Life in the United States after emigration
MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS FROM THE US & # 8226; About the external beauty of America.
The first thing that strikes the US is the cleanliness of the streets. Suddenly, when I arrived at the house, open the door and find myself right in the room, carpeted. Beautiful pictures in magazines and on TV, where everyone in clean clothes and cars sparkle like new – is not an invention.
A special conversation is about politeness. This is not an artificial smile, as is commonly believed, but a persistent psychological attitude. It is combined with surprising slowness, which is very strange at a busy pace of business life. It manifests itself everywhere – in the store, in the office, on the street. In queues (sometimes they are here, especially in state institutions), people stand at intervals of 2 to 3 steps, and between the first, at the window, and the rest – the interval is demonstratively doubled.
In America, everyone believes in the word. Thinking, you understand that this is not stupidity, not naivety, but a certain higher stage of development. Our merchants of the 19th century in trade relations have practiced this. You can invent any name for yourself, use several, have documents for different names – this is in the order of things. If you do not have the necessary document with you, give the name and address – they will call and clarify everything.
Small household problems in America are solved in a surprisingly easy way. You just need to know what exactly you want and what price you are willing to pay for it. The question is important. Prices determine the quality of service: time is money. You can bury yourself in newspapers, find a cheap sale, spend time, go and get what you need. You can not waste time, and call and you will bring everything when and where you say. But it will be more expensive.
Raduish, bordering on the polum. Philanthropists shower immigrants with fantastic (by our standards, of course) gifts. Not new, but quite benign. Refrigerators, televisions, washing machines …
In regard to the language, in the beginning, too, there was a shock, despite the fact that there was a school and an institute behind it. In the early days did not leave the feeling that you are being played: it’s not English, but something incomprehensible. Even a slow speech is understood with difficulty. It all depends on the pronunciation of the speaker and his vocabulary. When you say “twenty”, ask “twony?”.
It is the “Russian” – the concept of another nationality from the former USSR is simply not there. Americans sincerely consider all of the Union to be Russian.
MINUSES OF THE AMERICAN IMAGE OF LIFE But it is worthwhile to tell about the negative aspects of the “American dream”.