How to find a job abroad, where to look for vacancies, how to write a resume and cover letter, what documents to prepare & # 8211; about all issues of employment abroad “# 8211; on SelfMadeTrip.
Work on oil platforms in Norway.
Norway today & # 8211; One of the most attractive employers for professionals in the industrial sector. According to official data, this state hires every season ”
Work in Canada under the scheme Live-in Caregiver.
Thanks to a developed economy and social policy and one of the world’s best healthcare systems, Canada is very attractive for immigration.
Employment in Panama.
“The Golden Cup” & # 8211; so figuratively called Panama in the 17th century, until the pirate Henry Morgan plundered it and burned it down.
Professional immigration to Australia.
Australia is a sunny country with incredible nature and cozy cities, located on the ocean coast, with cheerful and friendly residents,
Internships from Xerox in the USA.
The Xerox Research Center in Palo Alto, California, offers a number of paid internships for young professionals in the field of natural, accurate,
Germany: Blue card for foreign specialists.
Germany is a country of great opportunities. It is with this country that Russia has the closest economic and cultural ties. Therefore, German employers & # 8230;
Canada: work for students.
Canada – one of the most popular and promising areas for educational emigration. Favorable factors are also called more affordable prices for ”
Work for students in the US: opportunities and advice.
Even if a foreign student has become a happy grants holder or a scholarship that partially or completely covers the costs of studying in the US,
Resume for a foreign company: how to stand out.
No matter how good a specialist you are, the employer of your dreams will never know about it, if you do not write a good one & # 8230;
USA. 6 ideas for student earnings.
Students always need work. Especially foreign students of American universities. As you know, the student visa F-1 gives an opportunity to work at universities. But & # 8230;
How to become a sought-after specialist in Germany.
Germany is the country with the most developed economy in Europe and the second most popular destination for immigrants in the world. As & # 8230;
How to find a job in Europe.
Surely, many have already thought about moving to Europe. There are many ways to do this: go study, invest in the economy of the state, & # 8230;
The TLGS program in Ireland.
Ireland & # 8211; a country with a fascinating and non-trivial history. The green island, often covered in the shroud of rain, was described in his works by Ray Bradbury, & # 8230;
Work in Finland for emigrants.
Moving to a new country for a temporary or permanent residence implies that sooner or later it will be possible to find a job and do it.
How to find a job in Italy.
“Works are few, they pay little”, & # 8211; Italians complain about the local labor market. Italian youth are eager to work in Northern Europe. However, & # 8230;
Summary for American employers.
Job search in any country begins with a resume writing. And if we have for a brief description of the education and work experience & # 8230;
How to find a job in France.
To start looking for work abroad is necessary in advance, before leaving the territory of Russia. Now at the disposal of the applicants a large number of online resources, allowing you to find & # 8230;
Where to look for work in the US.
To find a job, it is important to use all available resources and tools, which in the modern world are very many, and they all can.
Work in Thailand for a foreigner.
The Thai authorities are trying to do everything to ensure that foreigners do not occupy vacant seats, intended for local residents. But this does not mean that & # 8230;
Independent worker in Portugal.
Portugal is one of the most favorable countries for emigration, as to obtain a work visa and a residence permit here with respect to.
Seasonal work for students in France.
France is not only the most romantic place on earth, but also one of the most popular among foreign students. Annually & # 8230;
Work on Foggy Albion.
Foggy Albion with its centuries-old history and distinctive traditions beckons migrants from all over the world for more than a decade. The reason for this is & # 8230;
Professional opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.
United Arab Emirates on the political map of the world exist not so long ago – only from 1971-1972. And for this time & # 8230;
Seasonal work in Holland.
With the advent of summer in the country of tulips and windmills, it’s time for seasonal work, and thousands of foreign citizens flock here on the beach.
Work in Germany.
Germany is the second most popular country for immigration after the United States. Recently, in the news every now and then flashed a fantastic & # 8230;
Denmark: opportunities for professional immigration.
The Kingdom of Denmark is a country in which, according to numerous polls, the happiest people live. Perhaps, only after this phrase it would be desirable to collect & # 8230;
Au pair in Germany: a guide.
The Au pair program is the following scheme: young people go to another country to live in a host family for a while, & # 8230;
Internships in museums in the USA.
The United States of America is not without reason called the country of opportunity. They are friendly to foreigners wishing to gain work experience and new knowledge. It is & # 8230;
Work and business in Bulgaria.
To date, the government of a warm and friendly country, stretching out on the Black Sea coast, is doing everything to slow the growth of unemployment, in # 8230;
Work and study in Germany.
To finance their studies, and not only, many German students try to earn money. But for students coming from Russia and the CIS countries & # 8230;
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Free education in the US.
Social benefits in France.
Creative scholarships in the USA.
Social benefits for emigrants in Germany.
Work on oil platforms in Norway.
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