Konstantin Korenevskiy.
Monday, May 14, 2012
Lithuania, Emigration, 2012 year.
I will not stay on the forms of inducing emigration and begin the narrative from a level higher than the desire to improve my material well-being.
Emigration is the last step and is equal to a large fire that will devour all your property that you own and will burdens you with an internal loan for many years to come. Well this is for responsible, independent and decent people.
So, that she is this emigration for those who, despite all the wretchedness of the post-Soviet system, not being part of it all the same bothered to stand up, created an environment that trusted and under personal responsibility pledged to serve faithfully and truthfully, placed emphasis on its activities on permanent income and it can be said that today it stands quite confidently on its feet.
The future & # 8230; The thing is that certain people tend to develop and this happens by their will. Seeking for self-expression, they go into business, science, art and as a rule living in an authoritarian, totalitarian system face the situation when they have accumulated a certain potential they need to either jump to a new orbit or simply demolish their head.
Well, what to understand & # 8230;
A person in a democratic society develops on the basis of his plans, his vision, his worldview and his ability to bring his future’s quality of life to the desired without trading his convictions, conscience, responsibility for his environment. It simply develops and this vector of development is directed to infinity.
In an authoritarian, totalitarian regime, your development is limited to the stage of implementation of your plans and the bar. The stage is such a gateway from which in general it is possible to creep into the next level, but if you do not fit into the standard you will shorten your head. The standard, we must understand, is such a complex element of the system that is conditioned by the principle of tyke and is not a constant value, something like a sorting order where from a herd of cows according to a certain set of properties one should distribute someone to the slaughterhouse, who to milk, and whom to growers.
It is necessary to understand the system of mistakes “does not allow”, therefore everyone who does not fit into this standard will be shoved into it, previously guided by considerations of a not very sensible shepherd, cutting off all the incomprehensible, superfluous, inappropriate. It is understood that there is no rationality here, but no one aspires to it. Authoritarian, totalitarian society does not need rationality, not development, and balance and this balance should be in its favor.
And now about the development. Imagine a person in such a system came to a certain stage when he formed a business, a close environment and he needed a development perspective. We need understandable, realistic goals and the ability to go to them despite the complexity of the terrain in which it is located. And here in this very place he begins to conflict and compete with the system. Change it, he can not, and his actions create a wave around him attracting the attention of the relevant services and departments. The consequence is that he puts himself and his environment under very real risk.
Yes, someone goes along this road and there are many such. For them, completely peaceful activities are replaced by the struggle with the system, the social morality of the inherent system, and their future in this case looms, relatively to probability, distinctly. As a rule, they either demolish their heads or are artificially lowered several levels back by preliminarily cutting everything that can alarm the system and thereby squeezing it into the framework of a suitable level for this potential. It also happens otherwise, but here the question is in the development of such a social system, as these very sources of waves, their organization, etc ..
The point is that such a path is a rejection of your personal life, a reorientation of creative activity to the confrontation of the system as a result of which you will still demolish your head.
And is there another choice? There is! It’s Emigration!
So we approached the conditionality of the transition to a new qualitative level based on Emigration from an authoritarian, totalitarian environment as one of the possible ways of developing a person and his close environment for those who do not have aphids.
Initially, you should dot the “i”. What is this same Lithuania?
Lithuania has a post-Soviet space, with all the sores that are characteristic of the entire post-Soviet region with the only difference that it is today or is considered part of Europe. So it turned out and in general, there is no merit of the Lithuanian citizens, there is no citizens in it. There was only a desire, and in part it was realized to improve its well-being at the expense of the content of a richer and more generous master. Although, it must be admitted, behind his back is a dirty, not correct game with the same totalitarian, authoritarian regimes the brainchild of which is the entire political diaspora of today’s Lithuanian politicians and employees.
Therefore, when you emigrate to Lithuania, you find yourself surrounded by the assimilated, as loyal Soviet Diaspora authorities, whose ancestors were resettled from all over the Soviet Union in exchange for indigenous people, landowners, enterprises, and well-deserved military, state and scientific figures whose services to Soviet power, Soviet Russia were canceled. In order to avoid any further claims or obligations, indigenous people who were firmly on their feet were to be destroyed or impersonally relocated.
Returned from the Soviet Conclusion not many and only those who have proven themselves as zealous supporters of the Bolshevik reforms. Here is a portrait of a Lithuanian or a Lithuanian citizen, with cockroaches of Sovkovaya Propaganda soaked with the mother’s milk.
So initially the question is whether these heirs will want you to see the Dissidents of the Soviet Political System in their circle. You can not even fill out a request for a temporary residence permit if you are not offered it. And you will not be offered, because you are not a relative of Lukashenka, Putin, Nazarbayev, or Soakoshvili and their surroundings, if you are, of course, an honest and decent person, no one will ever speak up for you. Even on the contrary, prepare for the fact that you will be watered with mud as a criminal, not trustworthy element and believe the word of the Russian or Belarusian KGB has more weight for the Department of Migration of Lithuania than all your good intentions.
They are today the citizens of Lithuania, those same citizens who, as heirs of the Soviet Management Structure, will decide your fate, the fate of your children by force, financial and legal pressure. Therefore, honesty, decency, understanding initially can not count.
Lithuania is not at all the best place for emigration. Here you can lose investment, and without them it will be difficult enough to get on your feet. In fact, one more life where for a long time you each year will have to start all over again and in a circle. Perhaps someone is more lucky, to someone less. It is more difficult for independent people who do not have the desire to climb someone’s ass without soap and do not aim to provide material goods at the expense of their neighbor. So it turns out) To us it is more difficult than to the same Germans, Frenchmen, Poles. More difficult, if only by the fact that the investment funds that you will have in the banks of Lithuania, that to confirm their solvency for a while can be arrested only because guided by incomprehensible, illogical and unreasonable considerations, someone will decide to refuse you in the form of residence from what is their own considerations. Here you lose everything and money, and real estate, which you lose in the period when you are expelled due to municipal debts, any payments that will be inevitable or mandatory. With the business themselves understand. We need a very trusted balanced apparatus to carry out the firm’s policy even during the time when you will be pursued. And they will persecute you, because you are a victim and, under certain conditions, you can get movable and immovable property practically for nothing. You do not have a guarantee that you will not be refused a temporary residence permit. So you need to be very careful about finances and live a number of years below the moderate. Like this?
Well, just try to arrange your life at the level of ordinary alcoholics, do not invest in material wealth more than necessary and remember – you are Russian! This means that any wino is better than you, has more rights and can claim your property if it will see its importance, carefree existence, etc. It has many means to take possession of it, but behind it will be the same workers of local self-governments or something like that) In short, be more careful with the quality of life if you still decide to emigrate to Lithuania.
As for business, enter the offshore, have the capital in freight, try not to withdraw funds from Russia, but also keep them there for a long time, the same is dangerous. Better go to the Internet business or try to earn for example on yachts, buying, repairing and selling. This will give less risk than stationary workshops, specialized equipment, or expensive entertainment complexes. Do not forget who they might like and you will lose them by the lawlessness. It is here in the order of things, as in Russia.
And yet, Lithuania is oriented towards authoritarian regimes, and this orientation is in full growth. Therefore, it’s easy, without any pains of conscience, you can substitute both Russia and Belarus with the KGB with Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, etc., just out of a desire to warm your hands on your property. People who have regimes in their oligarchs’ relatives or high-ranking officials of such systems will find it easier to arrange their life in Lithuania, the system will treat you with understanding and even curry favor with you. If not, be wise, it is possible that if you want to integrate into Lithuania you will need life and you will have to live in poverty and stricken from all sides.
Firstly, thanks for the publication. It is very useful, because it is a look from within and shows moments that you need to think seriously about. I will analyze everything from the position of a doctor who claims to be engaged in medical practice in Lithuania.
Probably, so it is, as you wrote in relation to property in the territory of Lithuania, which you can, if desired, “press”. But the apartments in the province are inexpensive, 3K & # 8364; for a two-room – a small loss. The basic capital of a doctor in any country is his knowledge and skills. Their & quot; squeeze & quot; it will be hard. Moreover, the potential losses from any & quot; collision & quot; a representative of the intellectual profession may be higher than these & quot; kopecks & quot; – you can go back or go further, leaving the Lithuanians alone with their problems.
I do not want to advise anything, but you must understand the following.
From Lithuania, it will be difficult to move forward, because according to the internal European agreements, in this case she took you first. Therefore, at her request to the fourth country of your travel across Europe, you must return to the country of your stay in Europe. That is, Lithuania.
Second, if you are going to return to Belarus, how can you not form a company Belyatsky. European, and in this case Lithuanian taxation, does not exempt from the Byelorussian. It means. that the tax burden will be double.
And most importantly, in personal, selfish interests, as well as the interests of departments on the basis of solidarity, Lithuania, in the person of the executive power, spares no expense and even more so if it can be compensated through European grants. And the obstinacy of Lithuanian officials is directly proportional to their stupidity)
Lithuanian taxation, in no way exempts from the Belarusian.
I made a special call to http://www.nalog.gov.by/
– answered that taxes can be paid either in Lithuania or in Belarus (apparently the Convention on avoidance of double taxation is signed.
In the Republic of Belarus the tax is 12%, but how much is in Lithuania?
but for what Belyatsky planted? Is it not for taxes? Only the request for his financial savings in the bank of Lithuania was enough. Something is wrong here.
Try it. put some money in a Liitovsky bank, pay medical insurance and maybe get a working visa or whatever it’s called. Try to find an employer, maybe lucky)
It seems to me that PVM is a value-added tax, and not a personal income tax.
And Gd was put for politics, it seems that money from the funds was passing through him. But I have no reason to consider him a dishonest person.
With work in Lithuania there are no problems, there are problems with officials, duplication of their functions.
Income tax of an employee in Lithuania is 15%
Do you see the owner, so I live with the funds that are brought to me by enterprises spread around the world. In Lithuania, I’m not interested in working. Firstly, the low qualification of the infrastructure, secondly, the customers’ wretchedness in the fourth was so received by hands, that there is no desire to invest. I assure you that I do not have to repeat myself. It is clear that Lithuania has with the fact that I have overhead costs, like – I buy bread, the necessary household utensils. pay for utilities. But even this I do with great reluctance. Every penny is a pity, they pepper me a lot.
If Lithuania calculated with me for all taken on itself, but unfulfilled obligations, compensated for the money invested in it, would spit and went to freight. It is better to live in the open sea than to have a company of dishonest, dishonest and deaf people.