Legal immigration to the US protectorate
It is proved not by one generation of emigrants that in European countries you will not become your own even after two generations, but will forever remain & thus the Russian & raquo; even if you, for example, mordvin. It’s another matter to go to a country where absolutely everyone has come in large numbers & ndash; in USA. Another item “for & raquo; & ndash; diversity. In the States, you can live in seclusion in a small town of seven hundred people, and in a huge metropolis such as New York. You can live on the ocean in Miami or California, in the desert of Nevada, among the dense forests of Colorado, in the mountains of North Carolina or in the tundra of Alaska. A country where freedom and human rights are in the first place, and at the second one, & ndash; life realization. There it is easier than in Europe to make a career. But there is a downside: Americans are many, willing and good at work, and, unfortunately, or fortunately, there will not be a freebie there.
Ways of the offensive.
For moving to the US there are two ways: direct immigration and indirect immigration. You can get a direct immigrant visa only at the US Embassy in Moscow, and in other consulates in Russia you do not get immigration visas. But they issue such visas with great difficulty and, as a rule, on a petition from relatives & ndash; citizens of the USA. There is a second category of people who are issued immigrant visas right at the embassy & ndash; This is an immigrant visa in the US for the winners of the Green Card Lottery.
If you do not have blood relatives in the US, then the thorny path of indirect immigration is for you.
The list of real (and legal) ways of immigration in the US is rather short.
Immigration through the Green Card Lottery. Every year, at the initiative of the US Congress, 55,000 immigrant visas are issued for countries whose citizens are represented in insufficient numbers in the United States. This program is called the Green Card Lottery & raquo ;, or the DV program. After winning the lottery, you and your immediate family get a residence permit in the States. This means that you and your family will enjoy almost the same rights as US citizens. You can safely live, work and freely enter and leave the country. Such an attraction of unprecedented generosity is held once a year in autumn. In autumn 2012, it will be held from November 1 to December 30. Applications for participation are submitted electronically on this site and only on it.
The US government warns everyone to use the services of intermediaries when registering in the lottery, because in 99% of cases you will have to extort money under various pretexts. Finally, your data can be used for fraudulent purposes. Be vigilant, dear comrades!
Immigration through the visa of the bride / groom: either really learn the language, communicate, fall in love and marry / marry a US citizen, or conclude a fictitious marriage. Here you are assisted by all kinds of dating sites and marriage agencies, many of which are not matchmaking in order to connect loving hearts, but for the departure of one of the spouses to their homeland & laquo; second half & raquo ;. It is worth such a pleasure from $ 15 to $ 30 thousand, which intermediaries take, plus a fee for the temporary spouse, which is $ 10-20 thousand.
If someone thinks that such a fee for half an hour, held in front of the altar – an excessive fee, then he is wrong. The fact of cohabitation will be constantly checked. With you will require evidence in the form of photos from family holidays, checks for jointly acquired property, be sure to interrogate neighbors and colleagues and be sure to check whether you divide the marital bed. The visits of the representative of the migration police are quite normal in the evening. And it’s better if you meet them in pajamas and nightgowns. I’m not kidding. If such a policeman writes in the report that he has the impression that you are not fulfilling matrimonial duties in full, problems may arise with obtaining citizenship. Do not use your partner in the dark – to assure that you have married or got married for real, and then, having already acquired citizenship, you decided to divorce. There are more than a dozen cases when a deceived partner, burning with a desire to take revenge, applied after a divorce to court and argued that the marriage was not real.
If you do not take into account the moral and ethical principles, in general, it is though not cheap, but quite a reliable way to become a citizen of another country. However, do not forget that if the authorities can prove that your marriage is fictitious, then you are awaiting trial and deportation.
Immigration through employment in the US. If you are a scientist, a talented engineer, programmer, designer, cook or economist, and also fluent in English, then you are likely to find work in the States. It can be searched from Russia, and in case of hiring the employer submits a petition on hiring a foreign employee and you receive a visa in the form I-140. Or go on a tourist visa and find a job upon arrival. Here it is important to understand that if you are not traveling according to the program for Work & Travel students, then it is not to be hoped that for the sake of the pizza deliveryman or cutter covers for the sofas, the employer will strain and make a residence permit.
There is one more option & ndash; this is business immigration, the most expensive and at the same time the most unreliable of the ‘honest’ raquo; ways to acquire a new home and get permanent residence, and then citizenship due to the fact that your business is located in this country. Until recently, it was enough to open a small company. However, these times have passed. Now, in addition to the services of local lawyers related to the peculiarity of doing business in the chosen country, it is also necessary to invest at least $ 60 thousand annually in the economy of this state. The term of legalization can take up to 5 years, during which either the rules for obtaining the status of permanent residence or the amount of investment can change.
Immigration through obtaining refugee status. Perhaps the most economical way to change citizenship is to become a political refugee. However, it is true, you have to prove that your rights in the old homeland were violated because of political or religious beliefs. Or you have been discriminated against on a national basis. If you do not have a corresponding nationality, you can apply to special & laquo; legal & raquo; firm, where, as already described above, you will have the necessary nationality. However, only in the past three years in Western Europe, several scandals broke out, when Ossetians, Avars and even Tatars tried to get refugee status, posing as persecuted Vainakhs. But, however that may be, many families and relatives of Chechen residents who suffered from fighting in the North.
Caucasus, for several years quite quickly find political asylum in Western Europe and the United States. There are also cases when they are issued passports for fictitious names.
To convince the migration police that your life in Russia was an infernal hell, you must stock yourself with evidence: reports of detentions, beatings in the police, dismissal from work, etc. An additional argument in your favor, if there are newspaper publications, which tells about your troubles.
For an amount of about $ 5 thousand, special consultants will prepare a package of documents for you on a turn-key basis, indicating that your life was unbearable because you are a Muslim, a Baptist (to prove that you were humiliated in Russia as a Jew is now practically useless) a Chechen or an oppositionist of a radical democratic orientation. They will also instruct you what to say, where to turn, to what laws to appeal.
However, if your problems in Russia are really real, it is better to do without the services of doubtful & laquo; law firms & raquo ;. It is more reliable to have a recommendation from an international or national human rights organization.