Life in America.
Russian Video Bloggers in the USA.
Yuri traveled to America for a long time in business and, in the end, decided to stay. He is married to an American of Russian descent.
Has its own dealer company for the sale of cars, transports cars to order in Moscow, is engaged in business related to According to him, what he shows on the video – only pathetic bits of what he does.
Sociable person, so he can tell a lot about how they live and what his friends do. Does not deny help to those who turn to him on skype. He leads the “answers to questions” rubric in which he tries to answer absolutely all the questions that he is asked on the site, not missing anyone.
Yuri shows what an infinite number of opportunities America provides for business. And that it is not necessary to work 8 hours every day to live well in America.
������ ��������� “America in Ukrainian”
Anton was lucky enough to win a green card and move with his family from Zhytomyr to New Jersey. He really likes America and he is not going to return to his homeland, where he barely made ends meet. Here he is such a simple hard worker, but America gave him more than Ukraine. Anton wants to get a CDL (comercial driving license) and work as a truck driver.
Through his channel Anton shows how the most ordinary ordinary person can come to America and live. He also wondered after some time to see how he started.
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