Life on the Costa Blanca in Spain.
Spain has long been a popular tourist destination. And many of our compatriots, having gone several times on vacation to numerous Spanish “kosta”, begin to think about buying real estate in these parts. Some people dream of transporting a family and children closer to the sea, others want to buy a small house for parents, while others consider a cottage or an apartment on the Spanish coast as a kind of summer residence and a good investment.
More and more often, Russians wishing to buy property in Spain, choose their choice in the Costa Blanca resort region. Even for a country where the climate spoils in any of the regions, this place is unique – there are 320 sunny days per year!
Coast of the Costa Blanca: an ideal climate and health benefits.
The Costa Blanca is one of the most beautiful and comfortable places for living. In translation from the Spanish Costa Blanca means the White Coast. And anyone who comes here can see for themselves that the name does not lie – white sand, white hotels and villas, white rocks that protect the coast from winds from the mainland.
Unlike many other regions of Spain, there are no industrial enterprises on the Costa Blanca, therefore the air here is transparent, the sea is clean, and life expectancy is one of the highest in Europe.
Costa Blanca is a developed tourist center known for its surprisingly warm climate – spring comes to these regions earlier than in other parts of Spain, the summer lasts until November itself, and it is difficult to name the winter in winter – from December to February, the temperature here seldom drops below +15.
The coast of the Costa Blanca extends from the Ebro delta in the north to the south to Andalusia. In this area there are several resort towns. Alicante, the main city of Costa Blanca, is known for its 7 km long Blue Flag beach – this sign means that the cleanliness of the beach and the quality of service are beyond praise. In Alicante is an airport that receives thousands of tourists every day, as well as many attractions – the fortress of St. Barbara and the picturesque castle of San Fernando, the Gothic Basilica of Santa Maria and many museums. Pride of Alicante – fresh seafood, which falls on the kitchens of numerous restaurants directly from the boats of fishermen.
Benidorm, the largest resort of the Costa Blanca, is considered the busiest place in the province – the abundance of discos, nightclubs, bars and shopping centers attracts young people from all over the world. Benidorm is surrounded by beaches, one of which is also marked by the Blue Flag.
Adherents of a more relaxed and measured lifestyle prefer to settle in Torrevieja or Gandia, an old coastal city and one of the most luxurious resorts in Spain.
Despite the beauty, ecological cleanliness and developed infrastructure, Costa Blanca still belongs to the number of available places – the prices for new real estate here are low. For example, 1-2-bedroom apartments in the new house will cost between 100 – 150 thousand euros.
How to obtain a residence permit in Spain.
Get a residence permit in Spain – not such a difficult task as it may seem. The authorities of this country readily accept foreigners who have a constant good income. And it’s not about billionaires – even people with average income can get a residence permit.
Those wishing to obtain a residence permit to Spain must, firstly, meet the relevant requirements of Spanish laws, and, secondly, have the financial means sufficient to reside in that country.
The minimum income required for living in Spain is determined on the basis of the economic indicator IPREM. For 2014, it is set at a rate of 532.51 euros. The total income of the family should be such that the first member accounted for at least 400% of the IPREM, that is, 2130.04 euros, and for every subsequent, including children, not less than 100% of the IPREM, that is, 532.51 euros per month.
The law does not require the availability of own housing in Spain, although the owners of apartments and houses have an unconditional advantage in obtaining a residence permit. And those who could buy a property worth more than 500 000 euros, can get a residence permit in a simplified scheme, without providing a certificate of income.
A temporary residence permit without the right to work is issued if you plan to spend more than 90 days in Spain, but less than 5 years. This type of residence permit does not allow working in Spain, but it allows you to own a business – provided that the hired manager from among local citizens manages the case. The initial residence permit is always issued for a period of 1 year, but then it can be extended.
A petition for temporary residence permits must be submitted by each applicant personally to the embassy or consulate of Spain in the country where he officially resides.
The following documents are required for obtaining a residence permit:
a statement in the prescribed form on the official form; the passport with validity not less than one year, the original and copies of all pages; certificate of absence of previous convictions; documents confirming the availability and receipt of financial resources sufficient for the residence of all members of the family in Spain within one year. These documents must be certified by the tax inspectorate; medical insurance, valid in the territory of Spain. It is desirable that this insurance was issued by a Spanish insurance company. medical certificate on the absence of diseases that pose a serious threat to public health.
All documents must be translated into Spanish.
Golden Visa for investors.
The so-called Golden Visa is a residence permit granted to those who are ready to invest substantial funds in the Spanish economy. According to the recently adopted law, citizens from countries that are not members of the European Union will have the right to obtain a residence permit, which entitles them to enter not only Spain, but also all 25 countries of Europe. The investment is the purchase of expensive real estate for more than 500 000 euros, and it can be not only one expensive facility, but several houses or apartments cheaper. However, not only housing is considered – a foreigner can invest in commercial real estate, for example, a hotel or a store.
To receive Golden Visa, you must meet the following requirements:
Do not live at this time illegally in Spain. Be an adult. Do not have a criminal record for the last 5 years in the country in which they were lived. Do not have deportation in countries with which Spain has signed the relevant treaty. Have medical private or state insurance issued in Spain. Be able to support all family members while in Spain. Have an appropriate investor visa, or apply for a residence permit within 90 days after the end of the initial visa. To visit Spain at least once for the entire period. Provide confirmation of the investment made. Grant proof of payment of all relevant taxes.
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