Life in Paris is Emigration
For what I love the French INSEE Institute, it’s for the constant research and excellent analytics “from the life of ordinary French” & # 8212; and you can learn a lot of new things, and ask the topic for a blog)).
That’s literally last month INSEE painted a portrait of the “average Frenchman”, and I hasten to share with you his main features!
Smart emigration to France.
The topic of emigration on my website is not only devoted to a lot of articles, for it I even singled out a whole section! And, nevertheless, despite a large amount of information, this issue wants to be considered again and in more detail. The guilt (rather a background) for a recent article was a series of consultations on emigration, which my husband and I spent the last six months.
How much does it cost to own a car in France.
At the beginning of the year, the French “Association of Motorists” published data collected for 2016. The result is disappointing – French car owners are replenishing the French budget by 65 billion euros annually. That, if you spread this amount to the entire population of the country, will be 1,000 euros per person, including babies and old people.
Unconditional basic income in France & # 8212; reality or utopia?
This was written by Thomas More in his Utopia as far back as 1516, thought Jean Louis Vive, Bernard Shaw, Herbert Wells and Martin Luther King, such economists as Friedrich Haeck and Milton Friedman spoke, as well as the basic income directly hints at the 25th article of the Universal declaration of human rights.
Unconditional basic income (BDB) is such an exotic form of stimulating the economy and / or substitution of social assistance to citizens, under which every adult citizen can receive a fixed amount (not taxed) monthly, regardless of his employment.
Classroom, is not it?
Top 15 favorite French dishes.
Pot-o-fie? Stuffed oysters? Breaded frog legs? Fondue? No! The most favorite French dish is much easier than you could imagine. And even more, most likely, you also love and often allow yourself this dish.
The permit for an IT specialist, a start-up or an investor, is simplified.
The French government of socialists has done much for the country over the past five years – increased taxes, cut subsidies to farmers, carried out work to reduce the number of officials by their numerical increase, in short, earned a lot of praise among the people. But, it is necessary to give to this government the due & # 8212; they had good initiatives too.
Degradation of the middle cities of France.
Not everything is safe in the Danish kingdom … And if you look with a meticulous glance at the small cities of the French Republic, so there is not everything at all! Trends in recent years & # 8212; the flow of customers and businessmen leave the centers of medium and small cities in France.
How did it happen that the traditional bakery and meat shops of French cities replaced the useless shops of migrants? Let’s try to understand together with the French urbanist Olivier Razmon (Olivier Razemon).
Alcohol in the French elementary school is a recent reality.
What does the world history teach us in general, and French history in particular? Basically, that never and under no circumstances can you be trusted by those who want to use you. Neither as a labor force, nor as a soldier for war, nor as sheep for a haircut.
Here about the haircut, I would like to speculate a bit.
Top-10 cities for work in France.
The French are sleeping and see how to get so winded up and move to live and work from a large city of a million people with smog and traffic jams, somewhere closer to the sea, where fewer people and a fresh breeze on one single individual are more. As far as possible to combine business with pleasure, we will be given a ranking of French cities by the number of vacancies (of the 650,000 available in the country today).
And at the same time we’ll see which cities provoke the greatest number of “wantlings” of the working-age French themselves.
Bad food is the new scourge of the French.
Who as if not the French knows how to properly, tasty and useful to eat every day? You will easily be told about it by the lovely, dry, ninety-year-old grandmothers and grandfathers who survived the war on fresh milk chicken and fresh chicken eggs, as well as graduated nutritionists and fans of healthy lifestyles. All. The rest of the French do not know (or do not want to know) how to eat right.
French harmony or whose women are literally more refined.
“French women are slender,” “French figure is thin and proportionate” “French waist.” Let’s try to understand these stable myths with the help of figures scrupulously collected by the French themselves.
So, how much French women are slim?
Excursion: Gourdon & # 8212; Gorges du Loup & # 8212; Tourettes-sur-Loup.
Dear friends! Team Francissimo is pleased to offer you a new interesting, unusual route along the mountainside of the Cote d’Azur.
The Russians are trading in oil, and the French are living with art!
Some time ago I was reading from the writer Gilyarovsky in the book “Moscow and Muscovites” about one amusing character who before the revolution lived and earned his living by teaching those merchants and their children how to enjoy life in French and also beautifully to squander money and to receive from it all a maximum of pleasure. And now, after many years, when the name of this hero was erased from my memory, I came to mind an analogy – modern France, as that character, teaches the whole world to live beautifully and tastefully. For money, of course.