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Elena Minkina’s blog.
About milk milk, Israel, Russia and my dad.
by Elena Minkin & lt; / RTI & gt; August 29, 2012 & lt; / RTI & gt; 1 Comment.
I decided to rearrange the story in my blog, sorry for the inspired memories.
My father was a man of his time – was born in 1917, in 1938, on a Komsomol trip, he came to Moscow to the military academy (just Stalin and his comrades shot the first command staff), was at the exercises on the border and got under fire on the night of June 22 ( his parents managed to get the funeral to their own doom at the hands of the fascists), was wounded at Stalingrad, joined the party there, and so on.
Completion of his career was the dismissal from the army in the rank of colonel in 1975 (the general was not given because of Jewishness) and the transfer to the post of construction chief in the collective farm. Kirov (was in the suburbs such a huge kolkhoz millionaire). The father was sincerely proud of his “kolkhoz”, had worked there for over 10 years, built a kindergarten with a swimming pool, an excellent clinic, a stadium, etc. He did not want to hear anything about emigration and asked only to let him live peacefully and get a mark of distinction – 50 years in the CPSU.
But then perestroika broke out, the CPSU was canceled, and finally, in 1992, after long disputes, a heart attack and a stroke, my father agreed to move to Israel. And we organized the first excursion to one of the kibbutzim in the North of the country.
The farm in this kibbutz looked like this. In the spacious paddock stood huge thick cows, each in a separate compartment, and at the entrance to each compartment hung a small computer that counted the individual program of feeding the cow and its milk yield level. And that’s where my father heard this figure – 8000 liters of milk per year. He asked three times, then demanded to take him to the farm manager and repeat the question in his presence. “Can not be!! – repeated my poor dad – can not be, we have some in the whole region received 2000 liters a year! It was an absolute record! Other collective farms and one and a half did not give! ”
They were just getting ready for milking. To do this, each cow was washed with a warm shower (according to the Charcot shower type), then the floor was washed in the whole paddock with a stream of water, while the used water mixed with manure immediately drained into special gutters and from there was fed to the kibbutz fields.
And then my father believed me!
The great patriot of Israel was not in our family until the death of the pope in 2002, the day of his 85th birthday.
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1 comment for & ldquo; About milk milk, Israel, Russia and my dad. & rdquo;
Thank you for your story, Elena. He raises a whole swarm of memories and thoughts.
My grandfather lived to the badge “50 years in the CPSU & # 187; and even received once a month rations, which usually included two blue wiry hens. Checked chickens, reliable, & # 8212; Dad joked, & # 8212; fifty years in the CPSU & # 187 ;. Grandfather was born in 1900, and he remained a loyal communist no matter what. He died in 1985. He, just like your father, was deprived of truthful information about the world around him and would also not believe it, the production figure. Very worried that his son and his family were going to America and did not want to give permission. His devotion to the party was fanatical.