Job in Canada.
Canada holds a leading position in terms of the number of migrants, and therefore the country’s immigration policy is constantly updated. The task of Canadian policy is to meet not only the needs of the country’s indigenous people, but also foreign visitors.
Immigration to the cities of Canada is based on a point system, scores are awarded for education, qualifications and working experience. The immigration application for job search (employment) is considered by the state services, in accordance with the established requirements. The future structure of foreigners is included in the federal (provincial) immigration program. If the immigrant passes all the necessary stages of legalization, he has no need to look for a vacant position in Canada independently. In Canada, the employment system for hire is made on a permanent basis or under a contract of employment.
The most popular professions.
Professions in Canada are divided into regulated and unregulated. Regulated professions undergo mandatory registration and licensing procedures. Such specialties require a re-attested diploma, Canadian work experience and additional courses on a fee basis in the Vocational Training Center.
The Citizenship and Migration Department compiled a list of professions suitable for the immigration program of qualified specialists.
Restaurant business and catering services. Management of production and the sphere of business services. Insurance appraisers. Auditors. Doctors-specialists, family doctors and general practitioners. Architects. Biologists. Dentists (including hygienists), nurses. Pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychologists. Social workers. Cooks and chefs. Contractors, inspectors in the field of mechanization and woodworking. Electricians, plumbers, welders. Mechanics, workers – cranes, drillers, explosives. Management personnel of oil or gas wells.
If you look at wages, Canada offers many promising jobs suitable for immigrants. Having settled on the position of tax accountant, you can earn about $ 50,000 a year. The network administrator can earn $ 80,000 per year. After choosing a secretary, you can earn about $ 40,000 annually.
The amount of earnings in the cities of Canada depends on the type of profession. The highest wages fluctuate around $ 30,000-40000.
Average salary, $
Human Resources (HR) Manager.
To get the desired job with a decent salary you need to have professional skills, work experience, to know English or French.
Good afternoon! According to the diploma, the civil engineer is really a manager for business development in IT sphere (more than 16 years of experience in this field). What are my chances of going to Canada? I’m 46, my wife is 47, no children.
Hello Dmitry! The opportunity to open a visa always exists. Registration of a work visa is possible only if there is an invitation from the employer in Canada.
I’m 52 years old the main specialty of electrician is 15 years old I’m getting on with the welders of the welder and also the driver of the CAT In this time I have no work for registration of the visit and moving there is no finance Is there a firm ability to pay for my trip and employment with the subsequent deduction of costs from my salary. Sorry for concern with uv. Alexey.
Hello, Alexey! Please clarify, do you have an invitation from an employer in Canada?