters & # 8211; seen from afar. For example, their sign in Ho Chi Minh:
Tickets are better to buy in advance, and try to avoid the last row of seats in slipper basses: from below, sunbeds can warm from bus entrails, from above on each bump will be thrown up to the ceiling.
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And if you have not decided yet where to stop during your next trip, then I recommend trying AirBnb! Through it, you can rent a room or a house from the local, which often turns out cheaper and almost always cozier, because people care about their homes more than hotel owners about their hotels. And $ 20 for the first booking is a nice bonus! Good luck!
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Paying a taxi to the airport in Ho Chi Minh City ($ 8), we received an appropriate voucher, which should be given to the taxi driver later. On this paper, in particular, it is printed that 10,000 dong for entry to the airport are already included in this amount. Nevertheless, the driver in the best Vietnamese traditions (however, this, perhaps, is typical for taxi drivers of many countries) demanded an additional payment for “toll way” # 8221; in the amount of 50,000 (!) dong. He was sent in a new direction for him.
This, of course, is a great inconvenience & # 8211; that the city buses in Ho Chi Minh City stop working early in the evening. On the bus it is advisable not to use large bills to calculate with the driver, it is best to prepare the amount of “# 8220;” for the calculation of # 8221 ;. Otherwise, the chauffeur can click on the cash register with the delivery of metal tokens of 5000 dong, which can not be used anywhere else, except for the city bus. In addition, I watched the scene when, while giving change with 500,000 foreign couples, the driver tried to cheat these people with unprecedented persistence. They ended up leaving the bus.
In general, do not relax!)
Ilya, thanks for the addition!
Alas, the mind to read what was written on the voucher, I did not have enough = \
thank you very much for the story we are going to arrive in the emirates I do not know how to get to the buses do not go to take a taxi to Mui Ne, or somewhere to sleep? The plane should arrive 19 30.
If you do not feel sorry for money, you can take a taxi to Mui Ne. But, IMHO, it’s easier to stay in Saigon for the night, and in the morning to go by bus. About the taxi from the airport in Ho Chi Minh City to the hotel streets wrote in the article.
And how much will it cost a taxi to Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh? & # 8211; and is it justified? will the trip be faster? Thank you! (This article was also interested in this article).
No idea. I suspect that it is very expensive & # 8211; the distance is decent. Faster somewhere for an hour, most likely, it will turn out: buses gather people at several stops and long drive around the city. But, IMHO, the taxi & # 8211; it’s only if you do not really count the money.
Tell me, please, and in what language do they communicate in the tourist office? And how did you navigate on the bus, there announce the names of stops, settlements? I’m going to Vietnam for the first time, a lot of confusing things)
Thanks for the answer!
In which tourist office? At the bus stop at the box office or what? & # 8211; I spoke in English.
In the bus, the assistant to the drivers must say which hotel you drop off & # 8211; and they will stop there and tell you what to get out for you.
Also used a slip-bass, only we from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh was on it. They took the very first places on the upper tier & # 8211; from unaccustomed it seemed that it was very high and all was afraid to fall down. Although it is worth noting that in Vietnam drivers are very careful on the roads.
Nuuuu & # 8230; I think how lucky. On the way back from Mui Ne to Saigon, we were shaken and threw up so that the ceiling turned out to be dangerously close to the forehead)))
Thanks for the useful information! Prompt, and in & # 8220; sedentary & # 8221; buses also have air conditioners, as in slipping bass? Just going to go with three children, and air conditioners we are very undesirable & # 8211; under them, children can quickly catch a cold, have already passed: (Therefore, such comfortable slinging basses, unfortunately, not for us … If the usual buses also blows cold, then apparently Vietnam will have to forget about it. # 8230;
I did not go to the sedentary, but I suspect that there are also air-conditioners there. The logic is simple: condo & # 8211; a sign of a decent bus. That is, without kondeya you can look for some cheap lokal basses, but if there are such, then stopping will likely be at every turn.
January 14, 2015, returned from Sea Links, with his wife and son for 10 years, left at 00.30 in Saigon arrived at 06.00 although the calculated was at 07.00, the top places at the end of the bus, how the road was not noticed, although stopped by a taxi for $ 80, part of the way (3 hours) was driving himself behind the wheel. the driver fell asleep (in time, intercepted the steering wheel, rushed to the meeting range finder).
The conclusion of the bus is safer and more economical, the next check-in on December 14, 2015, leave a lump.
Thanks for the feedback!
And a good check in December! =)
Cool! Thank you for the good article, we will go from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne on June 20, 2015. Question: we have a return flight on 04.07.15 at 18:45. Is it worth to buy a ticket in advance from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh, and for how long to take an atomus, I understand from Mui Ne to leave no later than 8am?
Dina, to your health!
It all depends on your style of travel =) If you do not mind being on needles, if the bus suddenly lags, then it can be later than 8am. But I would not risk, it’s better to walk around the city on arrival. It is better to take the ticket in advance, the more it is easy & # 8211; if suddenly it’s a day off or some local holiday, then tickets can be sorted out.
Good day to all!
Ticket for & # 8220; slip-bass & # 8221; on the trip took three days, not too lazy to get to the office, at the end of the village, (the first trip, so I went into an empty bus and tried on the places). By the time of departure, it is better to leave (my opinion) in the night, the road will not pass noticeably, but less mopeds and other equipment will be sprayed on the road, which ultimately affects road safety.
As for the departure, if the evening departure, then spend at least the first half of the day with benefit!
In Saigon there is a beautiful water park, a museum of downed American technology & I myself plan to visit on departure on January 16, 16, departure on January 17,
Happy rest to all!
Andrew, thanks for the tip! And a pleasant stay!
Andrew tell me things in the storage room in the water park of Saigon you can pass? And then with suitcases) will!
Hello everyone, I myself am planning for the first time, I think by an anomaly with our water parks, they give a bracelet, a women’s and men’s locker room, etc., from 13.07. to 03.08. I will be in Sochi, who is guided by the sanatorium of the Mo. Voroshilov, with trams in the direction of the sea. All a pleasant (safe) holiday!
What is the name does not light up? This is Andrey.
And great Respect Alice!
Very useful information. Thank you.
And tell me please where the bus arrives from Mui Ne. Since I plan to arrive at 18 and only spend the night, I would like to book a hotel near the bus station. Thanks to all.
There are a lot of stops. My final was just in the tourist zone of the city, where all the hotels are pressed against each other on several streets, from any one close.
Tell me where is the bus stop with route 152. And on which side to sit down? I tried to learn Google map with routes, did not find anything. A year ago, I paid for a taxi at the airport and the taxi driver still tore about 400. In general, I do not want to cooperate with taxi drivers anymore!
Hello ! So from the airport in Munai all the same you will not pass? Need it through the city?
As far as I know & # 8211; yes, I have to go through the city.
Of course it’s very inconvenient, can not you run the express train from the airport?
Only flew from Vietnam & # 8211; Thanks a lot for the information, it came in handy.
152 bus just to the right of the exit from the airport, others are not there, do not go wrong)
Tickets for slip-bass took in Moscow through the site, very convenient. Only need to pay attention that there are several departure points in Saigon and when buying a ticket you need to choose the nearest one to you, otherwise you will have to take a taxi to it.
Go very comfortable and comfortable. Vodicka is given free of charge)
Thanks for the kind words) I’m glad that the information was useful and a special thank you for the additions!