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The correct way to immigrate children to New Zealand.
There is an opinion that my articles about immigration are not so useless, I’m just writing as I am, without all kinds of “yo, maybe you better try to go as a student in 40 years,” or “let’s you at 35, leaving wife and children at home, you will come to the NZ for half a year to teach the language, but there it will be seen. ” Because the ways to come to New Zealand and then get a residency – a million and another one can always come up. Here, after all, it’s important that the method is suitable for you, so that the costs do not exceed expectations.
Today I want to talk about the correct way to immigrate your children to New Zealand. Of course, the option will not be for everyone, someone will be very worried about their child, here the main thing is that the future resident of New Zealand, he himself wanted to come to New Zealand, and not only you decided for your child that they would be better off somewhere, then the devil on kulichik.
Constantly have to tell this way, when people find out that I came to New Zealand right after school.
So. The most correct way of immigrating children to New Zealand!
The answer is simple. Send your child to study in New Zealand, and the sooner this happens – the better for the child.
Almost always parents flee from the Russian Federation to the NZ for a safe and stable life for their children, not everyone can get away with everything and leave. The way out, send your offspring to study in New Zealand, they will be in a calm country, you will be calm for their safety. Also, it will be much easier for a child to find friends among the local, join and penetrate all the New Zealand features. Not just an immigrant from the former USSR who came here after 30 years, really did not find any local friends, only colleagues and so a neighbor who throws the chamfered grass to your backyard.
In my opinion, it is best to send a child to the NZ school after grade 9 in Russia. Here he will come already less adult and independent, will live in a local family, and go to school routine for another 3 years. During these very first 3 years, the child will already become more “kiwi” child than a schoolboy from Russia. And then the university, there are many good things here, you can choose any direction of training. For example, you can read about one of the best Auckland universities: Auckland University of Technology.
And so, it turns out that your child, will learn and live in one of the safest countries in the world, you can say in paradise for a lover of sports and hiking. And you work and look into the bright future of your child. The training will not be free, from 15,000 NZD per year + for living, probably the same.
Here I already see that you have a question in your head, but where is the residence then. The hardest part is that the residency will have to be received according to general rules, the best of all is the Skilled Migrant Category from the professional way of immigration, because the child will have a local education, it remains only to find work on the specialty – vaul, residency in the pocket. It is difficult to find a job, but as a rule, if you have already lived for 5 years studying, then you will have a fat plus, and they will most likely take you, not an immigrant from behind the hillock. If they found a job other than their specialty, then again, on a general basis for work to residence program (I will write about it later).
The main thing is that it is worth remembering that your child has already lived here for 5 years, and getting a residency is a matter of technology, someone takes a few months after training, someone is busy searching for work, applying for a couple of years, the situation will develop depending on the labor market, specialty, economy and, in general, the immigration policy in the NZ.
No doubt, this option of immigration is not suitable for everyone, due to the fact that long, expensive, ahueeno and will live separately from his beloved child. Then, after all, how to look if you do not live in MSC or St. Petersburg, then most likely the child will want to go to study or work then there, there are more opportunities there. And this again, the cost of study, housing and food, it is not difficult to calculate that the NZ will not be much more expensive. Although suddenly you have too gifted a child and his MSU for a scholarship without an introductory and still an apartment inside the garden will be given out … Duc to him and then a thread-grant for training with ease will be given out.
So it’s up to you, parents, and the child at the same time. I’ve always wanted to study abroad – I got it. How much do I thank the decision of my parents? Yes, it’s boundless 🙂