Label: moving to Montenegro.
What is necessary for a comfortable life in Montenegro.
If you are going to live in Montenegro, this article will be useful to you for creating a comfortable stay. Well, at least, I think so. There are different types of people, but if you are a plus or minus average, then this article is for you.
PERSONAL TRANSPORT. Public transport in Montenegro is poorly developed, the journey is quite expensive. And taxi drivers always try to warm up the newcomer. Of course, there are variants of type & # 8212; find your reliable taxi driver, but it will take time. Yes, and move from city to city will be a little expensive anyway. And inside the city it’s easier to walk. Also, you can use intercity buses, but, in my experience, they have to wait, they go longer because of arrivals in passing cities. In addition, in the off-season only the old killed cars run, in which it is not comfortable. For money, the cost of gasoline personal car is equal to the fare on the bus (counted!). Where can I get a car? You can buy in your country, put it on the register and come to it & # 8212; this is the best way, since if the car is registered in Montenegro, then registration must be renewed every year. Yes, and register for a car in Montenegro you can only if you have Vunge (Borovka). This smoothly brings us to the purchase of transport in Montenegro. This option is also possible, I used it. The car in Montenegro is cheap. For 500 euros, if you try, you can buy an old bucket, which will, puffing, carry you a couple more years. If you drink a cafe with a former owner, you can negotiate and leave a registration on it, while he must give you a power of attorney (puromoce), a contract of sale and pts (savoychaynu). This is all done quickly and easily if the seller wishes. If you want to turn this scheme with an expensive machine, you already have to be on watch, as there have been cases of kidalov. The seller agreed to leave the car on himself, then went to the police and claimed to steal. And the contract of sale does not save, because in a foreign country you are a priori not right, but a citizen a priori right. In addition, nepotism and corruption are well developed in Montenegro. In general, if you have personal transport, you become more mobile and free & # 8212; any moment you can reach anywhere in the country, and not then when there is a bus and not to its final destination. This is important, because Montenegro & # 8212; the most beautiful country, always want to stop somewhere on the mountain and admire the view, do selfie or take a dip on the wild beach, where, again, the bus does not stop. REMOTE EARNINGS OR IDEAS OF BUSINESS IN MONTENEGRO. I often see the questions of future migrants on the forums. # 8212; but what about your work? I am such an afigenny special with achievements, which of the corporations wants to hire me? Or here is a & # 8212; I know how to do this and that and to dig, I’m looking for a job. No! It will not work the way you want! If you are going to live in Montenegro, you better think in advance of the source of your income. It will be difficult to hunt. And still, very often throw hired workers. On salary, on prospects. Ideal & # 8212; if you already have a remote earnings. But you can come up with and develop a business idea, as there are many undeveloped spheres. For example, services. This is a business that does not require investment and is profitable from the very beginning. If, of course, you build it competently. Here is an indicative list of services that offer more than demand: manicure, hairstyles, make-up, massage, home cookery and confectionery, hand made toys, rental / sale of real estate, car repair. If that missed, write in the comments. In addition to services, there is a lot of what Montenegro needs. But it is necessary to investigate the market even before arrival. read, postpone questions on the forums and understand what will really be demand. You can only carelessly deal with this issue if you have a couple of thousand euros to raise you, which will allow you to live and prepare the soil for a couple of months without doing anything. I had 500 euros and a clear plan (I will tell about it in a separate article), which eventually worked. In the photo below, my group of beautiful girls, whom I helped to keep the body in shape, become healthier and more cheerful. HIDE YOUR BESKOMPROMISSNOST and INCLUSIVE SOFT, loyalty. Many bring negativity, harshness and fuss. Accustomed to pierce the walls with their heads, accompanying this action with angry curses, the Russians also do in Montenegro. From what do not get rid of and do not take it from the local residents and already blackened ours, living quietly, admiring nature and enjoying coffee. Even if it seems to you that you are moving in a measured way, the Montenegrin will certainly tell you that you are making a fuss. Because its rhythm of life is much slower than yours. In many ways, it’s more like a minus. But here you have to find the balance & # 8212; The haste must be exactly such that you do not drag out this abyss “without restraint”. Upon arrival, still on the threshold of the country, it is necessary to set yourself up for relaxation, to lower from the tops of your affairs to perishable land, widen your horizons, look around and admire. If you do not do this, 1. the first attempts at communication do not take place, and then it will be hard until you realize the necessity of the foregoing; 2. First impressions of the country will be spoiled, as you will immediately see a reaction to your negative. It is very important not to argue with traffic cops and policemen, always keep in mind that in a foreign country her citizen is always right and you are always wrong. Montenegro has very vividly expressed response emotions & # 8212; If you agree with a local resident, you compliment him, he will forever be your friend. If you sharply bend your line and argue, then you risk running into trouble, a person can simply create problems for you. Another important point, the Russians are guilty of this, you must remember that no one is required to know the Russian language! If you come to another country, at least you can count on English, but not Russian. If you are going to stay for a long time, learn Montenegrin language, it’s simple. Many things are written on the topic, but in fact, if you are a soft positive person with a broad outlook, you can just relax and have fun. MONTENEGROS LANGUAGE. Personally, I learned grammar (on YouTube ��� Serbian for 5 lessons #;; ����� ����� ����� ����� ����� ����� ����� very clearly and clearly, I will not leave the link (you will find through the search), since this is not advertising, but what helped me) even before coming to the country and it really helped me not to spend money on language courses. Having started communication, I filled up the vocabulary and mastered various small aspects of speech. It is very important to know Montenegrin & # 8212; this is the Yekavah dialect of Serbian, but in Montenegro it’s always worth talking “Montenegrin language”, this is important for the locals. English is quite common. If you really did not have time to look at the manual, English will help you out. The ability to be adapted to the situation. You need to understand the mentality of this country. Since, accustomed to living in a furious rhythm of the city, more often than not, can not get used to slow Montenegro. Here the rural way of life and everything from this follows: business develops only thanks to reputation; best advertising & # 8212; word of mouth; gossip and stuff. Here I list the main features of local residents: in Montenegro, nepotism is extremely popular, so it is better to solve all questions through acquaintances; Montenegrins are very touchy, you can not just go and tell your neighbor that he is watching football too loudly, he will hate you; if you want something from a person and count on a positive result, it is worth devoting a few hours to this communication & # 8212; drink coffee or rakiyu with it, talk heart to heart. In general, & # 8212; if you are not a sociopath, like communication and quests, you will be able to live successfully in this country. FOR GIRLS & # 8212; awareness of Montenegrin guys. If you came to Montenegro for the first time, do not rush to take notice of local men, often they want from you only momentary intima
cy and nothing more. Do not be too open, do not flirt too much & # 8212; all this is hypertraffed in the head of the Montenegrin: op! he already thinks that you are ready to jump into his bunk, then he starts acting and does not stop. The phrase “go to the cafe”, in most cases, means a kind of invitation to bed. As though it did not seem, I’m not a fan of labeling, so I will say that this, of course, is not one hundred percent of cases. Not all Montenegrins are like that. I just recommend being more careful. Because if you still managed to get into a similar situation, all the young people of the city will know about it. Spread gossip in Montenegro at an enviable rate. DO NOT SEARCH FOR ENTERTAINMENT IN OUT. Very many complain that it is boring. It’s just boring & # 8230; It’s not close to me, since I’m usually very busy with work, dancing, training, development. ” There is no need to be bored. Well or, it can be called & # 8212; to myself I create razvlekuhu. Those who do not know how can become bored here. And maybe not to become))) Do not row all into one trough, just collect statistics. And so, in order. Open nightclubs in the off-season are very dull & # 8212; Montenegrins do not dance, they only thump to loud music. Sometimes Russian dances, but you need to know exactly what they will be there. If you are suddenly going to ignite alone or with your girlfriend, there may simply not be room for dancing in the club when there are a lot of people. Cinema and theater in Serbian or English with Serbian subtitles. Concerts, for the most part, only Balkan artists. There is an excellent spa, you can play billiards, bowling, poker, Russian organize various games, events, karaoke & # 8230; In general, there is a choice, but it is small. Many people say & # 8212; so small that it quickly annoys all. NECESSITY TO KEEP EARLY AWAKEN. As always, not without love, even in some small things, such as, for example, car repair. To shave the Russ. & # 8212; favorite sport of the Montenegrin. But the Russians can be dishonest too. Do not become paranoid. Although no, it’s worth it if you’re dealing with a Balkan. There are many Bosnians who perform different dusty jobs. Check everything, ask again from others. Be sure to get acquainted among the Russians who have lived in Montenegro for more than two years, they have experience. Be aware of the reputation of the person you are going to deal with. With compatriots simpler & # 8212; they try to earn a reputation and know that their joints will be publicized. And yes, if you are already involved in an unpleasant story, do not be silent. In Facebook there is a group, “Carefully, rake!”, Write there, so that others will know. THE POWER OF FASEBOOK. It is this social network & # 8212; a newspaper with fresh news, a poster, a forum, an advisory bureau, an advertising platform, a dating site and many more things for Russian speakers in Montenegro. It is very convenient. Here you can get all the information, ask pressing questions in Russian, all Russian events only on facebook. All relevant. Our people in the event of any situation, news, events, etc., about which you must know, immediately betray his publicity without being lazy. If you ask a question, then immediately get a million completely different answers to it, among which will be sarcasm, kudazh without jokers and clever people. The biggest forum & # 8212; Group Montenegro.
P.S. Finally, I want to talk about the presence of a strong and cohesive Russian-speaking diaspora in Montenegro. The meetings take place several times a year. Different people relate differently to the leaders of this association, but in my life they introduced only positive things.