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Gabon. Guide to Novikov in Gabon. Africa.
There is such a wonderful state in Africa, called Gabon. I took one at the end of cold winter January, my legendary Canon 1 Mark with a bunch of lenses and went to a distant and hot Africa to see with my own eyes this Gabon, and share with you. The state was not cheap, so for fans of extreme tourism and sports, I would advise you to stock up on finances beforehand, so as not to squander the first impression of this wonderful country in detail. Gabon is located on the west coast of Central Africa, on both sides of the equator. It borders on the north-west with Equatorial Guinea, in the north with Cameroon, in the east and south with the People’s Republic of the Congo. In the west it is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Of all the former colonies in the French Equatorial Africa, Gabon occupies the last place in terms of population and the first – in terms of forest area and mineral reserves.
1. Central Beach “Du Lisa Leon Mba” capital of Gabon.
2. The coast of Gabon overlooking the Gulf of Guinea Atlantic Ocean.
Gabon. The capital is Libreville. The population is 1.17 million people (1998). The population density is 4.4 people per 1 sq. Km. km. The urban population is 46%, the rural population is 54%. The area is 267.7 thousand square meters. km. The highest point is Mount Ibundzhi (1024 m). The main languages are French (official), fang, omiene. The main religions are Catholicism, local traditional beliefs. Administrative-territorial division – 9 provinces. The monetary unit is the CFA franc. National holiday: Independence Day – August 17. The national anthem: “United by consent and brotherhood”.
3. The capital of Gabon and the view of Port & quot; Mole & quot;
4.Lavochki, especially the French counterpart of Gabon, no matter how Gabon is a former French colony in Equatorial Africa.
5. Old pier opposite the presidential palace.
6. The Survival Gabon Urban.
7. The building of the Ministry of Geological Directorate of the mining industry of Gabon against the background of local slums.
9.Construction of the Shopping Center in the capital of Gabon on Triumphal Boulevard. In the background is the new building of the Central Bank of the capital of Gabon.
10. Corps of the University of Omar Bongo.
11.The hotel of the capital of Gabon, one of the few.
12.Z�bor, lattices, fencing.
14. Fontan in the capital of Gabon, near the building of the Central Hospital.
15.Football theme all over Gabon. Football is very popular here.
16.Beach & quot; Du Lisa Leon Mba & quot ;. It can be seen how the fish is splashing in the ocean.
17. The sheathed life of Gabon.
18.The crocheted cafe of Gabon.
19. Central beach of Gabon. The resemblance of photographers. In Gabon, as in all of Africa, the Nikon brand is extremely popular, people like to shoot Gaboneses.
20. A sleepy morning cafe somewhere in the capital of Gabon.
21. The school life of Gabon. The guys have a change. The school uniform differs in many schools, but it is compulsory for all schoolchildren throughout the country.
22.Fastfady Gabon. The Hamburger in this place costs about 6 dollars, Coca-Cola – 2 dollars.
23. Everything is involved here. In the streets of Gabon, especially in the morning, you can meet many athletes. Gabon in general, like many countries in Africa, actively engaged in sports and promotes sports programs.
26. There is a lot of money in Gabon even in the city.
27.Plyazhnye walks – the main occupation of local residents and tourists, the weekend is not pushed through.
28. Coconuts are sold on the roads. Buyers, mostly – tourists, local residents do not vtyuhat what is now falling under their feet. The cost of 1 coconut is a dollar, about 500 local francs.
29. Flower sellers. In Gabon, a flower called the “parrot” is very popular. Sellers & quot; parrots & quot ;. There are no roses, daisies and lilies too!
30. Atlantic Atlantic in February is warm. You can walk barefoot.
31. View of the Guinean Gulf of Gabon.
32. Fishing boats in the background. Gabon is famous for fishing.
33. Rumors in Gabon look like this.
34. Cafe with a coffee name today offers its visitors hamburgers with cheese and beer.
35. Gabon harsh landscapes.
37. Prigorous coconuts. Purified.
38. The guard’s guards valiantly carry their labor watch.
39. Tourists from the hotel sip coconut milk and look at the ocean. They are from Lebanon. There are many Lebanese in Gabon.
40.Villa in Gabon called – the residence.
41. Workers of one of the residences at a smoke break.
43. Parrots of the ocean are rich in garbage, logs. Garbage is cleaned periodically, but not always effectively.
44. The garbage collector on the beach.
45.A clean on the beach is what I’ll tell you. Yes, you can see for yourself. I took off a five-kilometer panorama on the TV set Sanon, so that you yourself could feel the boundaries of the scope of the garbage.
46. Reggae in Gabon is popular, like Voodoo. For some, this is the same, judging by the graphite.
47.Villa residence is one of many coastal.
49. Local residents at first glance seem to be loitering around, in fact they are all at work, just “who realized life is not in a hurry.” Here is this misty, probably a gardener or guard at one of the residences, just he, like all Gaboneses, “understood life”
50.Surrounding landscapes of Gabon.
51. Gambling is sometimes such.
52. I put my fence or pulled the grid-ryabitsu – and became the Gabonese standards of the law and it is free and territorially independent. Good laws!
53. One of the hotels on the coast of Gabon.
54.Residence in an early colonial style.
55The real palaces also meet.
56. I adore wickets and doors.
57. Another hotel.
58. Morning February, the morning of Gabon.
59. The breakfast in the room of such a hotel will cost around 200 dollars.
60. A scanner with a view of the restaurant Tropicana & quot;
61. Cleaning the territory is a task that requires self-denial.
62. There is a gate. Something she reminded me of an underground screwed herm in the center of Moscow. Ah, there was a time!
63. Kataramaran and a fishing vessel against the backdrop of the Gulf of Guinea Gabon.
64. Morning Catholic sermons. In Gabon and not see this.
65. Warm waters of the Atlantic.
Maxim Novikovsky 2013.
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From the report – it’s completely unclear. If only put another tick “I was there”? And so – mud, no beaches, the next Bangladesh, this is judged by the report. Are there any highlights?
But your answer is in some way contrary to your statement that the country was not cheap.
And the fact that the country – a wonderful – from the report is also difficult to understand.