Jews are going to flee from Odessa, where their ideologists have prepared “Odessa Khatyn” or “say thank you to Kolomoisky”
30,000 Jews of Odessa are preparing for evacuation from the city, Israeli media reported. Official version & ndash; for fear of escalating violence & raquo ;. Meanwhile, the Jewish elite was aware of the preparation of the “Odessa Khatyn” & raquo; – since Jews from the US and Israel took part in its organization directly & ndash; they made up a combustible mixture that burned people to the bone.
According to The Jerusalem Post, Jewish evacuation will begin by May 9, for which 70 buses have already been ordered. They leave the city, they say, ready in case of further deterioration of the situation. The interlocutors of the publication told that they “laquo; already doing everything possible to protect members of the Jewish community of Odessa & raquo ;.
Rabbi Rafael Kruskal said that they are preparing to leave the city, perhaps even from the country. For example, in Moldova. All the members of the community were sent messages in which they were urged to stay at home. They plan to rent a rest camp for 600 people to take the children, youth to a safe place.
Characteristically, there is a very peculiar scheme of calculation. On the air of Radio & KP & raquo; (97.2 FM) Vice-President of the Congress of Jewish Religious Communities of Russia Rabbi Zinovy Kogan told that ” Rabbis speak about 30 thousand, other sources – 10-15 thousand h & raquo; (which is probably connected with the allocation of funding, when the rabbis, like Chichikov, “sell the dead souls”).
At the same time, leaders of the Jewish community recognized that “laquo; The instigators of the riots were not directed specifically against the Jewish population of the city, but they declared that it was necessary to take into account the different scenarios for the development of the events & raquo ;.
Why such awareness?
It is characteristic that the ideology of chaos suddenly began to play in peace, exactly one day before the tragic events began.
As Kiev writes, “Jewish”, on May 1, the chief rabbi of the Dnepropetrovsk region (ie, directly under Bene Kolomoisky) named Shmuel Kaminetsky addressed the community with a call to & laquo; stop calling each other insulting words, no matter on which side of the barricades they are located “raquo ;. And even asked to remember the commandment “laquo; Love your neighbor as yourself & raquo; which the wise men of the Talmud were pulled out of the Gospel (however, under the “neighbor”, these guys only understand the “Jews” & raquo;).
In this case, & laquo; Rabbi Shmuel & raquo; in his speech & laquo; compared the conflict to the all-consuming fire & raquo ;.
The next day, Zhidobanderov burned dozens of people alive.
As usual, the Jews wrote down the words “Rabbi Shmuel” & raquo; on the “prophetic gift & raquo; (of all Jews).
We have a different opinion. And that’s why.
The reward for the head of this Israeli terrorist is $ 100,000.
Pay attention to the photo on the left. This screenshot, made by Vladimir Kornilov from the British site “Time” & raquo; from the video attached to the article & Survivor tells of Odessa horror & raquo; . As the site and video are paid, we briefly describe the essence of the article and video.
Main & ndash; namely video. It originally demonstrated, rather, not the events in Odesse, but the technical capabilities of Google Glass Glasses, by which a Briton accidentally withdrew the direct participation of a group of Jews from the US and Israel. & Ndash; military chemists, constituting “special” raquo; A combustible mixture that burned people to the bone in “Odessa Khatyn” & raquo; (remember that the reports from the scene spoke of a sharp specific smell, similar to the smell of ammonia).
During the short 2-minute video, the Briton walks along the Grecian Square on May 2 just at the moment when the massacre is in full swing.
At this time, the “ikro-Nazis”, hung with blue-yellow flags, prepared “laquo; Molotov cocktails & raquo ;.
The British was attracted by a curious quartet of fairly dressed, middle-aged men. These foreigners moved steadily toward the epicenter of events and something animatedly talked English. In the hands of each were wearing white rubber gloves, used to work with chemical reagents.
The Briton decided to ask where they come from. From the four separated one, in the blue shirt (obviously the main among them – it’s in the photo above). He stated: & laquo; I’m from Israel & raquo ;. The British asks: & laquo; You are from Israel and you are watching all of this & raquo ;. On which the Israeli in good English responds: & laquo; No, I do not watch. We are taking part in this & raquo ;. Then he appears that he has a dual citizenship – USA and Israel, and also that he taught at Madison.
All this he says is quite calm. And suddenly realizing that his cousin was recording the video on the glasses, he asked in horror: “laquo; Are you recording me ?! & raquo;
Receiving an affirmative answer, an American Israeli is immediately confused, begins to confuse, and clearly wants to complete a mess, saying that “he is helping people & raquo ;. What the Briton asks: & laquo; Then what did you train for this? & raquo; He responds briefly: & laquo; Oh sure. In the army & raquo ;. Then his companion of a similar appearance runs up to him. In his hands (again with gloves) he holds some test tubes and reagents. The british’s bride makes him a sign to keep quiet, excuses himself before the Englishman and retires with his “chemical” & raquo; friend.
And in a couple of days the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs says that in the House of Trade Unions people burned some “laquo; unknown substance?. Then the experts came to the conclusion that these mixtures also contained poisonous substances.
It is understood that if these “voluntary assistants” & raquo; from the experts of the IDF on the composition of combustible mixtures have not yet left, it is necessary to catch them and to have a good taste with & laquo; addiction & raquo ;.
At the same time, let us recall once again who was the ideologue, carried out an information cover and financed “euromaydan” & raquo;
Ideologists and publicists of the coup:
– & laquo; Director of the Center for Judaism & raquo; from the hotbed of radical Ukrainian nationalism in the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, created for grants of the United States and “donations & raquo; oligarchs, Leonid Finberg;
– ideologically close to neo-Nazism & laquo; Israeli & raquo; Shimon Briman, his American accomplice Mark Ostromogilsky, a straggly cosmopolitan V. Likhachev;
– periodically undergoing training in the special forces of Israel & raquo; the Kiev rabbi Moshe-Reuven Asman, who brought himself up to 300 Israeli commandos, and the provocateur rabbi V. Kapustin, who calls the US troops to the Crimea;
– the three-headed serpent “Euromaidan” & raquo; Tyagnibok-Frotman, Klitschko-Etinzon, Yatsenyuk-Bakai;
– banker-deputy S. Pashinsky, who transported Protestants and sniper police to the Maydan;
– decided to “shoot out of nuclear weapons & raquo; the international thief Timoshenko-Kapitel’man, who had not stooped before the junta, with her accomplice Shufrich;
– the organizer of the Odessa Khatyn, who calls himself “the main Zhidobandor” – & ndash; together with Kolomoisky & raquo; Governor V. Nemirovsky, who called the legal & raquo; burning of Odessa residents who did not stoop before the junta;
These characters are fed from the hands of Poroshenko-Valtsman, Kolomoisky (and his henchmen, “Israeli magnates” G.Korban and V.Filatov), Bogolyubov, Pinchuk, Firtash, Surkisov, Yaroslavsky, K. Zhevago, etc., including the distributing along with the pies on & laquo; on euromaydan & raquo; $ 5 billion offspring of a mad syphilitic V. Nuland-Nudelman, a cynical liar of the crime of J. Kerry and others.
At the same time, there is another layer of interests in the chaos in Ukraine-
Recall the words of Habbadnik & ndash; the exiled Jewish Nazi Menahem Mendel Schneerson:
& laquo; The Ukrainian will think that he is fighting against the expansion of Russia, struggling for his independence, he will think that he has finally gained his freedom, while he is completely dependent on us.
The same will be considered by the Russians, as if they defend their national interests, return “illegally” and “rape” selected land from them and so on. All this we will do under the pretext of different sovereignties, struggle for our national ideals. At that time, we will not allow any of the parties to self-determine on the basis of national values and traditions.
In this foolish war, the Slavic cattle will weaken itself and strengthen us, the chief conductors of the Troubles, supposedly standing apart and not only not participating in bloody events, but also not interfering in them. Moreover, we will completely protect ourselves. In the minds of the Slavs, profane, we will lay down such stereotypes of thinking, in which the most terrible word will be “anti-Semitic”. The word & laquo; jew & raquo; will utter a whisper & raquo ;.
This is just a short quote from a speech delivered by the “Lubavitcher Rebbe & raquo; in 1994, which was fully published in the Vologda newspaper “Slavonic”, N-4 (32), 2001. After publication, the court could not “sew” & raquo; its editor V.F. Popov 282 article, tk. he operated on facts, and Russian scientists Academician Yu.K. Begunov and Doctor of Law O.G. Korotaev.
One can argue about the reliability of what was said, but it is undeniable that almost all the goals and tasks identified by Schneerson have now been resolved.
It is noteworthy that Edward Hodos in his book “Jewish Tornado & raquo; testifies to these words of the “Lubavitcher Rebbe & raquo ;: & laquo; In these days, when “all the kingdoms of the world revolt against each other,” we must know and believe that the war between the kingdoms of the peoples of the world will not touch, God save the Jews. On the contrary, all the events taking place will only benefit the Jewish people …. & Raquo ;.
It would be unfair to quote only Jewish Nazis.
Therefore, I want to remind you that in the Dnipropetrovsk oligarchs occupied by the oligarchs, the only Jew who was not afraid to publicly indignant – Colonel Solomon Flax, the hero of the Great Patriotic War, who called the things by their own names:
& laquo; Leaders of the Maidan & ndash; known and unknown & ndash; for the sake of their goals, they are ready to go about their destinies and lives. Ready for a deal with the devil, ready to tolerate alongside xenophobes, scum, scoundrels, not realizing that they themselves are no better than them. But we, those who are horrified at all this, how the bottles with incendiary mixture are thrown at people, we who drink Validol, including TV & ndash; we must also say to ourselves: and I am guilty! Hence, they did not read the books they needed, did not tell us that they themselves experienced, they did not explain for whom the bell tolls … & Raquo ;.
In November 2013, President Vladimir Putin signed a law that establishes criminal liability for the creation of terrorist organizations and communities. In addition, this law provides for compensation for damage caused as a result of the terrorist act, including moral damage, at the expense of the person who committed it, as well as at the expense of the means of close relatives, persons belonging to him in relation (property), and other persons, life , whose health and well-being are dear to him due to the established personal relationships & raquo ;.
What is happening in Ukraine now & ndash; it’s not even & laquo; the creation of terrorist organizations & raquo ;, and the creation of & laquo; a terrorist state & raquo; where Jewish ideologists and oligarchs by the hands of stupid necro-Nazis carry out the genocide of Russians.
At the same time, it is also clear that Kolomoisky’s comrades now, like the Zionists, who have entered into a military-political alliance with German Nazis during the Second World War, are engaged in “cutting off the dry branches of the tree of Israel”. The highest goal in the “plan of clique of the Colomo” & raquo; is the preservation and increase of their dirty capital.
That is why the “clique of the Colomo” & raquo; now in a frank way, not only substitutes “rabbinics’ tailors & raquo; but also kills them & ndash; about five Jews perished during the “Odessa Khatyn” & raquo ;.
At the same time, the gang of “ibidobanders” & raquo; still only gaining strength, preparing to shed a sea of blood. And the situation is rapidly deteriorating.
Thus, already in the very near future, Jews still have to decide where to put a comma in the phrase & laquo; leave can not stay & raquo ;.
And here I would like to remind them of the prophetic words of the only courageous Jew – veteran Solomon Flax & ndash; & laquo; the silent are also guilty & raquo ;.
Thus, in order to stay, the Jews should themselves initiate an uprising against the gang of “Zimbabweans” of Kolomoi, “in order to apologize to bring their heads to the families of hundreds of killed citizens of long-suffering Ukraine.
Otherwise & ndash; better really leave.