Italy changed the issuance of residence permit.
Italy changed the rules for issuing a residence permit. Now foreigners wishing to reside in Italy are forced to enter into an integration agreement, under which each migrant will receive points for one or another activity in Italy within two years. If at the end of the agreement the points will not be & # 150; a foreigner will be expelled from the country.
The Italian authorities have changed the rules for the issuance of residence permit for all foreigners over 16 years of age. The new law was developed by the previous government of Silvio Berlusconi, but in early March it was signed by the new authorities of the country, and from March 10 entered into force.
This agreement, which is translated into 19 different languages and is concluded for a period of 2 years, will affect all foreigners over the age of 16 who are applying for the first time an Italian residence permit. Within two years of stay in the territory of the Apennines, the immigrant will be credited with points depending on the achievement of various indicators.
So, for example, as Il Messaggero writes, knowledge of the Italian language is estimated from 10 to 30 points, civil life in Italy & ndash; from 6 to 12 points. From 4 to 30 points, it costs & raquo; a diploma on the completion of a higher education institution or about obtaining a professional education. Entrepreneurial activity, a lease or purchase of a house will add to the migrant from 4 to 6 points.
According to the new rules, all foreigners will now have to purchase a special kit with letterheads in any post office.
During the conclusion of the contract, the foreigner will be awarded 16 points. A month before the expiration of the two-year agreement, the service of one window will check how many points accumulated in the account of the immigrant.
If he has 30 or more points, then the contract is deemed to be completed. If the number of points is 0 or less, the immigrant will be expelled from the country. If the relevant documents are not submitted, the foreigner will have to pass the test. If the number of points is slightly less than 30, then the contract can be extended for a year.
Points can be collected by attending educational courses, receiving awards, engaging in entrepreneurial and volunteer activities. Also, the number of points increases when signing a lease or purchasing a house.
Points are withdrawn from the account in the event of criminal prosecution of an immigrant and monetary fines of 10,000 euros or more.
At the same time, the state on its part undertakes to support immigrants through the mediation of educational centers, local government institutions. It should provide the conditions for learning Italian language and culture.
The new law does not apply to immigrants who have a residence permit on the right of asylum or the right of reunification with the family, as well as unaccompanied minor immigrants.
The document, by the way, already caused fierce criticism & ndash; So, the Italian Union of Labor (UIL) considered that the document infringes the rights of honest foreigners and runs counter to the intention to simplify the procedure for obtaining a residence permit. As EUROMAG already wrote, at the end of February, the Minister of the Interior of Italy Annamaria Cancellieri stated that her department intends to simplify the rules for obtaining residence permits, calling changes in the law “revolutionary”.