Leave from Kiev to New York
All sorts of things are skyscrapers in the world.
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So and so forth the details of the new ensemble’s ensemble, sporod nagozhuyu nazvoyu Vezha liberty, a kind of bude is armed on the monsters by terrorists vezh-twin. Vlad New York zbiraetsya zbbiti noviy complex maximally zahischtenim vid mozhlivih teroristichnih attacks. Yak said the head of the governor’s head of the Governor of New York State, the number one FBI spyvobbitnik James Kallstrom (James Kallstrom), the system of bake-free security for the new complex in the collection of all daily wimogs.
Post subject: Freedom, just shine, first check the retina, fingerprints, and then welcome to the tower, and this tower is called Freedom Juriy – Mon Feb 27, 2006 10:15.
In America and Europe, the different concepts of freedom Palal – Fri Mar 03, 2006 09:13.
Post subject: According to polls, many do not like the design of this building. I basically agree. a lot of badly used space. pasha – Tue Apr 18, 2006 4:11 pm.
With the shooting of Tokyo, apparently, the filters were overdone. Palal – Tue Apr 18, 2006 20:10.
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New York is building a new target.
Post subject: Yes. it will be interesting to see how they will include the PATH metro station and both subway lines that pass under the WTC. I’ll be there in late May. will be pictures of Yuriy – Wed May 03, 2006 09:41.
And they, that, still do not work? DFAW – Wed May 03, 2006 10:42.
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Post subject: PATH was allowed in the form of a temporary station type with a pavilion at the edge of the foundation pit as early as November 23, 2003.
But the station Cortland Street on the line 1/9 is just not allowed to this day. Palal – Thu May 04, 2006 06:42.
And they, that, still do not work?
In Manhattan, New York, the solemn opening ceremony of the first skyscraper built on the site of the World Trade Center complex was held. As a result of the air attack on September 11, 2001, the so-called construction N 7 collapsed when fragments of 110-story twin towers flew to it, which took the blows of two “Boeing” hijacked by terrorists.
Above them are only stars.
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In addition to a couple of central streets, the main Paris is the pale-dirty boring houses resembling hruschovki. But modern Paris, La Defense, can give Frankfurt and London time.
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An apartment building built before 1917 by definition is an architectural monument, by the way their appointment obliged to the extraordinary and attractiveness of both external and internal decoration.
In the same L ondon e in the central part you can not build anything higher than a number of existing buildings. TANK – Thu Aug 31, 2006 13:57.
Would kill all the journalists who are beautiful, modern skyscrapers are called monsters or targets for terrorists. And especially ours, who believe that profitable houses 100 years ago this is the most valuable thing that was, is and will be in Kiev.
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Post subject: & quot; Bad artists copy, good ones – cheek steals & quot; (c) Servadore Dali seems.
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