Life in America and ways to achieve comfortable living conditions.
The United States is a huge and successful country, which annually immigrates about 2 million people. The state is extremely strict about migrants in the process of processing documents, but when obtaining permission to move, the situation changes in the opposite direction. Equality is proclaimed in the country. There is practically no difference between the rights of indigenous residents and migrants who have received the status of a resident. Life in America will please with comfortable conditions, as well as wide opportunities for the development of your enterprise or professional activity.
Immigration to America should begin with the filing of documents for obtaining a visa. There are many categories of the document. The timing, cost and capabilities of the visa holder depend on the purposes for which it is necessary to leave for America.
Moving to the US opens up wonderful prospects for migrants. You can emigrate from Russia independently or with the whole family. Speedy process will help highly qualified specialists. Experienced lawyers as quickly and efficiently prepare all the documentation, which will save your own time and effort.
Ways of immigration in the United States.
There are several options how to go to America. The most common among compatriots are:
Diversification lottery for receiving a Green Card. Every year, the Government of America allocates about 50 thousand quotas to visit the country for permanent residence. In order to learn how to go to America and become a participant in the lottery, you should register on the official website Online application form is completed in English. It should include personal information, passport data, information about the family status and the education received. An important step is to upload a passport-size photo. Find out if you can move to live in America, you get in six months the field of registration on the site. Tourist and business visa. With the help of a document of this format, you can go to the US for a period of 6 months to 3 years. During this time of stay in the country, it is necessary to renew the visa and get a green card, which entitles to unlimited residence in the United States and obtaining the status of a resident. Student programs. You can move to the US on a student visa. On the territory of the state it will be enough just to extend the validity period to the necessary to get a residence permit or permanent residence. Family ties with Americans or marriage with a citizen of America. Immigration through such a system is the most effective and fast. An important condition for immigration is to receive an invitation to move from the American side. For immigration under this scheme, you should open a guest visa or a visa of the bride.
Living in America for many is a true dream. To implement it is quite realistic, for this there are various migration programs. Their range allows everyone to choose the best option for themselves. Terms of registration of all papers can be up to 12 months.
Registration of permanent residence in America.
Registration of permanent residence in the United States and obtaining a green card – it’s the same thing. After receiving a visa and crossing the US border, you must apply for a Green Card. The main package of documents should include:
application for registration of permanent residence in Form I-485 (which can be filled after payment of all taxes and duties); personal data filled in the form of G-325A; a copy of the tolerance in the United States; a copy of the birth certificate, a foreign passport with a visa, a marriage certificate, divorce, etc .; two photos of the passport format; fingerprints; certificate of good conduct.
All documents must be completed in English or have notarized translations.
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Permanent residence in the United States allows you to live and work in the territory of the state. Accommodation for five years with a green card entitles you to apply for US citizenship.
Receiving political asylum in the United States.
Political asylum is a legal status that can be issued by a person who is in the United States on any visa and even illegally. The reason for applying for political refugee status is fear of persecution based on:
race; nationality; confession; social inequality; political views.
A refuge in the country can be asked in a year’s stay on its territory. In exceptional cases, the timing may vary. When applying for political asylum, a person acquires the status of asylum applicant, having obtained consent for granting asylum, he changes to asylee.
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The likelihood of gaining political asylum increases if evidence is provided that in the homeland a person has already been persecuted and persecuted. In the law of the American state, asylum is granted if the person has been subjected to such persecution as: seizure of property without grounds; loss of housing or work; beating; interrogations; physical and moral violence; imprisonment, etc.
Political asylum in America allows a person to get a green card, and in time to claim the status of a citizen. It will be easier and faster to secure asylum in the country if you enlist the support of human rights organizations, namely Human Right Watch, International Christian Concern and others.
It is best to arrange asylum in America together with an experienced lawyer. The specialist will correctly prepare all the papers and exclude the probability of refusal to obtain the status.