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Confirmation of the profession for immigration to Australia.
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About the Australians.
ABOUT! Ben, are you having a party? & Quot; – asked Vanya from his colleague at work, seeing on his table three bottles of wine. “*” No, it’s me … ”
Australian delicious habits. Wajimite and avocado.
How are we doing? – you ask. We are quietly poosustlivayemsya, – we will answer. I’m smearing more and more on avocado toast, and Sergei vedjimayt. (And yes, only in …
Driving license in Australia. Part one.
The Australian driving license is a very necessary document, and not just for driving a car. Everywhere and everywhere, in Australia, its quite …
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Confirmation of the profession for immigration to Australia.
I am a self-taught programmer, an excellent specialist in my field, have been working for many years, including myself in international major projects, and I do not feel anything?
By education, the cook-confectioner, at the same time he worked as a commercial director and editor of the media, and in particular later he was re-trained as a programmer.
And how to prove it? Labor is not, treaties, too.
I already work in just one such large company. But they do not have any sense to translate me to myself. They do this and hire people in other countries to make it cheaper. And if I live in the US, then I will have to pay as a US citizen. Why should they? )) Well and yes, for official employment on a working visa, documents on education will be needed, otherwise the companies will not give permission. Well, this process is not very fast, for several years you can queue for a quota.
Perhaps the most realistic option, but I will not attract a university (neither for money, nor for time), but whether someone will need crusts about the termination of short-term courses in the US is a big question.